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“I’d rather be called a smartass than a dumbass.”~Author Unknown

Just when I thought I was finished with WordPress for the day, this gets brought to my attention.

So I’ll break this down for you, for your full pleasure of rolling your eyes and shaking your head.

Andrew Dale Marcum was wanted by police for a number of criminal offenses. And the local police department in Butler County in Ohio had a bit of trouble finding him. So in this new age of electronics and technology, they turned to social media to get the word out that they were looking for him and ultimately turned up the heat in their hunt for him.

Then the dumbassery crept over Mr. Marcum like a deadly cloud of fog.

He taunted police by commenting to the Facebook post that they were looking for him and for what charges they planned to file against him. He stated that nobody knew him. But that would turn out to be untrue.

The sheriff on the other hand, had an idea of his own and took a photograph of an empty jail cell and told Mr. Marcum through Twitter that they at the county jail, were awaiting his arrival and were ready for him.

Mr. Marcum’s time on the lam was coming to an end. They apprehended him and sent him to jail. All because he could not and did not keep his mouth shut and decided to be funny to taunt the police in their efforts to nab him.

After he was arrested, they booked him and took his mugshot. He’s seen in the photographs taken by police to be crying, like a girl.

He should have kept his mouth shut if he did not wish to be arrested by police.



“I have no words.” ~ Dambreaker

After almost one full year since the bombing at the Boston Marathon, the brilliance of one idiot has come out in full bloom.

Kayvon Edson be thy name.

He was found near the finish line of this year’s Boston Marathon, shouting and parading around. He had two backpacks and then he simply left them (or at least one) behind.

One of the bags was being carried by a barefoot man who was wearing a long black veil and screaming “Boston Strong.”

What kind of idiot is this?

Turns out he’s a 25 year old “performance artist” from the Massachusetts College Of Art and Design.

Is it just me (and it probably is) or what the hell is it with 25 year old people going on right now???

The hoax literally scared some people to death and the police took action on taking care of the backpack. Only for it to have a rice cooker inside full of confetti.

Again, I say… idiot.  idiot

This is NOT art. This is NOT a funny “ha ha” joke. This is NOT amusing. People died last year and many, many others were severely injured. And you wanna stroll around Boston calling this art?

This isn’t art. It’s illegal. What it truly is, is a FELONY!!

And now that Edson is now in the custody of Boston Police, I hope they let him have it while they can.

This isn’t funny at all. A ceremony had just finished taking place to remember those lost and/or hurt from last year’s tragedy. And this buzzed-out boner of a brain comes prancing around without shoes and pulls this prank.

The 2014 Boston Marathon will take place on the 21st of April with thousands of people participating in hopes to march (or run) forward leaving this adversity to Boston behind them. And strive for a new and brighter future.

And I will add, although it goes without saying, they will do this WITHOUT having to deal with people like Edson. Good riddance and please throw the book at him!!!!


“It is on, like Donkey Kong.”

The lyrics say, “I fought the law and the law won.” But in this case I’m afraid that the law is about to have its ass handed back to them on a silver and gold toned platter.

What we have here is a serious mismatch of a former Vietnam veteran against a former law enforcement officer. The Master Sgt. versus the police sergeant.

The two of them for whatever reasons have been trading jabs at one another. Silently and of course behind one another’s backs.

It appears that I am the only one that remains neutral in this escapade.

Until now.

Because when one of them parades around as if they are entitled to everything and anything under the sun… there will come along someone who will pull that sun out from under them.

And sadly it is coming and coming soon!!!

Nobody is paying attention to the warning signs. Nobody is doing anything to bring peace. And the rest of them are just adding their own fuels to this fire because for once its not their personal fight but someone else.

Of course that is so wrong.

Geez. Its about to get really NASTY here at the SGC.

Entitlement is about to be brought down by swift and heavy actions. The sad thing for Miss Entitlement is that she’s burned so many bridges around here that she cannot find shelter from any storm. And then expects everyone to still get out of the way and let her HAVE her way???

The hammer is down and “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” has been called.

The only way that the law will win this battle is if someone calls the actual on duty service people. Not the former ex-cop.

Grab your popcorn. Grab your drinks. And fire up the La-Z-Boy. Here we go!!!!!

8D15CBCC“When your dad’s a cop, calling 911 is really just like calling Dad at work.“~Ryan Reynolds

I’m real close to considering a separate and totally new blog about the stupidity of humanity as it comes to my knowledge and separating everything by state.

I have a feeling that Florida would probably be a full blog with plenty of posts. This would be one of them.

Honestly, how many times have I written in this blog about something stupid happening in Florida?

Thankfully to find out that this woman was very much so intoxicated. I would personally much prefer that they threw every law book in existence at her for wasting safety resources and the time of law enforcement.

But in any case… since a huge majority of my readership/followers are female– after reading the article, enjoy the eye candy.

You’re welcome, ladies!!!!!!!!!!


“Why would anyone steal a shopping cart? It’s like stealing a two-year-old.”~ Erna Bombeck

We have a new Family Dollar store in the neighborhood. Most were happy. Others excited to be able to obtain what they need at seriously low prices.

That is until this morning.

I totally agree with Erna Bombeck, after what I and about a dozen other neighbors witnessed.

This tall gentleman walked through the front door and proceeded out the back door of the main office building where many residents were sitting peacefully in the community room, having coffee and chit-chat.

Within moments, the man roared into the apartment manager’s office. Then he was seen walking side by side with the apartment manager for a brief moment out the back door again before they returned to the front of the building.

Several minutes later, no less than FOUR vehicles from the local police department had descended upon the property.

Nobody had a clue what was going on. Even one resident saw that many police cruisers and that many men in law uniforms that it made him very nervous. Most of the others were just curious as hell.

Personally I had thought that they were getting ready to forcibly evict someone from the premises. I know that has happened here in the past, but I never actually was an eye witness to it.

Soon, the large presence of police was diminishing. But they were still in force as one of the biggest, baddest looking cops was going wherever the apartment manager went.

Here’s what happened: carts

This gentleman or whoever he was… came on to OUR property (which is private) and accused the residence of stealing shopping carts from the Family Dollar store that just moved in two months ago. Located across the street at the end of the block in the corner shopping plaza.

The fact of the matter is that SGC has had a huge collection of dozens of shopping carts for the usage of its residents. Many use it to keep their balance, others use it as a helpful device to carry things back and forth on the property.

This collection of shopping carts have been here on the property since anyone can remember. Far longer of a time since before even I moved in in 2005.

And this guy comes from across the street, representing this Family Dollar and accuses the apartment manager of harboring residents who are stealing shopping carts.

Telling this guy that they had been there for years just didn’t fly with this guy. But the apartment manager wasn’t just going to let him walk off with them. So then he threatened to call the police. And that was the explanation of their presence here earlier today.

The apartment manager was asked then to call his boss to see if they could produce some kind of documentation stating that SGC has had these carts for a while, but nothing was kept on file. And so the police told the apartment manager to surrender the shopping carts.

This jerk walked away with three shopping carts that actually had “Family Dollar” printed on them. And that was the only case this guy had.

The joke is on him though. There’s more “Family Dollar” shopping carts on the property that neighbors have kept near their front doors for whatever reasons. But still, this was totally ridiculous!! Getting the police involved in something so stupid, wasting their time and efforts and the money spent of the tax payer.

It is so stupid that its for real. I could not make this stuff up!!

Question is: Do I boycott this particular store or not???



“Therapy is expensive, poppin’ bubble wrap is cheap! You choose.”~ Unknown

Here I am, avoiding the Academy Awards as if it is contagious with the plague or something, and a riff from the band Disturbed comes out of nowhere into my head. It translated from my brain through my arms and into my thumbs where I let it loose with tapping on the desk with my thumbs.

Suddenly the telephone rings. And someone’s asking me to keep the noise down.

Um, really?? WHAT?!?

I was using thumbs. Not actual drum sticks or anything major. My very own thumbs.

Then the suggestion comes that I should sit here and play with bubble wrap to really annoy the neighbors.

You can read about another noise complaint from the neighbors by searching my blog post “Paper Bag Activity.”

Enter August of 2009.

That summer I had a lot of deliveries come to me wrapped in bubble wrap or tucked inside bubble mailers. Whether it was medical or from eBay. I had a nice collection of various types and lengths of bubble wrap lying around everywhere.

And then the genius struck from within.

I lined it all up like my very own Slip-N-Slide and just started to roll over everything in the wheelchair. Backwards and forwards. Over and over until there was nothing more to pop.

Then I grabbed each individual piece and pinched and twisted what remained left to pop.

Good wholesome CHEAP entertainment for a solid 13 minutes!!!

An hour after everything was turned into rubbish, I had a knock on the door.

It was the police.  images

They stated that the neighbors had reported hearing shots from a M1921 Thompson submachine gun. With their own sidearms drawn but placed behind their backs, they asked for permission to enter and look. But they found NOTHING!

Let me ask you people: Where in the hell am I gonna get a Tommy gun?? IT WAS BUBBLE WRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

For as many “pops” as they evidently had heard coming from my apartment and for it go 13 minutes, there honestly should have been nothing left of anything inside IF I was firing a Chicago Typewriter.

Al Capone would have been proud.

I realize that sounds have higher amplification because there are no carpets in my home. Nor do I have a lot of objects that could absorb a lot sound that goes on, but seriously… I just don’t know where these neighbors are coming from.

Granted that they are different people now than they were in 2009. But their damned Vulcan hearing and their wild fantasies and flashbacks to years long gone. Such imaginations!!!

But then on the other hand, I suppose it would work in my favor if something actually were to happen, God forbid.

“Charlie Brown is the one person I identify with. C.B. is such a loser. He wasn’t even the star of his own Halloween special. “~ Chris Rock

As Halloween 2012 comes to an end and I am sitting here in the dark and sharing text messages with a sexy Vulcan, I thought that I would pause from that and share the story that I was explaining to the rest of you.

It has been wonderful not having to deal with random strangers knocking on my door and begging for candy and treats. I’ve not had to deal with that for many years. Either I have lived on very private property where the practice of Trick-or-Treating was frowned upon or lived inside a gated community. It has worked to my advantage.

The point of this post is to tell the story of the last time that I did have someone knock on my door on Halloween.

They were not small children, they weren’t even teenagers. They were full grown adults dressed up in homemade costumes. And they were going door to door looking for beer.

The smell of the beer that they had already consumed was heavy. Some of them couldn’t even stand up on their own… they were that drunk!

I sent them away. And told them not to come back. BIG MISTAKE.

They did. But because they were so intoxicated, they made so much noise that I knew they were coming up the street. And so, I prepared for their return.

Let me set up the scene here. Halloween night in Kansas. Snow is already on the ground. It was around 12:30 AM. The air temperature was 25-30°F. And a thunderstorm was in the area. Actually it was approaching. But it was raining with a little bit of lightning and thunder.

I ran outside and waited in the dark, trying not to wake up the neighbors. The drunks had gone to the local grocery store which was on the other side of the fence from the property that I lived in, and bought a bunch of eggs to take their revenge.

Yep, they were there to throw eggs at my home. Two of them got a few off, but it did very little damage as the shattered eggs landed on bricks. Nothing that I personally had to worry about.

But what they did not realize was that as it began to rain softly in the brisk and cold night air, I was in the dark with a garden hose. And I hit them all with the water coming from the faucet that was on the side of the building through a garden hose that was laying across my patio area. It had been there already and so they didn’t realize it.

I soaked their drunk asses to the point of pure moistness.

They all ran off into the night, cursing me and threatening that they will come back to finish the job. But I was ready.

It was about 3:00 AM and half of the determined group had in fact, returned. I had put away the garden hose but had made some arrangements for company. The local police department.

Sure enough, the eggs began to hit my home, and I called the direct cell phone to the officer nearest me. Within a few minutes, the police officer came up on them in the dark and rain and night and got up right behind them before turning on his swirling lights and the siren.  Some of them were arrested for trespassing. Others were charged with damage to private property or intent to cause damage. The others who ran got away with it but I never heard from them ever again.

So yes, that was the very last time I had ANYONE knocking on my door on Halloween. I hope all of you who celebrated with Trick-or-Treating and attended parties were all safe tonight. And I also hope that you had a lot of fun.

Until the next time.


“Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either”~ Aesop 

It has brought to my attention that I might, have to recant a previous blog post in which I had told a sad story about a neighbor and had expressed an pre-determined opinion about them.

I was told that the neighbor in which I had previously described as a whore and a prostitute, had left her apartment and was gone off of the property and yet had left her company behind inside of her home and was frolicking with someone who actually IS known to be a prostitute across the street.

So I bolted out of the door, not sure of what I would see or find. When I reached the other side of the complex, I did not see my neighbor at all. But what I DID see was that there was a strange black man sitting on her couch. The front door had been left open and from an angle, I could see directly inside. My neighbor though was nowhere to be found. The information that I received that she was across the street and goofing off in the alley, turned out to either be false or outdated and she had moved on somewhere else. But the fact remained that a strange man was inside of her home.

Naturally, it is none of my business of who goes in and out of her home and who she selects to have as a house guest. However in this case, she had left herself prone to his will. He could have either stolen something or destroyed her personal property. Anything was possible.

I did call the police.

To my amazement, there were two policemen on the property and getting ready to investigate the unit within five minutes of the completion of the telephone call. But since there was no crimes being committed at the time of their presence, they were in and out and gone in under three minutes.

Sounds awful, I know. But hey, they were here in almost no time at all. That had actually made me feel better. As the policemen had left, I noticed when I went by to hang out at her neighbor’s place, the strange man was STILL there. He was talking on the telephone, excited and spirited. Someone who had escorted me across the property said that he could hear the strange man scream about how someone called the law on him.

By the time I had returned home, which was a full 90 minutes later, that strange man was STILL THERE!!! I could hear sounds of a conversation, but could not make out any intelligible words. He was still alone. That neighbor that we have deemed to be a “whore” still hadn’t come home.

Even though this man might not have been doing anything suspicious or illegal, what is the problem is that the resident, my neighbor, abandoned him inside of her apartment. And that’s against the lease…. I think.

This calling the police that I have done against my neighbor for the first time in probably a couple of years got me to think about what I was doing and what I had done.

I know that this woman has the police called on her a lot. And its done by her close and next door neighbor. But really, what is it exactly that she is doing that is causing everyone who lives here to want her to be evicted by management?

Is it because she has a weird STD and is still having sex with strange men or is it because she is becoming a complete irritant towards her neighbors and others who live here? 

There’s nothing illegal about her having sex. She is definitely of age to be sexually active, and an adult and old enough to make her own choices. It’s definitely not against any rules here. Yes sure, there are people who believe that what she is doing is immoral. But there are some questions raised from neutral parties about this manner.

Her next door neighbor has constantly called the police and turned in reports to management about her activities after office hours. Complaints that would stack up several miles high.  It has come to the point where she no longer desires to call the police because she has done it so many times and she feels that nothing is getting done about it.

But I personally have NEVER seen her in the midst of these alleged activities that others have claimed she has involved herself with, in the last twelve months.

She feels harassed and I am started to believe in that. If she is making so much noise when she is having sex and keeping up her next door neighbor, then why haven’t the other neighbors on the other side of her or in back complained as well? Where are the voices of others who can verify that she is in the middle of all of this illegal activity?

There’s always two sides of any story. And unfortunately when I wrote about her before, I did not have nor consider her side. Plus the fact that I never have been a witness to any of the allegations brought on by her next door neighbor.

I do know that she is an alcoholic. I do know that she is taking prescription drugs. I do know that I have seen her keeping company of men that of ill repute. But I’ve never witnessed anything that would be considered illegal.

It is scary that she has so many strangers coming in and out of her home. That to me, is a safety issue for others as they could easily go to another apartment building and steal something, break something, or harm someone. But management cannot evict her just for having company. Management cannot tell her that she cannot have visitors.

And when something happens that is legit, and the police must be notified… those who have called (which are only a hand full of people) fail to take all the information and don’t bother to even get a case number and have that report given to management.

Those who have repeatedly called the police on this woman never have anything to back up their claims when they report their stories and issues with the apartment manager. And with no case number or name of the officers on duty who came to investigate, it just ends up being a bunch of “he said/she said”.

I did report tonight’s events to the police only because I DID SEE it.


If they TRULY wanted her to get help, or just be told to leave, they need to be doing a better job than what they are and what they have been doing.

Thinking about this woman and HER side of things, I can see why she thinks she is being picked on. And the reality is that’s all it is. Its not pro-active to get her help. Nor does it help them in their desires to have her removed. She’s living a lifestyle that anyone can see is detrimental to herself, and possibly towards others.

But what she does isn’t illegal. With the exception of the times in which police were called for the smell of marijuana coming from her home. And by the time the police showed up back then, the odors were gone.

It is never a dull moment living here.



“All I want to do is speed, speed.”~ Miki Gorman 

This evening, the rest of the hustle and bustle of people coming home in rush hour traffic provided nearly an hour and a half of unusual entertainment.

This all came about because apparently over the weekend, I had missed a lot of criminal activity going on across the street and in the alley across the road.

Now I live in a gated community and that is  security for the people that live here…. if you want to call it that.

But in this alley has been reports by my neighbors of prostitutes having sex, drug deals happening, and plenty of intoxicated people trying to stay off the streets and not get caught in public.

I told the neighbor that when these things were going on, to call me. I wanted to see this for myself. Honestly, sometimes its hard to believe. It seems as if the police are constantly being called by someone, my neighbors in particular, for all kinds of things that happen during the night and especially during the weekend.

I figured that if I saw it for myself, then I could be someone else that would be constantly calling for help to make the presence of police grow in order to keep ourselves safe from these people who are doing drugs, having sex, and other activities and causing concern for the neighbors and their safety.

After doing some research, it was shown that my neighborhood alone had over 143 crimes committed. From property damage, break ins, assaults, and everything in between. All of that happening in ONE month. And a large part of those crimes happening directly across the street.

I’ve not been involved in any of these assaults, or been a victim of one in a long time. Thankfully. And I hope to never be in one ever again.

So then around 6:00 PM, I received a telephone call from one of the neighbors. They were telling me about how they had purchased this movie on DVD called “Nuns & Guns”. From the verbal description I was getting, it sounded like a T&A flick.  But then the neighbor abruptly hung up on me because they had seen the police trying to stop a city bus and get it turned around.

Then another neighbor called and said something was going on and that the police were everywhere. So I went down to the other side of the property and I was being told that a vehicle had hit a woman and her two small children. The police was busy diverting traffic through a grocery store parking lot to get to around the intersection in which this unfortunate accident had happened.

It was apparently bad enough that they had a policeman in the middle of the street, trying to get cars away from the scene. Myself and the neighbors would find it amusing that some of these drivers were trying to take things into their own hands and get around a parked city bus on their own terms, while ignoring the direction of the police. These people were stopped and given citations. And multiple ones at that!!

After a while, we would yell at people walking along the sidewalk to see if they knew anything from our side of the gate. We had been told that there was a mother that was hit by a vehicle and she had two small children with her. We also had been told that there was fatalities, saying that the mother and her two children were killed.

We all stood there, hoping and praying for the best. We couldn’t see the crime scene from being on property. But none of us was stupid enough to interfere with a crime scene… just to see what had happened.

We continued to watch and shake our heads at people getting pulled over and getting citations for their being impatient, as well as their stupidity.

Meanwhile, I sat there in silence thinking about my own experiences with traffic accidents that I was personally involved with.

In the 90’s, I was sitting in the passenger seat and this guy was noticing that he was going too fast, so he hit the brake hard enough that his vehicle thought that it was coming to a stop and the passenger side airbag decided that it wanted to make out with me. So I got punched in the face by it.

Then around December of 2007, I was again in the passenger seat of my (then) girlfriend’s car at a red light. We were having a fight about whether or not to see a display of Christmas lights on display in a local park. A inebriated man in a truck came up from behind and hit us. It did several thousands of dollars of damage to her car that was only two years old. We sat there and waited for the police and we did go to the hospital to check to make sure that we were okay. Both of us ended up on a butt load of pain killers and she missed a day of work. And needless to say, when Christmas rolled around we were still kind of banged up.

But this traffic accident that happened earlier today mostly reminded me of when I was a child and I was walking home in my neighborhood to make sure that I was in the front yard before the street lights came on. I was tired and sat down on the curb only four houses away from home and this driver came barreling around the corner and narrowly missed me and a mailbox. It was the first time that I would EVER give a report to the police because “I almost got hit by a car”. 

I remember getting up and started to cry. By the time I got home. The entire neighborhood, complete with kids and their parents were all in my family’s driveway, and a policeman was surrounded by everyone. They had heard about this kid that almost got ran over, and I announced that it was me.

So then the policeman asked me questions like what color was the car? Could I remember the license plate? What did the driver look like? And so on.

It was very scary for me to have gone through that because I started to freak out about the fact that I was going to have to go to court and “tell on this guy” in court, and I would miss school and everything.

My father instead, went to court. And to this day I don’t understand how or why that happened instead of me going.

But then again, I was only six years old when this had happened.

I watched the late night news tonight. As predicted, they had covered the accident. I was relieved to hear the reports that the mother and two children were sent to the hospital, and they did NOT have serious injuries. So the information that we received about them being killed was incorrect. I was happy to hear it, and hope that the mother and her two children will recover from this real soon.

But it does raise questions with my other neighbors about just how this had happened. A LOT of people around here jaywalk. They ignore crosswalk signals and what not. But one commented that the crosswalk, even if someone hit the button to activate it, the signal doesn’t last very long at all.

So the mother either was jaywalking with her children, or just didn’t have enough time to get to the other side of the street before this happened. Of course, we who live here will never really know the truth. None of us was an eyewitness to the actual accident when it happened. We just noticed the flurry of police officers and police vehicles in the area. Meanwhile, trying to get three city buses turned around and still direct traffic and divert them to go another route and away from the crime scene itself. And of course, a lot of people got in trouble for doing their own thing.

That was the excitement of the day. I guess “Nuns & Guns” will have to wait for another day.





“Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb about.”~ Solomon Short


Earlier this afternoon, I was waiting on my physical therapist to stop by and I decided to occupy myself with a bit of light house cleaning.
I found this very small brown paper bag just laying there on the desk and I picked it up. From there, I blew it up and then I popped it.
The echo of the POP filled my ears to the point that the only way I can describe it was a “sting” for about a second and a half.
Only seconds went by when there was a knock on my door.
A neighbor came to check to see if I had been wounded because they thought they heard a gun shot.
There’s no carpets in my home, so the sound carried for sure. But they thought that someone was in here that shouldn’t have been.
I explained that there was nobody else in here but me and they didn’t seem to buy it at first. But they soon left.
Five minutes later, there was a VERY LOUD knock on the door and a shout on the other side.
The police department came over, guns drawn, and asked me for indentification. They entered my home and looked around with their weapons in the air. I was removed from my home and questioned.
I was asked questions like, “Do you own a gun?”, “Have you lately been in a domestic dispute within my home?”. Then flat out… “Did you fire a gun at all today?”.
When they found the brown paper bag in the trash with a hole in the bottom, they figured out what had happened. They questioned me whether or not I popped a brown paper bag, and I told them that I had.
At the point when they allowed me to enter my home again, I clapped and allowed them to hear the great boost in acoustics. The law enforcement officers shook their head, cautioned me about doing it again and then wished me a good night.
As needless as it was for them to be here, it was in fact a good idea that someone called. Just in case it MIGHT have been an actual gun being fired.
But in this case, it was just a simple brown paper bag meeting its ultimate end.