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Amy Adams Special Shoot

“Falling in love and having a relationship are two different things. “~ Keanu Reeves

How I got into a conversation about sex and relationships with a female friend of mine, I just cannot remember. But I think that I brought up a few fine points that was a bit surprising to her as to what I would and would not do. As well as who I was chase and who I would not chase.

Perhaps its the idea that a male actually has some kind of boundary where a line would be drawn. Because as you well know, the stereotype is that a man will go after anything and everything that moves.

We all as humans have that list of people that just knock our socks off. Or at least in our own minds and fantasies, we believe that would be so if we ever come across the chance to be with that person in an intimate way.

I mentioned that there are no actresses from Hollywood on my own personal list. I think that probably threw my friend into shock.

I continued with my opinion that dating a Hollywood actress would be extremely difficult as their entire profession, their lifetime career is based on them being someone else, portraying another person, and pretending to be someone else.

I feel that one would run the risk of dating someone so involved in their craft that one could not tell what their  TRUE feelings are for a person. And a theory that I’ve always had is that is why there are so many divorces in Hollywood when popular celebrities get married to one another. skins

Yes I know, there are exceptions. But there’s always exceptions to the rule. There ARE a small list of actresses that I would like to get to know– if you catch my drift. But deep down, that uncertainty of them not having true feelings for me is a bit of a deal breaker for me.

I am simply not the kind of person that would want to test that kind of theory. Especially if the odds are that my theory is correct. A risk I am not willing to take personally.

Along the same lines, I am not willing to chase after any woman in the pornography business. I think a majority of people can actually understand that though. If that means that I am a jealous man, then whatever. But I am also what some would consider “old school”. And still others, pious. In other words: honest, faithful, and true to the person that I have entered into a relationship with.

I could say its that kind of attitude that has found me in so much heartache and pain in the past, but I tend to think that I had made the wrong choices and found myself with someone who didn’t feel the same way about the situation as I did.

The thought of being in a relationship like that, only to know that they are gone to their work and “doing their thang” with other people and then coming home again, ehhh…. yeah, that’s NOT for me!!

The other thing that I cannot find myself doing, is dating the supermodel. The reason for that is best defined in two simple words: high maintenance.

Granted, what man wouldn’t want to be seen in public with an uber-attractive woman on his arm?? But is that beauty worth the price of what is going on inside of her head??

A lot of them have tons of issues. Personal, mental, psychological. Some are in the industry for their own self-gratification. They have the NEED to feel desired and wanted. Their own self-esteem is next to nothing. Their looks set high expectations and their personalities usually fail to deliver.

Again, there are exceptions to the rule. So this is not to say that ALL of them are like that.

But these kinds of women all have a few things in common.

These women are used to being objectified by men. All of the time. It doesn’t stop. Having to deal with pushing back these objectifying people would be exhausting.  In my own personal experiences, it has been a constant struggle to settle down the male counterparts that I dealt with when I was in any kind of serious relationship.

I even had to go as far as threaten to terminate certain friendships that I had with other men because of their constant talk about who I was with at the time.

One woman that I had a relationship with once before was actually back in my life after I broke it off with her. It was a useless attempt to try again to see if we couldn’t figure out what went wrong and correct it to make things right. ass_grab

She had the extreme nerve to express in front of one of my guy friends that she was, shall we say “well skilled” in certain aspects.

My buddy kept calling her bluff. It was something that he knew that she did NOT like. She couldn’t stand it when people would refuse to believe her and she would be damned before she quit trying anything that was on the face of the planet to convince them that she was telling the truth.

Then she offered to take him and prove it personally.

I couldn’t figure out which bothered me more, the fact that this girlfriend and I were attempting to try again, or the fact that my buddy wasn’t even cracking a smile or expressing that he was only joking with her because he knew that he could get a rise out of her. It was like he was seriously considering her offer.

I eventually spoke up and said that IF the two of them were actually going to participate in this so-called proof of action, that A- they were going to leave my home and go somewhere else far, far, far away. And B- neither one of them was to ever show their faces to me for as long as I lived.

Was it jealousy or justification???

Two days later, I kicked her out from visiting my home and went out of town for a weekend. I couldn’t have her staying in my home while I was gone, and nobody had the money needed to drag her along to pay for her.

She never returned. Then she told me that she was getting back with a different ex-boyfriend and I cut the cord from her completely.

I didn’t talk to my friend for a few months. Until he confronted me and said that he wasn’t going to leave until we hammered out the problem. Of which we did. The friendship lasted longer, the attempt to revive a disaster of a romantic relationship did not.

But as I begin to get off track here, I HATED having to do that. I am fully aware that if I am ever with a woman that there is going to be the possibility of some other man looking at her. Someone may objectify her. But when it comes to the situation of being in a relationship with a model or someone of that “caliber” then its just something that I will have to continuously keep ahead of, and that’s what I think is part of the high maintenance of it all.

I don’t like that. I’m really not that great at it as I don’t like to start confrontations. I’d much rather avoid it.

Yes, I do have those few certain someones that deep down really just flip me on like a switch. To deny that would just be foolish and misleading. But going after what some men consider the BIG PRIZE is not within my own DNA.

So I will continue on. I’ll be sure to take more risks when it comes to even talking with women. I’ll go ahead and attempt to bite the bullet so to speak. And eventually when it comes right down to it, when THAT ONE has arrived in my life, then I will move forward to build and create a new relationship. There are just certain types of relationships that I personally choose not to go after.


Display Of Dumb

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“I’m not sure why I’m so often disgusting on stage. I don’t always know where it comes from.”~ Louis C. K.

I was heard it said that men were either 100% perverts or 100% liars. It was based upon what a group of women were discussing at the time and I just happened to have been in the same room with them.

But the underlying subject was of men and pornography. And the ultimate and unanimous feeling on the topic was that when they would ask a man whether or not they were into pornography, they were either perverts when they said that they were or they were liars when they said that they were not.

I kind of see a double standard here. This was back in the hey day of the Internet and how wildly accessible it had become to the average household across the world.

But he question really is a double-edged sword because no matter how the man would answer, it just would paint him into a corner to show that the guy was not all that noble or good.

Say what you will about men and their pornography, ladies! Say all that you will. But understand that there are women out there who are just as involved in it as men are.

With all of that being said, it brings me to the tale that I have decided to share with you about the dumb public displays of manhood.

Men talk about women. Men stare at women. Men desire women…. sexually. And of course, vice versa.

But in the words of comedian Larry Miller there’s a difference. That being when comparing how women look at men sexually and men look at women sexually, its the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing it.

Three men this afternoon were huddled around one computer today. They were looking at photographs of women and making their sexual comments of their desires of conquest in the bedroom with them. Some random photo album that I have no idea where it came from just loaded with thousands of photographs of women. Supermodels, amateur models, and female porn stars were all included.

Until one of them spoke up and declared that the woman that they were viewing at the time was some adult porn star and called her out by name. And he would give a very quick 15 second biography on the porn star as well as a rapid fire tutorial on her filmography.

These men were impressed and then they continued on.


Then it became something of a trivial game as they attempted to be the first person to correctly identify the porn star before anyone else could come up. Finally, they stumbled across one and that began a rather spirited debate.


Before I knew it, they were all participating in a Who’s Who of female adult film stars that got out of control!

The first guy to name a name blurted out the first name he could think of. The others were assuming that the first guy was actually incorrect. And then the debate started. Their mockery of one another continued to get louder and louder and louder. The first guy challenging the rest of them to prove him wrong.

The party however was broken up, and everyone left. But the discussion wasn’t over. They were told to leave as they were beginning to access XXX sites and that was against the rules and policies of computer use. Needless to say, they won’t be back. At least not to use any computer.

Their challenge with one another leading them to access those kinds of sites led to their demise as they broke the rules. Not realizing that their web searches were being recorded. Again I say…. dumb!!!

Now I would dare to guess that those males who do indulge themselves in pornography would much rather keep that known fact to themselves. And they will do that for various reasons.  But all in all they would prefer to keep the that kind of fact quiet and secret.

But no… these guys were letting out each and every cat out of every single bag known to mankind with their debate over which porn star’s photograph that they were looking at. The liars had become the perverts.

They had failed to keep their secret identities. And the very least that can be said about them, is that they know their porn stars. It was the ultimate act of being dumb. I suppose that for anyone that was keeping score or paying attention that these guys will now have a bit of a reputation because of their depth of knowledge….. so to speak.

The brilliant author and relationship guru (as I call her), Jodi Ambrose, has spoken about the topic of men and their pornography. However, I am ashamed to admit that her exact words escape me. Perhaps I should go back and do some digging to find out what it was she had said.

By the way, Jodi had one hell of a blog post the other evening when she told her tale about getting a pedicure. It was asfunny as it was vulgar. But I digress. Find her blog and just get ready to be amazed. I will not spoil it for you. You can find her website in the Blogroll, which will lead you to her blog.PHOTO_14627143_2902

At the end of the day I just shook my head at these men. Their caveman mentality didn’t even get out of the Stone Age and they were completely oblivious to their surroundings. Proud of knowing the Who’s Who in the porn industry.

Two of them that I know of, do have girlfriends. If this gets back to them… I wonder how long that will last. But who knows, that will become their business and none of mine.

We all do stupid stuff, men AND women. But this gross display of machismo amongst this band of brotherhood was enough to really turn off a lot of people who had to hear it because they were yelling.

Perhaps I should give them the Dumbass Award?

What do you think??

“Models now need to promote themselves, think like businesswomen and diversify their careers by doing other things. Chances are very slim that a mere model will become a household name today.”~ Tyra Banks

The modeling profession is something that I will admit that I do not understand. Nor do I pretend to understand it either.

It doesn’t appear to be glitz and glamour and rainbows. Some people get very famous and wealthy from being in the business and others struggle from day to day just to find work. One never really knows what will happen, it seems.

But I think that it would be safe to say that attitude is a big part of it.

And in my own personal experiences, there’s been a lot of great and decent people who have made it their profession to be a model, both male and female. And these decent people just can’t seem to get much of a break.

And then on the other side of things, there are those who have “the goods” for it, but their attitude seriously stinks. After that, they often wonder why they’ve not made it in the business.

I have known people who have done modeling in the past. And I know people who are currently doing modeling today. In my mind, a lot of those people who entered the industry struggle.

I have to shake my head at those who have the poor attitude.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to go to a party.  It was at that party, I noticed this very physically attractive woman who was there. But I did not approach her to talk to her as she had many people surrounding her wherever she went. People were using their cell phones to take photographs and video of her. It had seemed that she enjoyed being the center of attention inside of all of the spotlight. And I thought to myself that she was attractive and so it made sense that she would be swarmed by people… mostly men.

I did not plan on staying too long at this party and eventually I ended up being in the same area as this particular woman. She caught my eye and I smiled. Then she came over and introduced herself.

Rather than just stating who she was by her name, it was like she was giving me her résumé. She had been seen on this music video and that music video that is on YouTube. She’s done several local events. And she even had done a couple of photo shoots for some statewide publications.

I was not interested in all of that, I just asked her again to tell me what her name was. And so she huffed a little and told me.

Okay, fine. You’re huffing. If I am talking to you, I just want to know who you are.

She seemed okay with the conversation and I made her laugh several times. But when she started talking about her modeling career again, I became less and less interested.

I was honest with her and admitted that I had never seen her before. I had no idea that she had done some modeling work here and there. And she became a little disappointed. So then she showed me on her cell phone a lot of different shots that she had done. I mean, A LOT!!!!!!!!

Several minutes had gone by as she showed me one by one by one of each shot she had saved on her cell phone.

Of course throughout the conversation, we would be interrupted by people wanting to speak to her. A lot of them though just wanted her to sit still long enough that they could take photographs of her with their cell phones.

She would forget where we had left off and then she’d start all over again. I probably saw the same set of photographs of her riding a horse four separate times. 

I could see that the conversation wasn’t going to lead to anything. It wasn’t going to change to “getting to know you” kind of stuff. It was just going to be about her and whether or not she could jar some kind of memory that I may have hidden to the point where I could tell her, “Yeah! I’ve seen you before!!”.

This wasn’t going to happen!

Had she talked about herself and not about her job, this conversation probably would have been a little more pleasant.

Deep down I was remembering the FIRST time that this had happened to me when I spoke with a woman who said her occupation was a model. That didn’t end well either.

I was beginning to feel out of place by just talking with her. But because I had made her laugh and smile earlier, I guess she decided to stick with it. But her mission of trying to get me to recognize her was doomed from the start.

There are over million people who live here where I am. I do not think that I am going to be able to remember every single person that I have ever come across in the past 11 years. Whether I believed them to be physically attractive or not, its just not a possibility to remember everything and everyone. Especially those who didn’t make any impact on me.

This woman surely was making an impact, but the WRONG impact.

Her boyfriend got a little jealous I guess and came over and interrupted her and I talking. He took her aside and did whatever he did.

Meanwhile, I am getting bombarded by these men who had been taking photographs of her all night long with their cell phones. They showed me that they had posted them all on the Internet. Facebook, Tumblr, etc. And that was all made possible by today’s technology. One shot with the cell phone camera and you’re bright and shining face is on the Internet in a matter of seconds for all the world to enjoy.

So anyways,  the model came back and apologized for her boyfriend’s rude behavior. She started to explain her situation but I told her that it wasn’t necessary to get into all of that.

Then I decided to ask if I could take a photograph of her. This is where it took a nose dive into stupidity.

She began to explain her rates and her rules about “photo shoots”.  I stopped her and repeated my request for her a little clearer and spoke slower. Thinking that she had misunderstood what I was asking her.

Again, she talked about her rates and rules.

When I told her that I was not a photographer and I had no intention on doing a photo shoot with her and I just wanted to take photograph of her and I together, she got crazy as well as indignant.

She explained to me that she did not “pose for pictures”. And that to me made no sense whatsoever. She’s a model. OF COURSE she poses for pictures! That is probably one of the general definitions of the ins and outs of the occupation of modeling. 

She continued to inform me that I would have to pay her in order to have my photograph taken with her. Heaven forbid that I would change my mind and ask for an autograph because I had heard guys coming up to her, telling her that she was hot and gorgeous and sexy and all of that and they wanted an autograph and she declined offers the entire time.

But I have to pay for a photograph with her?

I walked away from her, telling her that it was nice to have met her. Even though now I believe that that I was lying my butt off.

I looked her up on the Internet. I couldn’t find much. I saw maybe less than half a dozen websites that mentioned her. Either because she was captioned in a photograph or she was mentioned in an article. She’s not that famous to be in a position to be charging that kind of money for something that she does in the first place.

To the best of my knowledge, celebrities and famous folks of all kinds will either decline the request and walk away or they will simply take the photographs with someone or give them an autograph and be done with it. They don’t go into business mode and start telling their fans how much it is going to cost them in order to have these things. Especially if they are met by someone on the streets.

But this model felt she had enough of the goods where she could do that, and it was a serious deflation of interest in her and what she does.

I have personally received many denied requests for autographs from people. And most of them were because they either felt that their autographs weren’t worth anything or they were just shy and uncomfortable about it.

This woman however, was bold and full of it.

It would seem to me that because she is not all that “well known”, that she would gladly pose for a photograph. And possibly by either word of mouth or by someone posting photographs on the Internet that she just might get discovered and then she’d catch her break. One simply doesn’t know if and when those kinds of situations will happen. So to me, what was the big issue and where was the harm in it?

Had she agreed to the photograph and I had posted it and someone DID notice and contacted her, then that would definitely been something to work to her advantage.

You never know what to expect when you meet certain people.

When she asked me where I was going because I had ended the conversation, my only response to her was: “Things are sometimes only skin deep.”

I’m not expecting her to figure out what I meant by that. Nor am I expecting her to come crawling back with tears in her eyes and being full of apologies. But it sure does wonders for the mind.

But I guess in a way one could say that her constant nagging of trying to trigger a memory out of me that actually was never there to begin with, is now a memory of how much of a pain she was. If she wanted me to remember her, then her mission is successful after all. Unfortunately for her though, it is not a good memory.

I do not have any hatred towards people who are or were in the modeling business. And to be truthful, I do not have any hatred towards this model either. But what drew the line for me, was her attitude.




Not since the great humiliation of my teenaged years did I ever think that history was going to repeat itself. At least not in the sense that I would receive a second helping of self-humiliation in my life.

But since I know that you will get a good laugh out of this by reading about it, I decided to share my story of woe and misery.

I was enjoying the day away from home for once in my life, when I was approached by someone asking me if I wanted to go visit and see some particular model who was in town for the day. She was taking pictures and signing autographs, etc.

I did not know who this particular model was personally. I had never even heard of her. But when I was shown just a few photos of this woman, that’s all that it took for me to say “Count me in!”.

Off I went (in a vehicle full of strangers) to this strip mall where indeed, this beautiful model was posing for pictures, signing autographs and everything else that was promised.

I couldn’t believe my luck. Basically I was in the same area as this woman. And yet I was unprepared. No camera, no pen or paper for autographs, nothing. I started to back off and shy away. I admired from a distance. A very LONG distance. Until one of them asked me why I hadn’t gone up to this model to talk to her. After all, I may not have had a camera or had the tools to get an autograph but I was reminded that I could at least go and talk to her.

You know, sometimes people just have a point. And their point is so solid that you cannot argue with them because you know they are right. I suppose that they found it ridiculous that I was just sitting there with my eyes popping out of my head- and I was doing nothing about it.

I am that shy though, honestly. I guess I just don’t know what to do in these kinds of situations. But allow me to continue on, so that you can get your laugh.

After being defeated like that, and seeing that it really “couldn’t hurt” to go and talk to this woman, I approached cautiously. As I was getting closer, she spotted me and I FROZE. A little smile and a wink and then she was diverted by another person wanting pictures.

Well, well, well….. aren’t I Mr. Special all of a sudden.

So I got in line to talk to her. The people that came with me actually forced me in front of them. For reasons I didn’t know at the time. But the line wasn’t that long at all. Maybe four or five people ahead of me. Still this woman, this glorious model, actually had a sense of humanity about her as she allowed each person all the time in the world that they wanted individually. So it took a while for the line to move.

Then it was my turn next. I looked behind me to make sure those guys were still there, and they were. They kept smiling at me, asking me what I was going to talk with her about. Others wanted to know if I wanted my picture taken with her because they would use their camera. I honestly didn’t know.

I wasn’t paying close attention when I got shoved really hard in my back and heard someone clearing their voice. It was my turn and I was holding up the line by not moving.

So the first thing out of her mouth was, “Hello. Picture?”… well ummmm okay, sure!

I gazed upon the guys behind me and they grabbed their cameras trying to get both her and I in their view finder.

My luck would increase.

This woman was all over me. She sat on my lap for one picture. Then she shoved her boobs in my face for another. Then she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck. Then she got cheek to cheek with me. I could feel and smell her breath. (Later I would find on someone’s camera that she posed as if she was licking my face.)

For about sixty seconds, I was finding myself in the middle of a photo shoot with this model because I remember A LOT of camera flashes going off at the same time continuously.

When the cameras were done, I blinked to get the spots out of my eyes so I could look at her and talk to her. I still felt like a big shot though.

Eventually I gazed over at her, and the humiliation doth begun.

She began to speak, but I couldn’t really understand her. I asked her to repeat herself, and she did. But I still couldn’t understand her. She wasn’t speaking in English.

I tried speaking to her in Spanish. She just looked blank at me.

I tried speaking to her in French. She just looked blank at me.

I even tried speaking to her in German. She finally just stuck her tongue out at me.

Whatever language she was speaking, I did not have the ability to converse with her in. And why didn’t I catch on to any of that when she had said to me only “Hello. Picture?”.. what gives there??

So there I was, unable to communicate because of an apparent language barrier. She signaled to someone and whispered. And then that person made the announcement that the model had to “powder her nose” and would be right back. It was suggested that nobody moved out of their place in line because she was not going to leave without seeing everyone who came to see her.

The guys that brought me there were just laughing and laughing because they could tell that I was really thinking this girl was something else.

Then the model was walking back and I saw an action that horrified me. She grabbed her crotch. Yep, apparently this model had a bit more “plumbing” in her nether regions than would be necessary for her to be deemed female.

My eyes quit bugging out of my head, and I couldn’t find a place quick enough or deep enough with sand to bury my own head in. Some European model was in town, but nobody had told me that this was a man in the process of being a woman. Working their way through the modeling industry to pay for all of the operations.

I left. I waited by the vehicle. I accused them all for their deception but they all were saying that they were as shocked as I was to find this model walking down the sidewalk, grabbing herself like she’s about to throw out the first pitch at a Giants game.

Those boobs that were in my face, weren’t boobs at all… but LIES!! I was just thankful that I did not come home with lipstick prints all over my face or smelling like some kind of cheap women’s perfume. The only thing that I was able to save myself from further humiliation was that these guys wanted to add me to their Facebook, and I said “no”. Even if this wouldn’t have been so embarrassing, I didn’t know these guys from Adam. So they had no chance of it happening in the first place.

This definitely takes the cake on embarrassment.