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“I don’t know anything about music. In my line you don’t have to.”~ Elvis Presley 

Since I’ve noticed that you faithful readers love to read posts about what was then considered “painful”, but now is absolutely funny, I’ve decided for this post to oblige you one more time.

If you know my family, you can ask them and they will confirm that this character on the children’s program, “Sesame Street”, scared me to death!!!!!!

As a child, I had a lot of difficulty with a lot of things because they were extremely sensitive to my young hearing. Mainly loud noises such as sirens, jet planes, church bells, whistles, air horns, thunder and so on.

Yet I was terrified and terrorized by this muppet from each episode of Sesame Street that he appeared in. It got to the point where I would immediately begin to cry whenever he would show up on the screen and my mother would have to come in and hold my ears until it was all over.

This character was a composer and he would always struggle to find the last few lines of any simple tune, such as “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and “Twinkle, Twinkle”. Kermit the Frog would always be standing there by his piano as a reporter and whenever the piano player would get stuck trying to come up with the next line, he’d take his frustrations out by slamming his head onto the keyboard.

I think that it was the abrupt noise of hands being slammed down on the piano that got to me. I don’t know or remember.

This muppet always made me cry!

How funny that I would never learn until tonight that the character’s name was Don Music. However soon after the debut of Don Music on the show, reports of children imitating him and getting hurt by pounding their heads on pianos caused the producers to take him off the show.

As a kid, I probably didn’t care. I just didn’t want him to do what he always did. Slam his head on the keyboard.

Eventually by the end, he would be able to get the song that he was struggling so hard with, and then a chorus of others would come into the room and join him in singing whatever song he was trying to get.

I came across a photograph of him earlier today and I swam in the memories of being in total fear. And then I just laughed my butt off.

I’m not quite sure when or how old I was when I finally would LAUGH whenever he would bang his head on the piano, but I would get over my fear of it. And the extremely loud noises that bothered me as a child would soon pass away.

Oh, the things that scar us when we were younger!




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Dreams and nightmares are still a fascinating thing.

I remember that about 10 years ago, I would always try to analyze my dreams. Both good and bad and see what my body was trying to tell me. I was never really any good at it though.

There are some things that I have phobias about and they will enter my dreams from time to time.

But last night, I had such the nightmare that I found it rather difficult to shake even though I knew from the moment I woke up that none of it was true. All events never really happened.

Nightmares can plague someone to the point where they just never feel safe. And thanks to Wes Craven, back in the 1980’s there were a lot of people who were afraid to fall asleep.

Last night’s horrid dream dealt with plenty of situations that hit the wide spectrum of feelings, thoughts, and emotions. The content of sex (both consenting and non-consenting) mixed in with the fear of being chased, then being betrayed and then ultimately murder and helplessness.

Perhaps some of it was an extension of some post-traumatic stress in my past. I don’t really know. It has not been diagnosed with me. Not officially anyways.

What I ended up doing was getting completely out of bed and trying to get busy doing something other than sleep to get the horrific images out of my head and memory.  All I know is that it scared the living shit out of me.

I didn’t return back to bed for at least an hour and a half. But then I had trouble going back to sleep. So I got up a second time and by then I had been awake for pretty much most of the night, and the sun was beginning to rise.

So how do you deal or cope with having a nightmare that tends to stay with you even after you realize that it wasn’t real and it still is haunting to you?

My ex told me that it was best to talk about it with someone, outloud. That way, you can bring it to the surface and let it go. But I was personally confused by that idea. If you had a vision or a nightmare and you were awake and realized that it was over and it was not real, why would you want to talk about it and have to “re-live” it all over again?

I had heard from another person to write it down. Like writing a story. Yet again, it was seemed odd to do that because you have to think hard about the details that you just are trying to escape from.

So what’s the best way to deal with having nightmares? How frequently do you have bad dreams? We all have them. Some more than others.

I had several towards the end of January, and through February almost every night. But it soon had passed. But last night’s evil visionary tale has been stuck in my mind even this afternoon. But thankfully, not so vivid and not as scary.