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“I am one. Love me fully or leave me completely.” — DAMBREAKER

October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month. Although some of you may not know that because of all of the time and effort that is spent on focusing on the fact that it is also breast cancer awareness month.

I don’t know who made the decision to have SB awareness alongside breast cancer awareness but it is what it is.

I also know that there are a lot of you who are reading this, who could be considered as “new” around here and haven’t really had the time or opportunity to read about those special posts that I have spread throughout this blog about MY disability in general. And I realize that I have only given a hint or two as to what it is like having to go on with life with a disability.

And as the world seemingly united under one cause for ALS during the time of the “Ice Bucket Challenge”… I too began to think really hard about what I would want to do when October came for Spina Bifida.

But my luck ran out as I did not think of anything that would have been just as unique or fitting for a cause that would have raised enough awareness for Spina Bifida as the Ice Bucket Challenge did for ALS.

My brain was really pushed towards the limitations of coming up with a different challenge for Spina Bifida. But in the end, I could not come up with anything. I mean, I did and I still do have a few ideas but would people honestly want to participate in such a manner with that kind of challenge enough to either spread awareness or perhaps donate towards the cause?

I felt that it was doubtful.

Then when the first of October came around, I saw that the Spina Bifida Association of America had come up with a few new hashtags of their own. One of them being: #notanothercharitychallenge .

That told me that the SBAA was not looking for a challenge as equal as the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. What was I to do?

Well, the answer was “Write.”

Again let me say that I realize that a lot of you who are reading this are new to this blog and don’t know what others know. So allow me to help you be AWARE of who I am. And who I am NOT!!! KX_SBAwarenessMonth

  • I am one out of 166,000 people living in the United States of America with the most severe form of Spina Bifida which is a BIRTH DEFECT of the spine.
  • I am a paraplegic. I have no sensation from both knees to my feet. I can feel absolutely nothing.
  • I am confined to a wheelchair in matters which deal with mobility.
  • I am a member of the human race with the same exact feelings and emotions as the next person in line or beside me.
  • I am NOT just some one or some thing. In fact I am some body.
  • I am NOT a side show freak, a mutant, nor am I totally helpless and defenseless.
  • I am NOT put on this Earth for you to stare at and make assumptions. My friends may consider me to be entertaining but I am not solely for your amusement. And your assumptions are going to be wrong 99.9/100 times about me. Do NOT count me out … until I am out.
  • I am NOT to be tossed aside like yesterday’s trash just because my legs do not work exactly like yours.

I could go on the rest of the day.

Even within the last fifty years, there has been some tremendous improvements in the field of study over Spina Bifida. Life with Spina Bifida seems to be increasing both in duration and in quality because of these improvements. And who knows… there just might be a cure ahead. And if there is, it will be too late for me. But it will not be too late for future generations.

But we cannot do anything about it without first having the awareness. And as much as a struggle that it is when going against breast cancer awareness, people with Spina Bifida, families with children with Spina Bifida, and friends of people with Spina Bifida march on in hopes of opening the eyes of the rest of the world to this issue.

Are you willing to have your eyes opened? Are you willing to have that awareness? If the answers are YES .. you know where to find me. 

If you have ANY questions about my life, make sure to look at both pages of “About” and “What Is Spina Bifida?” … consult there first. There is a list of “famous people” who were born with Spina Bifida. You may be surprised who is on that list. 

Since it is awareness month and you do have a question about my life or about Spina Bifida in general… then during the month of October I will answer any and all questions you may have. Please write them in the comment section below. Thank you.

There are so many different causes that have Awareness Days or Months that it is often difficult to keep track of.

On the day this blog post is written, it is Homeless Awareness Day.

We all know or are at least aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The pink has been showing up in a lot of places.

Each of these awareness campaigns are significant and important to all of us in a way. Naturally for this month, its Spina Bifida Awareness, and that would be significant and important to me!

But here’s a list of other campaigns that I found for just the month of October:

Black History Month (UK)
Computer Learning Month
Cook Book Month
Country Music Month
Disability Employment Awareness Month
Diversity Awareness Month
Diarrhea Awareness Month
Filipino American History Month
Family History Month
Gourmet Adventures Month
Hunger Awareness Month
Italian-American Heritage Month
LGBT History Month
Nonprofit Career Month
National Kitchen and Bath Month
National Bullying Prevention Month
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
National Car Care Month
National Caramel Month
National Book Month
National CyberSecurity Awareness Month
National Depression Education and Awareness Month
National Dessert Month
National Health Care Food Service Month
National AIDS Awareness Month
National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Month
National Pasta Month
National Pet Wellness Month
National Pickled Peppers Month
National Cookie Month
National Cosmetology Month
National Country Ham Month
National Crime Prevention Month
National Pizza Month
National Apple Month
National Domestic Violence Awareness Month
National Down Syndrome Awareness Month
National Applejack Month
National Popcorn Poppin’ Month
National Pork Month
National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month
National Pretzel Month
National Restaurant Hospitality Month
National Roller Skating Month
National Seafood Month
National Spinach-Lovers’ Month
National Squirrel Awareness Month
National Stamp Collecting Month
National Sun Dried Tomato Month
National Toilet Tank Repair Month
National German Heritage Month (Celebrated from September 15 to October 15)
Polish American Heritage Month
Spina bifida awareness month
Vegetarian Awareness Month

Day – Week:

October 1 – International Day of Older Persons (Recognized by the UN)
October 1 – World Vegetarian Day
October 2 – International Day of Non-Violence (Recognized by the UN), observed on M.K. Gandhi’s birthday
October 3 – World Smile Day
October 4 – World Animal Day
October 4 – eDay
October 5 – World Teachers’ Day
October 5 – Poetry Day
Second Wednesday of October – International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction (Recognized by the UN)
October 9 – World Hospice and Palliative Care Day
October 8 – World Humanitarian Action Day
October 8 – World Egg Day – 2nd Friday of October every year
October 9 – World Post Day (Recognized by the UN)
October 9 – Global Jamie Day (Recognized by the UN)
October 9 – Fire Prevention Week has been observed on the Sunday through Saturday period in which October 9 falls. Here are dates for future FPW campaigns: 2013: October 6-12 – 2014: October 5-11 – 2015: October 4-10.
October 10 – World Mental Health Day (Recognized by the UN)
October 10 – World Day Against Death Penalty, recognized by the WCADP
October 13 – International Suit Up Day
October 13 – Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day
October 14 – World Standards Day
October 15 – World Blind Day / World Sight Day
October 15 – International Day of Rural Women (Recognized by the UN)
October 15 – Global Handwashing Day
October 16 – National Boss Day (Boss’s Day)
October 16 – World Food Day (Recognized by the UN)
October 17 – International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (Recognized by the UN)
October 20 – International Day of the Air Traffic Controller
October 20 – World Statistics Day
October 22 – International Stuttering Awareness Day
October 24 – United Nations Day (Recognized by the UN)
October 24 – World Development Information Day (Recognized by the UN)
October 27 – World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (Recognized by the UN)
October 29 – Sleep-In Day
October 25 – 31 – International Epidermolysis Bullosa Awareness Week

First Monday of October – World Habitat Day (Recognized by the UN)

If you want to laugh, then laugh. Some just don’t seem all that legit. But to some parts of the world, they truly are. There’s a reason for them, which is a scary thought if you allow your brain to mull in it.

So I’ve changed my cover photo on Facebook for Spina Bifida Awareness, personally.  And I still believe that the yellow ribbon associated with it, goes well with the pink. I’m hoping that you will wear both.