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Philippines Gunman Photographed

“People fear death even more than pain. It’s strange that they fear death. Life hurts a lot more than death. At the point of death, the pain is over. Yeah, I guess it is a friend.”~ Jim Morrison

This is the craziest thing I have ever heard of.

Reynaldo Dagsa was a Filipino politician and a corporal for the Philippine Army Reserve Command.

But this is a odd death post. He died on New Year’s Day 2011 while celebrating with his family.

And what makes it so odd is that it was an assassination by a person claiming the act to be in retribution for being shot in the head by persons associated with Reynaldo Dagsa during a shootout months earlier.

The assassination was captured in a photograph taken by Reynaldo Dagsa himself. maxresdefault

He gathered his family together for a family portrait, not being aware that his killer was looming just feet behind them, and the co-conspirator not far away either.

When Reynaldo Dagsa took the photograph, the flash went off…. so did the gun of the assassination, which struck Dagsa in the head.

The photograph was surrendered to the local police and the shooter was identified as Arnel Buenaflor. He was arrested and taken into police custody two days later.




Closer view of the assassin from the actual photograph.




Derek Medina and Jennifer Alfonso

“Murder begins where self-defense ends.”~Georg Buchner

Okay, so already some of you are whining and complaining about gender bias and how I made females look crazy because I posted about female killers.

Well, I have two things to say to that: MEN do stupid things too, and women (no, not all) will often times be so jaded by them that the good men of the world suffer for it. AND the other thing I have to say about it, is here’s the “other gender” story for you. So just calm down!!

This story I found particularly insane as there’s no ending to it as of yet.

31 year old Derek Medina is now awaiting trial, being charged with the shooting murder of his wife, 26 year old  Jennifer Alfonso that occurred on the 8th of August of 2013.

This murder was so weird and odd because not only did the husband allegedly shoot and kill Alfonso, but afterwards, he took photographs of her dead body and then guess what he did? jennifer-alfonso


(Edited here for obvious reasons. Here’s the screen cap of his Facebook profile on the day he shot and killed Alfonso. Through some good searching, you can find the unedited photograph. Not suggested though.)

And the only question I have is WHY????

Not WHY did he kill her, but WHY did he take a photograph of her laying there either dying or already dead, and post that on Facebook???

What kind of person does that?

Derek Medina is now charged with her murder.

He admitted to killing her. But Medina is ALSO stating that he had killed Alfonso in self-defense. Medina is always saying that he had gone through abuse by the hands of Alfonso. Which is not uncommon, but really never is heard of in today’s  news and society. Its possible she may have been abusive to him in some manner. But whether or not this death was because of self-defense…… nobody knows. confessed-killer-posts-dead-wifes-picture-on--L-38HJpt

A tentative date for his trial is just around the corner. And we’ll see if his “self-defense” plea holds up in a Miami, Florida court of law.

Autopsy reports are out as well as Medina’s 26 page report of when he finally turned himself in to the authorities. Autopsy shows that Alfonso was on her knees and has wounds to her arms, as if to protect her face. That doesn’t sound like someone who is giving abuse to another person to me. It rather sounds like someone scared for their life, and in this case, rightfully so as Alfonso was shot MORE than six times.

But as I said, we’ll see when finally Medina is brought to trial.


“I’m not great at dating, but I need to do it to relax.”~ Lena Dunham

Why women do you torture me so???

In the moments after the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup, I came across a fan who was cheering for them the whole way.

A few actually. I proceeded to tell them that NHL is nothing, and that these NHL players should attempt something more courageous and bold like sledge hockey. There’s no flexible glass in sledge hockey if you hit the wall.

They were impressed. I offered autographed photographs of me playing the sport. Some accepted, others rejected the offer.

So as I am sitting there checking to see if there was any other sledge hockey program in their individual areas, I noticed that one of them who had accepted the offer and sent me an address had actually sent me the address of a Super Cuts.

Umm, really?? REALLY?????

The only benefit of this doubt that I can think is that the information was old. There was a typo in the address that was sent. The Super Cuts is now a residential area. OR that is where this person works.

If the truth is none of the above, then I have to say that this is a brand new low in behavior in this situation.

This crap is just confusing. And again, if its none of the above… its just WRONG!!!!!!!

Photo Frenzy

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This one photograph caused quite the frenzy the other day on Facebook.

One early morning a few days ago, I saw this posted from one of those random Facebook fan pages. And I went ahead and clicked on the “share” button. And so it was posted onto my own personal Facebook profile.

Then moments later, I left home to go into the community room to get some coffee. I drank the coffee at the table (because the rule of “no food/drink” still exists and someone has to obey it, even if the other neighbors will not!!) and then I jumped online on one of the computers there.

When I signed back into Facebook, it was like hell was starting to break loose over this one image.

I found the photograph amusing because the woman was out in the the cold and snow and ice. However, many people were up in arms about it for the simple fact that the model was naked.

Let’s face it. My monitor at home isn’t the best, and I honestly had not recognized the fact that she was naked.

There’s nothing in the photograph that would expose any genitalia. And she is wearing something on her legs. Does that make it naked?

One person accused me of posting pornography on Facebook. Another person questioned my ethics. And even another person was threatening to have me reported for posting inappropriate images.

I believe that if I would have been able to see that clearly she was exposed in her “bikini regions” that I most likely would not have posted it. But even if I deleted the photograph, the damage apparently was done.

One person even sent a message to my Facebook inbox stating that she didn’t like my post and she wanted me to delete it. But when she wasn’t specific and I asked her to elaborate, it came to this photograph. I could tell that she was just overwhelmed with disgust.

Rather than deleting the photograph at that time, I removed her from my friends list. She had only been there for about two days and in my opinion …. wasn’t all that social with me.

I don’t make a habit of going so far as to posting something on Facebook that I know is against their rules and terms. And I know that I am not the worst offender as I have seen other posts that are far worse than this one.

I didn’t make any comments about it at all. I didn’t say anything about how hot the model was or whatever. I just simply clicked on the “share” button.

But no. Since I did something “different” then I guess that means I am one of the worst people on the planet. And that I need to be shipped off to Alcatraz or Australia.

Every one of us has different interests, tastes, and likes. We’re not all the same. What is “pornographic” to some is art to others. And I am not going to start a debate of whether or not this is art or porn or whatever, but like I said I liked the contrast and it was amusing to view it and think that she must be freezing with standing out in the snow like that. But then obviously finding out that its just a scene that was created to look like she was outside in a winter wonderland.

Once again proving that you simply are just not capable of pleasing all of the people all of the time.

Good grief!!!



“Let’s have a toast for the douchebags, Let’s have a toast for the assholes, Let’s have a toast for the scumbags, every one of them that I know.” ~ Kanye West

This photograph quickly surfaced all over Facebook this evening. It has been posted time and time again like a repetitious wildfire. Of course many people are up in arms about it with about as much publicly expressed rage as I felt deep within privately.

And this completely disgraceful and disrespectful action was only meant to be a joke???? NOBODY IS LAUGHING!!!

The person shown in the photograph has gone into self-defense mode, stating that they are a self-proclaimed douchebag.

Mission accomplished.

Arlington National Cemetery isn’t just some random final resting grounds for those who have passed on. But rather this place, this national landmark is watched over by American soldiers. How she was NOT caught doing it at the time is beyond me. But then again, I do not have any information that she didn’t receive any discipline for it.

However in my strongest personal convictions and beliefs, I believe that something like this should be criminal as well as punishable.

A true mockery towards those soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country and laid down their lives so that the rest of us can live our lives in the freedoms that we have today. And there she is, giving the middle finger to them all and apparently pretending to shout because the sign is request that there be silence to show respect for those fallen soldiers.

She’s also defended this horrible action by stating that she’s also been photographed smoking near a NO SMOKING sign. Which is just…. a stupid action.

There are several OTHER public places in which state that there must be silence maintained, such as public libraries or other places of business, or schools. She could have posed as if she was screaming inside of a library. It most likely would have been received better to have been funny than this. This is just poor judgement.

What I am finding fascinating on Facebook is that these posts are including the URL to this woman’s personal Facebook profile. I am guessing that for those who are extremely disturbed and offended will most likely send messages that will tear her a new one. I’m going to theorize that she’ll be swamped by it all and eventually run off into the hills and close down her profile for a time.

But its honestly too late, that photograph is circulating on the Internet. It is going to be there forever.

I will admit that my first reaction was to have the desire to give her a neck hug. But after a few different versions of the post that were being displayed, knowing that the URL is included, I decided to allow the masses of the public to go for it, because they are going to do and say whatever they are wanting to anyway.

God help her!

I’m just disgusted by the extreme lack of respect for the dead, particularly for those who served and died for their country.

So there’s your Douchebag Award, ladies & gentlemen. Pray that I will not have to issue another one for a long, long time.


“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”~ John F. Kennedy

For anyone who spends any amount of time on Facebook, you’ll know right away what I about to discuss.

There are some major nasty scams out there. They con you into actually dividing your attention to their post for their own personal gain.

They are always asking you to click like and share if you agree with something. Usually what they are saying is pleasant and agreeable, but then they turn the screws on you by saying that if you disagree and want to be a big jerk, to just ignore it.

Whatever it is that they want you to agree with, they want you to spread it around like the plague. And I personally am putting a stop to it.

Just because I am not clicking like or share on a photograph of a cute little basket of puppies doesn’t mean I want them to drown in the nearest river. Or just because I am not in favor of a particular political candidate doesn’t mean that I want the world to die in an inferno. I mean, these people who come up with these are just so hardcore about their statement to the point where I have seen it in religious posts that if you ignore it, you want to burn in Hell forever. And that my dear readers is utter and complete madness.

Sad to say that I have seen it arise in other places other than social networking sites. Even in my own e-mail have I seen something similar to this and its downright intrusive, disgusting, misleading, and rude.

So I totally REFUSE to acknowledge their little mind games. I refuse to take part in their campaigns of mental terror. I mean after all, am I supposed to lose sleep because I moved on and didn’t share a photograph of a horse licking a cow and therefore that must mean that I am against animals? Well, I am NOT against animals, and I don’t find your photograph all that much entertaining, amusing, or interesting to either click like or share. So I won’t do it.

People who come up with these need to be dragged out into the streets and covered in mud.

I’m not allowing anyone to control what kind of content is shown on my Facebook profile so you can just forget it!!!

Don’t let others treat you unfairly. Post what you want but also be aware of the rules and regulations of Facebook so that you will avoid being in trouble.

Take your click like and share and stick it!!!

This photograph was taken very recently at ComicCon at the San Diego Convention Center  in San Diego, California. It is a mixed bag of hilarious, shocking, humiliating and infuriating. But all of those are just different levels of WRONG. 

Although I must admit that I have never been to any of these kinds of conventions, so I honestly could not say whether or not to expect something like to this happen, that would be “the norm”.

I’m not sure what costume this woman is wearing that would correlate with the convention. Other than the fact that if you dress like that, you’re going to get attention. Both good and bad. And the thing of it is, is that this woman probably knew it before she even arrived at the Convention Center that “all eyes” would be on her.

But let’s continue to explore this photograph and discuss the WRONGNESS of it.

I do not understand is the presence of certain religious organizations at these kinds of events, and why they are so opposed to it. It would seem as if they are misplaced there to the degree that I honestly do not see the point of them being there at all. I do not know what they are so adamant for being there.

What is it that is going on at these conventions where people’s souls are in danger of being lost?

And for this lonely guy who is out there with his picket signs… Dude, you obviously got busted staring this woman down as she passed you by! What would your religious organization say about you eye humping women like that???

What is in your back pocket too? Could it be your pass to get into the convention? IF so, and you’re so against it being there… then why do you have a pass? The only other thing I could think of the item in his pocket being was a pack of cigarettes. And again, what would your organization think about it? Or maybe something as innocent as a wallet. I just happen to think that there’s a good chance its a pass to get into the convention.

The woman obviously has hers, and its quite visible. IF you are against the entire convention, wouldn’t that mean you are against the woman that you are lustfully gazing upon? That kind of defeats the purpose of staring at her if you are against whatever she is attending. You’re chances of hooking up with her are G-O-N-E !!!

I am going to say again.. that I am guessing this woman got eye humped by MANY people. If she didn’t want to be bothered or stared at in such a way, she should have known a little better.

Yet, I would actually believe that this photograph, the woman is posing in it. And it just so happens to be funny because the guy holding the picket sign is also included in the photograph and busted for staring at her. So I think that if you took away the factor of the guy holding the sign making it so funny, that this photograph is still posed.

And its still so wrong on so many levels.

So whoever this woman is: If you’re exhausted from having fun at the convention and are tired of being harassed by so many people, should you decide to find yourself in my area… give me a call.