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“Friends can help each other. A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself – and especially to feel. Or, not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at the moment is fine with them. That’s what real love amounts to – letting a person be what he really is.”~ Jim Morrison

Four years. Four very quick and yet long years since I had escaped the situation that I was in while living in Massachusetts with my ex-girlfriend. It was on this day in 2008 that I was in a position to leave her and ultimately allow myself to have back my life and my freedom.

It was one of those times in my life that I can honestly say that once I left, I never looked back again.

I was able to change things that I felt had gone terribly wrong. I honestly believe that if I would have stayed with her that I either would have been so miserable or even dead.

The fact still stands that I was able to CHANGE things. I had set out on a goal to leave. I made a plan. And with the help of my family, I was able to get out of the troubled and dangerous relationship that I was in.

And since then, I sit back and ponder of the last four years of what I have done. The things that I have accomplished. And the people that I would meet for the first time. And even going as far as to think about those people and whether or not they are still a part of my life today. Most of them are. Some of them are not. I’ve realized how much of a support system that I’ve had in place when I was getting over the lasting effects of the relationship.  And I also ponder the many times I’ve heard stories of other people who are in situations that did have some common factors from mine. The biggest common denominator of them feeling miserable and unhappy.

But I often must remind myself that not everyone who has similar problems as I used to have actually has the opportunity or support system that I had. Not everyone has people in their lives that they could turn to help them escape their negative situation.

The good news is that there is still hope. There’s always hope for those people who have enough of a desire to be able to make the decision to change.

It is very easy to just give up and surrender on our hopes and dreams of a better life. Particularly once we began the journey and then we are met face to face with something that blocks our path. Many just give up. They do not seek any other options and therefore they do not find another way to get around whatever it is that stands in our way.

And it is not just relationships, it is very true in many aspects of life in general.

The best example that I can give is that earlier, the sledge hockey team got together and had a meeting. There was some talk about going to the next tournament in 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Of course, those of us who were in Dallas this past April know just how much fun it was to have been there to participate. Having that experience was such a blast. It would stand to reason that they would want to go to Philadelphia to be able to participate again.

But the team on the majority voted NOT to go.

I was disappointed because I personally would like to go. But it all depends on how much of a desire that I have to go. I cannot allow this to stop me and I cannot let this block the journey to attend the next tournament. I decided that instead of  just giving up, that I will explore any and all avenues that I can take up in order to go. And I’ll take it from there.

NEVER allow anyone or anything get in your way of your freedom. Take every possible avenue there is to obtain what you need. Be yourself and let yourself fly!!


“But can one still make resolutions when one is over forty? I live according to twenty-year old habits.”~ Andre Gide

2011 is almost over. I’ve said it once before, I’ll say it again: I am so glad! I am ready to get to the year of 2012 and start over.

A fresh start and a fresh outlook that is more positive than ever is what I want to be aiming for!

Now comes the time where people are starting to think about their New Year’s Resolutions. What it is that they want to change about themselves in the coming new year.

I was reading the blog of author Leigh K. Hunt, and she had actually opened my eyes when it came to the whole idea of having to make “resolutions”.

“Make GOALS, not resolutions.” she says.

Suddenly it became clear to me. I think that making goals works far better than a resolution. With a goal, you have a set end date, your own personal deadline to achieve whatever it is that you want to do (or stop doing what you do not want to do.)

You always hear the same resolutions over and over again. I think the top New Years Resolutions are to lose weight, stop smoking, and excercise more often. Some of us make it, most of us fail horribly no matter what the resolution.

It comes down to whether or not you have the true deep down desire to do what it is you want to do in the following new year. Sticking with it also helps you become successful. So many of us (including myself) often don’t stick to our plans and then by mid-January, our lists of resolutions are thrown into the garbage.

Setting goals in the proper manner will actually allow us to be successful. Setting a goal and then not following up with it doesn’t work at all.

Example: If you want to stop smoking– then set a date. Say to yourself “I want to be stop smoking completely by ________ .” Then you have something to really work hard for. And all of that hard work will be worth it when you are rewarded with accomplishing that goal.

Sensible goals also come into play. I’ve written about that in a previous blog post.

Who knows what friends and family will make as their resolutions come the final day of 2011. But if you are not serious about it, you’re just wasting your breath and time as the clock begins to get closer and closer to midnight on the 31st.

For myself, I will no longer mention about resolutions. But instead I will talk about goals.

In the past few years, whenever I noticed someone who had broken their resolution, and I asked them about it, their response was always the same:

“Resolutions are meant to be broken.”

If that is true then why bother making them at all? Unless you are dealing with someone with a wonky sense of humor who claims that their New Years Resolution is to never make any more New Years Resolutions.

So as we get closer and closer to the new days of 2012, I hope that all will be safe as they celebrate the ringing in of the new year. Have fun, but be safe.


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