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“Yea we will be full on diesel.”~ Auggie Del Ray

In the midst of the SXSW Music & Film Festival, I just couldn’t help myself knowing that Beautiful Disturbance was on my home turf again.

After seeing them just four days prior, I made that clear decision to do it again.

So I left early. Too early to be in fact. But that would end in my favor and that story will be for a future blog post that you won’t want to miss.

But this is Beautiful Disturbance.

Its nice to know that they’ve seen me enough times where I’m not feeling so much as just another music fan of theirs, but rather a part of The Pride, The Family as they put it.

Brenda’s vocals tonight was impeccable. Auggie was ripping that guitar into pieces that eventually I am almost expecting him to bash one on stage at some point in his musical career. Maribel Sabido dazzled with her flawless bass and Nate Harmon kept the fuel pumping on drums.

I was promised diesel, and that’s EXACTLY what I got! And the only thing that stuck in my head when I left the venue and walked into the insane mass of people there for SXSW was HOLY CRAP!!!! But the true HOLY CRAP came when I spotted a naked woman just wandering in the streets.

I am telling you that you are missing out if you haven’t heard one song of theirs. I promise, you will be pleasantly surprised to what this band can and does bring to the table. They play with fire, that diesel, in their veins and let it all out when they are on stage.

Beautiful Disturbance will be at the SXSW Festival at various venues every night until this coming Saturday. After that, they are back on the road.

I’m seriously considering getting my butt into each and every show that I possibly can, now that I know the bus route and how things ebb & flow with transportation.

Be a part of The Pride. Join The Family.

I did. I’ll be there…. for life.