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“And the rest of you, who are standing there like¬†Shropshire sheep!” -The Music Man

Okay ladies and gentlemen, I am far behind on this one. But many thanks to the most awesome VoM for bringing this terminology to my attention and knowledge. Because I had never heard of this word before.

Sheeple (a word combined of the two words “sheep” and “people”) is a term of disparagement in which people are likened to sheep. The term is used to describe those who voluntarily acquiesce to a suggestion without thinking for themselves ¬†to make up their own mind about something.

A lot of these kinds of people are often found on the Internet. Allowing themselves to believe whatever someone else is believing, whether wrong or right.

It is sad to know that there are more people out there in this world who play “follow the leader” when they do not even understand or know who their leader is or what their leader is leading them towards. As long as they do not have to make any personal decisions for themselves, then they are fine by what others are telling them to do or believe.

Time and time again, I’ve stated that humans are full of faults. But this one really burns me to the point where I have rolled my eyes so far in the back of my head that I know what the inside of my occipital bone looks like. And that is BAD.

I hope that people will once again learn to think for themselves. I hope that they will do whatever it is that they want and not bother with the agendas of other people.

Sadly, when sheeple end up taking a bad direction they point the blame at someone else. The blame actually lies upon their own shoulders for allowing themselves to have given up the responsibility of thought and decision making.

There are so many examples out there on this term. But I will not go into a lengthy and boring process of doing so because the fact of the matter is that chances are you either know people who are like that or you are one. When I was researching examples, it had a lot to do with politics. And I will NOT get into that. Especially now.

But I will hold on to hope that people will come to realize that they need to make up their own minds and make up their own decisions when it comes to where to go in life.