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“Maybe you should stop staring and start learning.”~ Lizzie Velasquez

23 year old Lizzie Velasquez was introduced to me via YouTube today. Apparently, she has undeservingly been given the title “The Ugliest Woman in the World.”

Lizzie is one of three people in the entire world who has the same undiscovered condition. She was born without adipose tissue. She has no body fat. She cannot gain weight and must eat dozens of times a day.

She is an author and a motivational speaker. And apparently the news that I received today was that there was a group of people on the Internet who gave her this terribly insensitive title.

Now I know that beauty has always been in the eye of the beholder. But whomever it was that said she is the ugliest woman in the world obviously has some issues of their own.

This cruel behavior isn’t going unnoticed. In fact, I do not think that Lizzie is ugly at all!

However the Internet is truly the best opportunity for people to hide themselves. These people who have been bullying her, picking on her, have been hiding behind their computers when they have said such cruel comments about her physical looks.

Being someone who “isn’t quite like everyone else”, I can understand (to a point) of what she is dealing with. And that I know for a fact that these insensitive pricks are NO BETTER than Lizzie.

The Internet is quite frankly a den of people that are disgusting, callous, sad, and yes I’ll say it- very pathetic.  But this is more in reference for those who use the Internet to hide their TRUE selves. Even though anonymity is often a safety measure and the Internet definitely provides that, it is these kinds of people who also use it to their advantage.

I’ve had experiences of “meeting people” and when I was only asking questions to get to know these people better and they cut me off and disabled the capability for me to communicate with them. And it wasn’t really because I was “getting too personal” or whatever lousy excuse that they wanted to give, it was because I was “getting too close to the truth” about them. And they obviously had something to hide.

I don’t think that these bullies of Lizzie are any different. I believe that they ALL have something that society and possibly the WORLD would categorize that there’s “something wrong” with them. I can almost get the sense that the people who have been bullying Lizzie knows that they have their own insecurity issues and have decided to pick on her. And the only reason why they have decided to pick on her is to make themselves feel better.

I agree with her statement. Stop staring and start learning! If people would remember this, then at least in my own personal experience, people wouldn’t stare and assume as to why I am in a wheelchair.

Ugliest woman in the world? Absolutely NOT!!!

People honestly could learn from her message that she shares with people.

As a matter of fact, I did learn that she’s from my area.

Lizzie: if you are out there and reading this,  I’d LOVE to meet you!!!!