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“I look within and choose to find, A blaze that won’t die”~ Beautiful Disturbance “Nearly Forgotten” 

Each person can measure the distances of just how far they are willing to go to get whatever it is that they want. Some will find that their limitations are quite small, and therefore don’t go very far.

Today for me, a test of will. How far was I willing to go in order to see a band that I just heard about fairly recently? The answer: ALL THE WAY.

I got myself up and running even if it was a Saturday morning. I knew that I was going to have to do battle with the local buses in order to make this show. And I was excited from the moment that I had today’s first yawn. Listening to what has become a personal passion for their song, “Nearly Forgotten”… my poor neighbors again, having to endure it on repeat.

My journey would have some difficulties though as the bus didn’t quite drive up to the front door of the venue, which was The Microsoft Store in The Domain. The Domain is this large area of restaurants and shopping on the other side of the interstate highway from where I live.

Several miles, but only an hour bus ride through public transit. Except for the last haul of the journey.

The last three-quarters of a mile, I would trudge through uneven ground, tall grass, and steep inclines. I guess the city ran out of money to pave some stinking sidewalks down there.

I thought I was going to be late. The website said 1:00 PM. I went through the doors of the store at 12:58 PM. Hmm, lucky me.

Employees greeted me and of course was trying to be of assistance. But I was not there for their service. I was there to hear music. Most of the employees who heard the reason of why I was there stared at me with a blank look of confusion growing upon their faces. One even told me “They are not here so they must not be coming.”

I felt defeated. I didn’t see any notifications of any cancellations. Especially after seeing on Facebook that they were “on their way.”  I also felt so tired from treating the wheelchair like an ATV. Which it is not.

I had a choice: Stay and see what happens or trudge back home.

And then I had a fabulous “Eureka!!” moment. I’m inside the Microsoft Store. There are computers all over the place!

Hello? McFly??!??

I logged into one to find out if there was any last minute cancellations. I then found the phone number for the band and I called to find out whether or not they were coming. They answered, they were minutes away.

I stayed put!!

I saw the band come in. But I didn’t say anything to them. I wanted to see if they were going to recognize me. I nodded and smiled as they were in and out of the store to set up for their gig. I kept silent, just looking to see how long it would take before they realized who I was.

An employee of the store would ruin all of the fun.

She cried out “You gotta fan waiting for you guys!”. She turned to see where I was and then pointed me out. When I introduced myself, it all clicked for the band. They were overjoyed that I had made it.

A few minutes of setting up everything, it was time to start.

The show began.

The set was to be acoustic. So I wasn’t able to just let it all out and start rocking….. or was I??

They started with my obsession, “Nearly Forgotten”. I had never heard this acoustically before. And it still was great. Although during the second verse I was busted by their lead singer, Brenda, for singing along. She and I caught eyes and she smiled and pointed at me as she realized I had already joined in with them and was singing.

It’s only rock ‘n’ roll, but I like it! It was only the first song and I was getting INTO IT like Paul and Barnaby getting all into Grandma Smith’s apple pie.

Their bass player, Belle, was very impressive as well. I’m not sure how it got started but she had been draped with the reputation of being one of the best bass players in the entire state. And after seeing just the acoustic set, I can see why they say that.

And then on the other side was their lead guitarist, Auggie. A man that has love, music, and life rushing through his veins. He is so intense with making music and it shows. He is a monster! Even with the fact that it was an acoustic set, I was absolutely certain during the third song of the set that he was going to break the bench that he was sitting upon and just turn wild and loose!! He’s a passionate musician. And I think that is something refreshing to see from the fan’s perspective instead of having this attitude of “I’m the musician, you’re the fan. My job is to play. Your job is to love me.”

But all of the band members were friendly and kind. After the show, photographs were taken. I got their EP autographed as well.

As they were beginning to take down their set, I found myself not wanting to leave. I just wanted to hang out with them. But I got out of their way to let them do what they needed to do. They have another show in their hometown of Waco this evening. Best wishes to them tonight!!!

It was worth going the distance today. And it fuels my excitement to see them play again in August at BFE Rock Club in Houston, Texas along side SIX MINUTE CENTURY. That should be a really great show, in my opinion.