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Did you hear about this today?

Most laughable thing I’ve heard all month.

North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un,  had his military aim his so-called nuclear arms at various cities in the United States of America. Cities included Washington D.C., Los Angeles,  California, and even Austin, Texas.

Austin, Texas? Really??

Its the most ridiculous and funniest thing ever. North Korea doesn’t have the firepower or even enough of the ICBM’s with nuclear warheads to fire at the United States of America. Well, they can fire them but they won’t reach their targets.

ICBM’s range is barely 4,000 miles. And any city that was listed for those arms to be aimed at are FAR more than that. Austin, Texas is still over 6,000 miles away. Those things are just going to fall into the ocean and not hit anything that belongs to the United States. He can’t even reach Hawaii!!

Who knows why in the world the North Korean leader chose Austin, Texas to be on the list.

Perhaps he was pissed off because he didn’t get a badge or an arm bracelet for SXSW. Perhaps he was pissed off that he missed an appearance by Grumpy Cat. Or maybe he’s pissed off that Korean BBQ is not as great as the BBQ in Texas.

Whatever it is, the threat is totally ridiculous. And I found it really interesting that as an answer to North Korea’s threats to fire a missile at the United States, that the US Military sent a stealth bomber to neighboring South Korea AND BACK home like it was nothing.

So whatever, Kim Jong-Un. Be angry for whatever reason you want. Any attempt to bomb Austin, Texas from home is a very retarded military move.