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Lorena Bobbitt

“I’m crazy and I don’t pretend to be anything else.”~ Rihanna

Ever since the “famous incident” that happened in 1993 between John and Lorena Bobbitt, and the mass hysteria that the media infused with it by putting it all over television and print and keeping it there for much longer than it needed to be, I swear the world has gone absolutely insane.

And if I am not mistaken, it was the same year or time that the Amy Fisher affair was broken into the public.

MERCY!! Don’t these people have any lives to live?

We can turn on any television set, power up our own computers and even phones now, and see these idiotic stories come crashing down on us like a tidal wave.

Yet when someone does something brave, noble, or fierce, we never hear about it.

I don’t know how many times in the past 20+ years that some woman lost her stupid mind and bit the penis of a man, if not totally severing it from his body. Those are some strong chompers. Ask Armin Meiwes if you don’t believe me!!!

The Bobbitt Syndrome has begun. And it has spread like wildfire. And it doesn’t even need to. penisbiter

To my own knowledge, you never hear it the other way around. I would love for someone to explain that one to me.


Aren’t women thinking ahead when they do this? Usually this kind of assault is done to a lover or a boyfriend/husband. Don’t you realize that its there for your pleasure at times when you are NOT MAD AT HIM???? Why would you do something like this to your man???

It is ridiculous!

Now that it is bitten off or at least damaged, its not going to work the way you were used to it working. And seriously, you’re now going to have to go through all of this “training” again with your man because you were pissed off and stupid (or drunk and high) and went after his manhood. penisbiter2

Are you proud of yourself now?

But I’m way off the train of thought that I had when I thought to write about this.

This story has become so popularized, its not funny. Yeah, I remember laughing about Bobbitt and his incident, but when the media pumps it through their lines every time it is reported by law enforcement…. the story becomes less and less and less and less interesting or entertaining for lack of a better term.

All in all… this is the latest and greatest if you want to dare read about it.

Have fun, you biters!!


“Ability is nothing without opportunity.”~Napoleon Bonaparte

I promise you, dear faithful readers that I… until tonight… had not known about this weird story of medicine and autopsy which involved great figures in world history.

When I kept researching to either confirm or deny this story, I did exactly what I said: Cough, Sputter, and Choke.

We all know the story about Napoleon and his military and political conquest in France during its Revolution.

But this is the story of what happened to him after his death in 1821.

We know he was exiled on the island of Saint Helena and that’s where he died in early May. His final words are written down to be ” France, armée, tête d’armée, Joséphine.”

Then here comes the interesting parts.

An autopsy was performed on his body and his heart was supposed to be sent back to France to be given to his lover, but the heart never made it.

Then his own personal doctor,  surreptitiously took his penis during the autopsy and gave it to a priest, who smuggled it to Corsica. The priest was killed in a bizarre blood vendetta, but passed it along to his family. They kept it until 1916, when a British collector got hold of it.

It was apparently put on display once, in New York in 1927, and crowds turned out to see it.  Many describing it as being like a piece of leather or a shriveled eel. Quite plainly, the member was not put in formaldehyde and preserved properly. And so it deteriorated rapidly through decay.

It was in a little leather presentation box, and it had been dried out in the air. It hadn’t been put in formaldehyde so it was rather the worse for wear, a bit like beef jerky.

Then along came a hero of sorts. As this severed shaft was being paraded around the entire world on display.

Dr. John Lattimer, one of the world’s leading urologists at the time, bought the member at auction in 1977 for $3,000 to take it out of circulation. He stated that he was horrified that the scientific bit was being made fun of. And as an urologist, this was pretty much right up his alley. And yes, pun intended.

So when he had it in his possession, he had the organ go through a series of tests, including an x-ray, to make valid that it was in fact, a penis.

After Lattimer’s death in 2007, it was actually shown to a few select people who describe it to be about an inch to an inch and a half in total length, like leather or beef jerky. But no photographs or  video is being allowed. As Napoleon HIMSELF said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

So where’s the beef??? Wouldn’t we want the whole penile proof????

France’s most famous sex organ is now under lock and key by the daughter of the good doctor, in New Jersey. Offers up to $100,000 have been given, but to no avail.

Now I think I know there was a reason why, as children we would always say his name as “Napoleon Boner-part.”