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Happy International Happiness Day, one and all!!

Well, I’ve started my brand new wardrobe, thanks to the bright idea of going to SXSW Festival this year.

I’m shocked and surprised that even spending well under $100 that I have what I have.

Not to mention the good times and the really freakin’ weird times and there’s no regrets. Only that it ended.

My original plan and intent was to watch five bands. But when you get there too early or when bands are running late, you get that opportunity of hearing other bands that you may find yourself liking.

Such was the case with Jesus Wears Armani, Fear Control, and NANCY SILVA PROJECT.

I’m still on the fence about Eliquate as I don’t normally follow that style and genre of music. And there was nothing that they had in the way of merchandise that I could listen to later at home. All I know is that they are super serious about it all. I saw them at Shiner’s Saloon right before BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE and then I saw them performing at the southwest corner in the street of 6th & Neches. The singer saw me listening and nodding my head to the beat and he just up and popped me a high five. I guess I’ll have to find their music online. They are from Santa Cruz, California.

But I’ve seen musical groups from locally here in town to Seattle, Washington to Lafayette, Louisiana to NYC to Venezuela, Mexico, Austria. And met people from Germany, France, Russia, and Australia.

The local bands however are finding out the long and hard way that its beneficial that I am a fan of their music. I become the loudest mouth piece on the planet and scream their glory. And that’s what bands are really wanting. They want those kinds of fans that will talk to other people and spread their message… whatever that message may be.

And I think that’s also how I come to find myself swimming in mostly free swag and merchandise. I took several photographs of what I have but not all of it because it was starting to become a burden to set up everything that I had for photographs.

Just know that this is probably about 1/5 of all that I have. As far as music and miscellaneous …. that’s what I have, but the t-shirts? Not even close. Some are in the dirty laundry. One I am wearing right now. And others are hanging in the closet that I couldn’t find the first sweep through.

I will always get behind the idea that during a show that you get there early. Even if the band that you want to see is playing later. Because you never know if you are going to like something. And it seems like it is always happening to me that I hear something new and I love it. Then I get into it, and then start screaming and waving their banner.

Enjoy your day, everybody!!

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“If it’s illegal to rock and roll, throw my ass in jail!”~ Kurt Cobain 113_n

And so it begins. A week of live music thanks in part to the SXSW Festival.

After a few days of rest from Wellborn Road which “technically” was not a SXSW show… I finally went to one that WAS.

And first up was my beautiful, beautiful friends from Mexico City who for the last several months has been stomping all over and around the New Jersey/New York area. Probably since around Christmas or even before that.f7e7e7afe7a61a1c177925da6881657eThankfully they came back here. 

It was to be at the very same venue and club that I had first laid my eyes and ears upon them.

I thought it was a little fitting to return to The 311 Club and then find Poc Nation there.

It wasn’t how I remembered it though. And that’s just fine by me.

I showed up several hours earlier so that I was there at the club before the sun went down. And that worked in my favor to be there that early. I also came along bearing gifts. Gifts that I was not sure would be accepted. But I had to at least try!

It was also good to see Auggie Del Ray and Brenda Flores of BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE walk in, even though they were not playing there.

I found it very amusing that the bar had two different types of classic movies going on at the same time. One was an old version of Sinbad and the other showing Terror of MechaGodzilla.

Yeah… no brainer. Go for giant lizard!!

A man wearing NOTHING but a diaper and a broken smile, using a cane attempted to come into the club but he was denied. It was both funny and terrifying. NOTHING BUT A DIAPER FOR A GROWN MAN!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly members of Poc Nation began to show up. And almost right away they recognized me. Probably because I WAS in fact wearing a Poc t-shirt! That was most likely the dead giveaway. Until Poc herself showed up.

I squealed so bad to myself it was stupid and embarrassing.

I began to speak in Spanish with her. And it was a surprise to her that my Spanish was so good. She assumed that I was using some kind of translation website to talk to her via Facebook.

There were NEW merchandise from Poc Nation and I wanted it. I wanted it ALL!!! But I ended up with only a $30 t-shirt. But you know what? Its of Poc flipping the double bird. pocnationp

You just don’t see that every day on any t-shirt!!

My gift to her was one dozen long stemmed red roses. I couldn’t tell if she was flattered or what. The only thing that she could do was stand there with her jaw on the floor, then say my name over and over and over again.

Yep… it was a hit! And a damned good one at that. Stroke of genius I may add.

By the time Poc Nation got on stage to play it felt like I had been hanging out with Poc for an eternity. And I’m fine with that.

I jumped right up front and didn’t bother to move. I didn’t care. People can just go around me one way or the other.

And they did. At least those who were attempting to take photographs closer to the stage.

The thing is that I am not use to these very very short sets that I’ve been experiencing. I know that The 311 Club has had bands playing all day long and had more to go, but the sets were just so short that honestly by the time any one that was there listening got settled in….. it was all over.

What the hell, man???

They were amazing and even better than I remembered from last September. They pulled some people into the club that originally weren’t there and everybody was having a great time. Myself included. It was great. Those are the kinds of shows you love to be at.

As they were breaking down their equipment, I shouted at Poc (and then to their guitar player) if I could take the set list. And both were agreeable to it. How I would have loved to have that thing autographed. Because I am an autograph hound. 

Poc Nation will have two more shows for SXSW but sadly I will not be able to make them. And I think that sucks.

It was six months since the last time I saw Poc Nation. And then six months before that. I hope that Poc Nation makes more stops here along the way because I simply just cannot make it to San Antonio… no matter how many times she invites me to events there.

Poc did sign my CD though. Then when I was safe and sound at home, I realized she spelled my first name wrong. Oops!!

After Poc Nation was Nancy Silva Project that I was curious about and I stayed for that. And I have adventurous tales of my experiences with that band as well from the night. But one band at a time.

For much of the rest of the week will be performances by BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE. One more by Nancy Silva Project. Another from Resisting Vegas (if I can remember what time/day they told me) and then hanging it all up with CASKET OF CASSANDRA.

Next post: Nancy Silva Project.


“Rock and Roll, baby. Just Rock and Roll.”~ POC, “Rock and Roll Baby”

Last night would go down into the history books of me doing something that I don’t normally do. Although there are some in this world that have constantly been on my back to get me to actually do some things that I don’t normally do, so that the social life that I have, gets better.

I went, on my own, to a bar because POC from Mexico City was going to be playing in town.

If you remember back in March when I went to SXSW to go watch BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE play, I was then introduced to the band POC. They call themselves the POC Nation.

Back then, was my first taste of it. Last night became a second helping. All because I had planned it out and actually followed through to leave home and go somewhere else.

It was on the infamous Sixth Street. And I honestly had no idea what to expect. But what I did know is that I wanted to see POC play again, and hopefully be able to get a t-shirt from them or something because their merchandise table was gone before I knew it the last time.

I was so excited about going that I honestly left so early that I had a ton of time to kill when I got to the bar. img_11610805_primary

There I sat at the Gypsy Lounge. And right away I knew that there was going to be some accessibility issues, and I talked with the people there ahead of time to make sure that they knew that I was going to be there, and that they needed to accommodate for me being there. So no matter where I wanted to go, they needed to at least be sure that they helped me through.

So nice that they did just that!!

So there I sat, in the bar, looking oddly at two large TV screens that was playing a horror film that for the life of me, I could NOT remember the title. I had to ask. I knew it was a re-make, but couldn’t figure out what it was.

It was a DVD showing of THE HILLS HAVE EYES. Pretty gruesome in parts. But then again so was the original in its day.

I was flabbergasted that I was watching a horror film inside of a downtown bar. It just blew my mind. And there was so much time to pass before the music part of the night would even start.

I noticed that members of the POC band were already roaming around, but didn’t see the lead singer, POC herself around at all.

So then as it got near, I had to be escorted around the building and out to the back of the property. It was my first outdoor venue experience. And boy, was it humid. drff

The first band that played was DRIFTER. It was a cover band that plays only Iron Maiden songs.  I had watched towards the back for a while but eventually pushed my way forward by the end of their set.

It was unusual because the lead singer, I couldn’t figure out at all. The ambiguity was a thick cloud as I sat there all the way in the back. In leather pants and cut off jean jacket, emulating Bruce Dickinson, I was totally thrown when I heard “Hey, how ya doing??” spoken in a FEMALE voice.

So there they were. An Iron Maiden cover band with a female vocalist. Interesting. It was going to be an all female night.

In between sets, I had been communicating with POC’s mother. It was an interesting conversation as she had remembered me from last March at SXSW.

And then once I spoke in Spanish to the mother, it was all over. I don’t think that she spoke another word of English again, unless I had shown confusion to what she said.

And then, POC showed up. I wanted to scream. Because, yeah… I’m a dork like that. Dork Moment #1.


POC playing at Gypsy Lounge.

Her mother snagged POC over and then POC smiled big. And she too, said that she remembered seeing me from before. I flipped out. I didn’t think that she would remember who I was. Dork Moment #2.

So she sat and talked with me. She had changed her hair color and hair style a bit. She used to be blonde but now its more of an auburn color. It looks REALLY red in certain lighting situations.

I didn’t mind getting up close to the stage but I did keep my distance. Eventually the band begged the crowds to come up closer to the stage because they couldn’t SEE them. And I was obviously the first person to run like hell to get to the stage. Dork Moment #3.

Centered and to the right, I sat there getting my face blown off with volumes of amplifiers…… losing my hearing. And loving each and every minute of it. Dork Moment #4.

I did notice that when POC would look at me and smile, she would shoot the “I Love You” sign, and then made another gesture to which I believed was her blowing a kiss. It was pretty damn awesome to have her on stage like that and acknowledge that I was there and for her to be doing that. I got all thrilled about it. Dork Moment #5.

And then, a character came out of nowhere that I named “Mr. Green Shirt.”

Mr. Green Shirt, I do not know who he was and I do not know anything about him. But he came to the stage and reached out for POC and she reached down at him. He grabbed her hand and did the chivalrous kiss on the hand. Until the guitar player got on the microphone and bellowed out, “AWWWWWWWWWWWW.”

I don’t know where Mr. Green Shirt came from. All I know is that he was wasted and probably thought that he was earning himself some points. Meanwhile, I didn’t worry about points. I concerned myself with the music and the awesome nature that is POC’s voice & vocal ability.

I think though that the only disappointment that I had through the whole set was that I was so close to the stage that I could see the set list laying at their feet, it was close enough to where I could read it. OOPS!! 130927_001

After the set, I got to hang out with the band. Having drinks, meddling in conversation, and just letting the night melt away without a care in the world.

I then received their five song CD, the mother went on a hunt to find the t-shirts. Both of which the mother simply let me have because I have been so supportive of her daughter.

I asked her if I could give her a hug and she accepted. Dork Moment #6.

POC then bought me a drink and then she vanished for a while. The band members were there.

Meanwhile, the TV sets on the outside were playing “EYES WIDE SHUT” which was a film that was really weird. Just a bunch of nudity and sex from what I saw, including the naked body of Nicole Kidman.

What the hell is wrong with this film??? I mean it got to me and under my skin.

I would then get pics with POC and believe you me, I acted like a complete idiot. Dork Moments #7 & 8.

Regardless of all that, I knew that the hour was getting late and I was going to have to call a taxi to get a ride home, being that I couldn’t make any of the city buses that were still running at that hour. I mean, I would have had to have gone a long, long, long ways before I got to a late night bus stop. And being that late at night… I wasn’t going to chance it.

So I said my farewells to POC and the band. And I begged her to come back and play soon. I mean I BEGGED her. Dork Moment #9. I mean how goofy could I have acted and behaved? And honestly…. how much damage did I actually do while being that way? Hopefully nothing that left a mark.

I went outside and I called for a taxi. But then I got the worst operator on the planet who didn’t really seem to want to do her job. I just needed a taxi. I’m pretty easy to spot, after all. But I got flack about how Sixth Street was closed. In which it wasn’t. I was watching taxis speed by left and right.

So eventually, I sat there like an idiot trying to hail a cab and I had no idea what I was doing. The cab company that I had called said that they were sending someone. But I had to watch out that it might be stolen by another customer.

There was a waitress that actually saw what I was doing, and she helped flag down this taxi driver from a DIFFERENT company. She was waving and running around as if the place was on fire and she needed to get his attention. Pretty funny but I got in.

The fare wasn’t bad at all. And so I came home. I was beyond Cloud Nine. Too excited from the night. And there was no way that I was going to go to bed.

A few minutes after being home, my cell phone rang to tell me that my cab was waiting for me outside. Ummmm… nope. I’m already home, you morons.

Now I sit here and hope and pray that POC will be returning again real soon. And if so, I’m going to do whatever I can to get to go. I know that POC added me on Facebook, so we’ll see. But it was a pretty awesome night.


“In West Virginia yesterday, a man was arrested for stealing several blow-up dolls. Reportedly, police didn’t have any trouble catching the man because he was completely out of breath.” ~ Conan O’Brien

There’s always time for a first in life. With those first experiences becomes the possibility for things pleasant as well as scary.

It wasn’t as nail biting as I thought it would be. After a decade of hearing about this event year after year after year, knowing that hundreds of thousands of people would attend, and I was going into unfamiliar territory as I have never been before.

If you have read the previous blog post, you know that I was bound and determined to make it to Sixth Street in Austin, Texas to see BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE perform once more.

My excitement was getting the best of me. I kept checking over and over and over again the bus schedules for the area throughout the entire afternoon to make sure that I knew where I had to be so that I didn’t miss out.

I actually got off the bus at a certain point and then found myself going down one helluva steep hill until I had reached Sixth Street. Then I turned to the right… should’ve turned left. I was nervous about the crowds. Not really knowing what to expect. After all there are reasons why the city’s motto is KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD.

But all in all, I was safe when I reached the venue, The 311 Club. A venue that claims to be Austin’s premiere  R&B night club. A little strange since BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE isn’t that musical genre, but its SXSW and anything that can happen- will happen.

As a matter of fact I was so early that I was able to catch the band before play. Although it was a very unusual sound check to say in the very least. I’ve never in my life heard anyone just use the F-bomb to check a microphone’s levels. And that’s all I heard.

I wasn’t paying that much attention. I was stuck between the desire to hang out and chill with BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE before they got on stage and just letting them be so that they could prepare.

As the current band had played their set, I was getting more and more involved with it. At least audibly. I wasn’t paying much attention to the stage.


And then I saw this!!

Wait. What? Who? Huh?? HELLO NURSE!!!!!!!!!!

Who is this girl? Why didn’t I see her earlier before they got on stage? Inquiring minds wanna know!!

I kept hearing her say something that I thought was “punk nation” which would have been suitable for the dress and slight demeanor of the entire band on stage. Turns out I was wrong. Its Poc Nation. The name of the band.

I got closer and closer and closer to the stage. Like a predator on the Sahara. But I only went so far as people there were recording video with their smart phones.

If I would’ve had my way, I would’ve been right up on that stage at her feet. pocnation

I waited once the band was finished. They announced that the last song was called “Go To Hell” and I just stared at Brenda Flores and started cracking up.

After I recovered from the laughter, I began looking at their merch table, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to pull it off to buy something from Poc Nation as well as BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE. I went into a hormone-induced panic.

Not only that, but BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE wasted no time with getting on stage and drumming up the diesel for their performance.

I got a photograph taken with the girl as she hung around my neck and the only thing that I could think of was if that I could get a woman to do that all of the time, I would never leave the house.

I went into financially defensive mode when I noticed a CD and a t-shirt being sold. After that, I noticed a note taped onto the table saying that they accept major credit cards. But the person that I was dealing with said that they had no idea where that came from and they were not accepting credit cards.

Meanwhile, I’m missing the show that I came to see at SXSW.

I suppose that one could argue that since it was my first ever SXSW show and the first time I had ever wandered into that area for the festival that BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE stole my SXSW virginity.

I digress.

So I went off to bombard the front of the stage but again, people were recording with phones so I only got so far with it. But I was still ahead of much of everyone else.

There are certain bands that just give me goosebumps when I listen to them. This would be another band to be added to the list of those who do that.

The last song of their set I remembered from Acadia Bar & Grill in Houston, Texas where I was motioned over to approach even closer to the stage by the bass player, Maribel Sabido. The 311 Club stage was much higher and I didn’t suspect that anyone would be daring to jump off of it.

I was wrong!

Brenda Flores and Auggie Del Ray were doing their stage “battle” for lack of a better term and then Auggie was facing away from the audience but his heels were on the edge of the stage.

I wondered what was going to happen.

Then suddenly Auggie just jumped and in the middle of the jump got turned around, landed flat on his feet, and rocked out the rest of the song on his bad ass guitar.

I noticed that he was mere inches away from me. Not even that! More like centimeters. And I didn’t know what to do. Did I pat him on the back or the head? Did I throw up The Horns in his face or my fist shaking in the  air? The beads of sweat coming off of his biceps were flying everywhere along my own arm.

Sharing is sometimes caring, right?

He then crab walked a few steps and kept rocking it out!!

Then it was all said and done.

I did eventually hang with BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE afterwards. I finally got a t-shirt from them in my size, purchased some big posters and had them signed and then had to find a way to get to the nearest city bus stop which was about one-quarter of a mile away.

But it lands inside the gay district of Austin. Talk about your butt being glued to the seat at all times. I don’t roll with the pole.

I do feel more comfortable and confident though if I decide that I want to go back. I know that BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE will be playing along Sixth Street every night until the end of the week. I’m considering it, running low on funds though. City buses used to be FREE for me, but not any more. And that’s a shame. Wednesday’s show is too late in the evening for me to get back home, so maybe the rest of the week? Who knows!

I came home and immediately went on to Google to find Poc Nation. Not a lot there. Just web articles that were in Spanish. I found their Facebook fan page though. So obviously I joined.

The band (or at least the girl) is from Mexico!!

After dealing with inflamed hormones, that was a bit heartbreaking to find out. I had hoped that Poc Nation was some band from the state of Texas. But its Mexico. They’ve been all over the world as well.

I think its safe to say that if I ever find out that Poc Nation is in my area, that I’m going to break bones to get to that show!

Once I get into a musical act or band, such as BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE, SIX MINUTE CENTURY, or something like that… then I am 100% involved with it for life!

At least I didn’t have any problems with people though. Hundreds of thousands of people coming to Austin, Texas and 22,000 music acts to play throughout the city during SXSW. Hell, I even saw Tard, aka Grumpy Cat this past Thursday. A bunch of moron photographs meowing like idiots just trying to get the cat to meow. So sad!

If there would’ve been a problem, I think it would be safe to assume that I wouldn’t go back to SXSW. Unless one of the Houston bands were there… then I might consider it. But I don’t have to cross that kind of bridge. All in all though, it was a lot of fun. I was promised the diesel and that’s what I got.