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“There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect.”~ President Ronald Reagan

Recently I saw a post for Lone Star Metal magazine. They were looking for good writers. And although I really wanted to wave my hand in the air and say something, I had doubt in myself as to whether or not I was good ENOUGH for such and adventure.

Then today I received word from Lone Star Metal magazine asking if I wanted to be a review writer for them.

I still did not know if I was good enough and so I sent them the last CD review, which was for One-Eyed Doll “Witches” and after letting them decide, before I knew it….. I realized that I am now a contributing author to the website.

All I have to do is when I write a CD or an album review, is to send it to LSM, and they will have it published.

Wow!!! guitar

So yeah, I’m pretty excited about it all. I gave LSM all the “reviews” that I could find, and they already posted it on their website with a link back to here on this blog.

Apparently I AM good enough for this!! And other people believe in me too.

I’m looking forward to this next part of the journey. Although I feel as if I need to move it to another corner of the cyber world and allow for the reviews to have its own place. So if WordPress will allow, I will go for yet ANOTHER blog and it will remain strictly for album reviews.

Once I have it all set up and ready to go, I’ll mention it here. Those of you who wish to follow me there, are more than welcome. If you also know of a band or group that needs some exposure….. I’m your guy now. Let me know!!!

I’m excited. SOOOOO excited!!!!

Thank you dear readers.


“My philosophy of life: Wake up. Be happy. Hurt no one. Go to bed. Wake up. Repeat.”~ Jodi Ambrose

No this is not my personal way to kiss ass, this is extra credit. Doing above and beyond what was asked for.

Jodi Ambrose found this blog last May and she and I have been keeping in touch through one another’s blog ever since.

Not that long ago she gave an offer that I couldn’t refuse. It was her Tit for Tat offer.

So what did she want? The books that she has written about sex and intimacy, as well as one helluva enjoyable cookbook, were to be sent to me in the mail in trade that a review will be written on

That soon will come. This is extra!!

Jodi Ambrose discusses what is known as The List. At a minimum of twenty separate things about the opposite sex that you should know about. Basically these books are your guidelines to earning yourself lots more sex.

That’s right. Books for both genders on tips on getting laid, and getting laid a lot!!

Sounds good, doesn’t it??

Even though the terms of the exchange were firmly written in her blog, I actually had the balls to make a counter offer to her original deal.

She knew that I have been wanting these books for a long time but just never could put the money together to purchase them. After all, her original deal was to ship the books in the mail for FREE. I couldn’t lose! But noooooo… I had to go and make the counter offer that she autograph anything that she sent.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Jodi Ambrose- 3. Dambreaker-0.

Oops! Uh-oh. I’m screwed and not in the way that is explained in the books!!!!!!!

I took great delight when I received the package in the mail that I nearly squealed like a 9 year old girl with glee. And I enjoyed the written messages attached within each book. And even though she warned me NOT to read the book written for women as to not to reveal their secrets, I will admit that I did thumb it through for a bit.

So enough about that. On with the show!! jodi book

Sex: How To Get More Of It. A guy’s roadmap to paradise, in and out of the bedroom. 

This was the book that was targeted for males. Reading this book more closely than the other, I simply just have to agree with Jodi with each and every word written. Both serious and vulgar.

She’s got a way to use a dirty mouth to drive her point across into the male skull which most women think are thicker than their own. And though that may be true for some, the helpful hints and tips have no trouble getting through the cranial barrier and into the brain of even the oddest of men all the way to the intelligent, knowledge-seeking lovers.

Vernacular is key throughout the entire book. She’s gone through the painful task of forming The List for men. And as much as I agree with The List, it would behoove all male readers to NEVER stray from it, NEVER change it, just obey it! That is if you ever dream of getting laid again in your lifetime. No matter if you are married, in a relationship that is new, or single… these words to the male readers should open up the guy’s senses in what it means to understand a woman… even if its just for a fraction of an inch.

But understanding a woman’s mind isn’t what its about. Again, the point is how to get laid!! And I do not know of any man who wouldn’t want to have that kind of knowledge in their arsenal.

As I turned page after page after page I wondered why most men have issues like these. It’s like the warning levels on consumer products. If it has to be written, its because some dumbass did something well…… dumbass. So apparently there are men out there who would benefit from this book.

Intimacy: How To Get More Of It. A peek into understanding the male mind. 13490786

Again, I was warned not to read it. But I did read through most of it and there was a reason for that. I wanted to find out just how accurate it would be. In other words, I wanted to see if there was at any point that I would totally and vehemently disagree with any statement, remark, or piece of advice that Jodi had to offer.

Sweet beans of unholy mercy! There was nothing in the book that I would dare disagree with!!

Yep. That’s what happens!

Much like her book written for male readers, the book written for female readers also contain The List. It slightly differs because males and females differ. Imagine that, huh??

Jodi Ambrose definitely has her shit together where it matters. Both for males and females. And she puts it in the easiest terms possible. Vernacular also for females is probably spot on as well.

So as far as it goes with the books on intimacy and sex, I found myself eager to get to the next paragraph to see what it would say to me.

Guys can in fact get laid a lot more. And girls can receive the intimacy that they desire just the same. Just stay on the map that was written by Jodi Ambrose!

The books prove that there is a possibility of getting wonderful, mind-blowing sex for as long as you really want it!

I’m glad she stumbled across my blog. I’m glad I decided to reciprocate. And now, if you don’t mind….. I will sit back and wait to see what my punishment (or reward) will be for reading both books. I’ll be hearing from her soon in one way or another.

I cannot wait to utilize the cookbook that she put together with her husband collectively. It looks like so much fun, and yummy to say in the least!!!

Her blog can be found in the Blogroll. Find all three of her books on if you want the intimacy or the sex that you still want and just haven’t been getting.

“Opportunity is often difficult to recognize; we usually expect it to beckon us with beepers and billboards.” ~William Arthur Ward

A person can really go through a lot of self-induced pain and misery when the realization sinks in that an opportunity had been presented before them, and they did not take advantage of it.

We end up having the urge to kick ourselves in the butt as hard as we can, but physiologically we know its not possible, and still we have the urge. Others go to such extremes as to find other ways to actually inflict some kind of physical pain to ourselves because we know that kicking our own butts would hurt, and yet we some how deserve to feel that pain.

A few years ago, I felt that desire to kick my own butt because of something of a missed opportunity. I had known a woman for about five years, not intimately or personally, but socially and I found her very attractive. But because I was aware of a large age difference between us, I did not seize the opportunity to get to know her intimately. Instead, I chose the path of the socially acceptable person, aka “the friend”. And then after a while, this woman began dating someone else. I was genuinely happy that she was happy, and it appeared as if the her relationship was blossoming. Eventually, she would pop out three children who were fathered by this man. And with each birth announcement, I was still filled with joy for her. But the one thing that was missing was that she was unmarried still.

I would see her again later on in life, and find that she did have this many children by him. I was with a few friends and all of us knew her, and we asked her if “wedding bells” was in the future.

Her answer would stun and shock us. Well, some of us.

She said that she had no idea whether or not they were going to be getting married any time in the future, but she was ready for it and all he had to do was ask.

All I could do was nod and feel the inside of my own chest begin to collapse as my heart sank.

One of my neighbors that I commonly socialize with on a daily basis, actually had it right all along. He once had told me, “Do you know why you see attractive women with really, really ugly guys? It’s because THEY are the ones who asked.”

I began to recall the conversation in my mind as if it just had happened. I couldn’t believe that he was right. I mean after all, this old man has a reputation of being dirty and perverted- so what the heck would he know, right??? Well, in this case he did know!! Even the sick and twisted make sense once in a while.

I lost the opportunity for something, or for nothing. But the bottom line is that because I did not ask, I lost. Plain and simple. I chose not to go for the hunt and ended up watching her make a family with someone else.

And it’s not that I think that the father of her children is ugly. I don’t know the guy that well to make that kind of a judgement. And even if I did, I’m really not the kind of guy that would do that in the first place. It is the fact that he DID ask, and therefore he was the one who was victorious.

Carpe Diem – It still means something that is so true today, even if it comes from a language that is basically dead. We must “seize the day” if we wish to become successful in any adventure in life. Whether it is for family, for work, or for love.

Even if you don’t speak or understand Latin, there are so many other phrases out there, that are coined to help us understand better and allows us the empowerment of what we need.

“You cannot make an omelet without breaking some eggs!”… who remembers this one??

Had I gone to that woman and expressed an interest, who the heck knows what would have happened. Sure, there would have been a chance of rejection. But that’s just part of “breaking the eggs”. And honestly, nobody will ever know what could have happened if I just stayed strong and chomped down on the bullet.

Break the eggs! Life will get nowhere if you don’t even try. And let’s not forget what our parents and teachers and educators taught us when we were growing up in school: “You will never know, unless you ask.”

If you are met with rejection, then two things:

#1- You will then know and it will no longer be a mystery to you because you know you have tried.

#2- You now can deal with handling your rejection, instead of having to suffer the pain and anguish of the missed opportunity.

There’s so much to learn in life, and in this case I sure did learn the hard way. And honestly, I didn’t have to. I made excuses that she wouldn’t be interested and so I balked from the chance to further pursue anything.

Don’t let life’s chances pass you by. Yes, I know that it is very difficult to understand just when an opportunity has come before you, or a chance for you take is presenting itself. But whatever it is– take it!!! (And yet I would caution to be smart about it too. Make sure it is what you truly want, then go for it.)

Don’t worry yourself about consequences as they will certainly come later. And so why worry about something that isn’t even there yet? Cross that bridge once you come to it, if the bridge is even there at all.

You have truly nobody to blame but yourself if you miss out on life’s wonderful opportunities. And yes, you’ll want to find a way to physically kick your own butt. But you won’t find it. Instead, take the chance of falling on your face rather than burying it in the sands of disappointment.