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astyu“The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself.”~ Douglas MacArthur

I am going to have to keep this rather short. This really isn’t the time or  space for an “all out” post with the steamiest of details.

The past weekend, I traveled to Houston, Texas once again. For the first time in well over a year!! Yes, I went to see SIX MINUTE CENTURY.

But this doesn’t have anything to do with the band, the friends, the love, or the fellowship. It has to deal with the hotel that I was staying in the two nights I was there.

When I arrived in town, the memory of the place came back to me. But I still to this day, cannot remember which side are odd numbered rooms and which are evens. The last several times I’ve stayed, were almost always numbered rooms ending in an odd number.

Not this time though.

Room 120. Important to the story.

As I began to settle in for the first day/night of my stay, I roamed around the property of the hotel, bypassing the swimming pool.. Laughing to myself because of what happened with a swimming pool the last time I went near one.As I gazed up, I saw several people hovering around the edge of the pool. One gentleman holding a hand-held video camera. I knew instantly what was happening.

I ignored it at first. But when I was back in my room, a few minutes later I could hear a horrendous roar of moaning, screaming, shouting, and overall noises of explicit ecstasy. Yep, someone nearby was going at it like rabbits.

Wouldn’t you know it, it was all going on in Room 118.

Yes… right next door to me!!!

Finally, it stopped. And the curiosity was killing me. I heard a door open. I dashed for my room door and yes I was able to catch them all coming out. Two girls wearing bathrobes caked and drowned in make-up all over their face. One man with just a towel around his waist and pink slippers. And another man standing there, smoking.

A conversation began.

I think that I spooked them really bad because I told them that I knew who they were in general, and I knew what they were doing there at the hotel. The looks on all of their faces were of absolute terror.

I had taken the upper hand.

I asked what the name of their website was. They scoffed at me, playing as if they did not know what I was talking about. They weren’t very good at lying.

Then I started to play with their minds even more. I told them that if they needed something larger to work with, to stop by. I said nothing more. I gave one last look at the females of the group and went back inside to my own hotel room and kept my business to myself.

45 minutes later, they knocked. Full of inquiry. And bringing offerings of food…. good timing considering that I was hungry and the obvious plans for dinner that were obviously never going to happen in the first place were not happening.

The next day, I ran into them again as I was getting ready for the day to spend with SIX MINUTE CENTURY and most importantly, my best friends. I heard comments coming from them … something about “That was amazing.” and “I can’t hardly walk straight, or at all.”

These are the things of legend. The things of fantasy. The stories that are told only in magazines, books, and novels. But this honestly and truly happened.

Display Of Dumb

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“I’m not sure why I’m so often disgusting on stage. I don’t always know where it comes from.”~ Louis C. K.

I was heard it said that men were either 100% perverts or 100% liars. It was based upon what a group of women were discussing at the time and I just happened to have been in the same room with them.

But the underlying subject was of men and pornography. And the ultimate and unanimous feeling on the topic was that when they would ask a man whether or not they were into pornography, they were either perverts when they said that they were or they were liars when they said that they were not.

I kind of see a double standard here. This was back in the hey day of the Internet and how wildly accessible it had become to the average household across the world.

But he question really is a double-edged sword because no matter how the man would answer, it just would paint him into a corner to show that the guy was not all that noble or good.

Say what you will about men and their pornography, ladies! Say all that you will. But understand that there are women out there who are just as involved in it as men are.

With all of that being said, it brings me to the tale that I have decided to share with you about the dumb public displays of manhood.

Men talk about women. Men stare at women. Men desire women…. sexually. And of course, vice versa.

But in the words of comedian Larry Miller there’s a difference. That being when comparing how women look at men sexually and men look at women sexually, its the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing it.

Three men this afternoon were huddled around one computer today. They were looking at photographs of women and making their sexual comments of their desires of conquest in the bedroom with them. Some random photo album that I have no idea where it came from just loaded with thousands of photographs of women. Supermodels, amateur models, and female porn stars were all included.

Until one of them spoke up and declared that the woman that they were viewing at the time was some adult porn star and called her out by name. And he would give a very quick 15 second biography on the porn star as well as a rapid fire tutorial on her filmography.

These men were impressed and then they continued on.


Then it became something of a trivial game as they attempted to be the first person to correctly identify the porn star before anyone else could come up. Finally, they stumbled across one and that began a rather spirited debate.


Before I knew it, they were all participating in a Who’s Who of female adult film stars that got out of control!

The first guy to name a name blurted out the first name he could think of. The others were assuming that the first guy was actually incorrect. And then the debate started. Their mockery of one another continued to get louder and louder and louder. The first guy challenging the rest of them to prove him wrong.

The party however was broken up, and everyone left. But the discussion wasn’t over. They were told to leave as they were beginning to access XXX sites and that was against the rules and policies of computer use. Needless to say, they won’t be back. At least not to use any computer.

Their challenge with one another leading them to access those kinds of sites led to their demise as they broke the rules. Not realizing that their web searches were being recorded. Again I say…. dumb!!!

Now I would dare to guess that those males who do indulge themselves in pornography would much rather keep that known fact to themselves. And they will do that for various reasons.  But all in all they would prefer to keep the that kind of fact quiet and secret.

But no… these guys were letting out each and every cat out of every single bag known to mankind with their debate over which porn star’s photograph that they were looking at. The liars had become the perverts.

They had failed to keep their secret identities. And the very least that can be said about them, is that they know their porn stars. It was the ultimate act of being dumb. I suppose that for anyone that was keeping score or paying attention that these guys will now have a bit of a reputation because of their depth of knowledge….. so to speak.

The brilliant author and relationship guru (as I call her), Jodi Ambrose, has spoken about the topic of men and their pornography. However, I am ashamed to admit that her exact words escape me. Perhaps I should go back and do some digging to find out what it was she had said.

By the way, Jodi had one hell of a blog post the other evening when she told her tale about getting a pedicure. It was asfunny as it was vulgar. But I digress. Find her blog and just get ready to be amazed. I will not spoil it for you. You can find her website in the Blogroll, which will lead you to her blog.PHOTO_14627143_2902

At the end of the day I just shook my head at these men. Their caveman mentality didn’t even get out of the Stone Age and they were completely oblivious to their surroundings. Proud of knowing the Who’s Who in the porn industry.

Two of them that I know of, do have girlfriends. If this gets back to them… I wonder how long that will last. But who knows, that will become their business and none of mine.

We all do stupid stuff, men AND women. But this gross display of machismo amongst this band of brotherhood was enough to really turn off a lot of people who had to hear it because they were yelling.

Perhaps I should give them the Dumbass Award?

What do you think??

It has been reported that the porn industry in Los Angeles, California has gone through a temporary shut down as at least five cases of syphilis has been reported, and that number goes up to ten depending on other reports.

But even though your next nookie video isn’t in the middle of of post-production right now, doesn’t mean that it won’t be coming at all to either a mailbox or an adult store near you.

Due to the fact that the alarming news of syphilis is being spread, all actors are going through the screening process and are getting heavily tested to make sure that they can safely return to work.

“Work”. If you want to call it that. Getting paid to have sexual intercourse with other people on film…. I digress.

Every time there is a medical scare like this, the industry always shuts down. And then someone comes out to the media and “explains the situation”. There has been in the past, where the HIV virus had been detected in porn actors and actresses. To which the entire industry always does the same thing….. shut down.  Eventually, they do so much testing and screening and re-vamp their ways to protect their people. And those who are found to be carrying any kind of sexually transmitted disease ultimately lose their job in the industry.

But it seems to me that these scares come up every so often. And they have been as of lately been more and more frequent. And that causes me to question what is going on in the industry that they are unable to detect these kinds of problems and take action before it becomes a “scare”?

I do not know much about the porn industry at all. I DO know that it is a very successful business as it brings in approximately $10-15 BILLION annually. This current situation will not be much of a factor in regards to how much money it will make this year. In fact, the difference will be so small that it will go unnoticed.

Syphilis on the other hand, is a very real and serious thing. I read from the Center of Disease Control that it is often painful, produces sores, and has the ability to shut down certain functions of the body and has the great potential of being fatal. And it is spread through sexual contact. Thus, a sexually transmitted disease.

When OH BABY turns into NO BABY!

When “OH BABY” turns into “NO BABY”!

Ladies and gentlemen: is what scary is all about!!

However, syphilis (if detected early) can be treated effectively. But I think that in the porn industry, it isn’t being detected early enough and then it spreads. Not to mention the possibility of it being spread or even contracted through sexual intercourse by porn actors with NON-porn actors. And that is very frightening to think about. It has the chance to either introduced into the common world, or be ushered in by the common world.

To say that one STD is greater and more serious than others would be a bold lie. They ALL are!

For now, the porn industry will not be working until they cleared this up and figure out who has what and when. A syphilis scare will not be enough to make the industry crumble and bring it down to its knees. After all, it already IS on its knees to begin with.




“The amateur porn business makes $11 billion a year. They don’t get bad reviews.”~ Joe Pantoliano
Last night I had one of the most wild surprises in my e-mail that I have ever received in the past 10 years.
All weekend long, I was receiving messages from a guy that I now regret ever giving my e-mail address to. He filled it everytime with some kind of URL that would link to some kind of pornographic website, all because he thought that I might find the female actress to be hot.
Suddenly, he wrote in the subject title “I FOUND YOUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT” in an e-mail. I guess I could have just deleted it, but I didn’t. What I would find is yet another URL to another pornographic website, but this time he had included his username and password. And instructions to one particular page.
I was to find a woman named “Lexy” and click on her page.
When I did, I saw the most horrifying, mysterious, and shocking thing that I never thought that I would see in my life.
“Lexxy” as it were, was a female porn actress and she had about 10 different videos on the page.
Very cautiously, I clicked on the shortest video there was. Knowing that I was not a fan of pornography. What I saw for the next 3 minutes and 42 seconds was rather intriguing as “Lexxy” was looking familiar for a strange reason that I could not wrap my mind around.
After that, I moved on. Clicked the second one beneath it. And then it all came to light. I realized why this “Lexxy” was so familiar.
“Lexxy” is an ex-girlfriend of mine. Not a cyber girlfriend, and not a long distance relationship girlfriend, an actual tangible relationship girlfriend.
Immediately I threw up. I didn’t even have time to think about moving towards the bathroom. It just came out, and came out strong and hard.  My head spun, I was feeling faint and extremely disgusted.
I turned it off in total disbelief. I began to doubt the validity that it was her. I did some searching and it didn’t take that long to realize that in fact, it was her. Her face was the same, her voice. The only thing that was different was her body type which had obviously been altered for the industry.
I sat there wondering why she would do this. But then again, it didn’t surprise me. Considering the fact that after we had broken up, she was said to have been working at a strip club. Something that I never got confirmation on, but then again I didn’t really care as it was over between her and I. The only thing I could think of is that she went from exotic dancing to amateur pornography at some point.
What was bothering me about it is that when we were dating, we found out that we had a mutual fascination for tigers. The hypothetical question came up: If you can own a pair of male and female tigers, what would you name them?.
For the female, I said “Lexy”.
I’m guessing she held on to that to this day as it is now her “stage name”.
It still made me so violently sick to my stomach. No matter what the opinion that I hold on her would be.
I personally do not get into pornography. And that is for many reasons. Other than it being a moral issue.
Computer viruses are on all pornographic videos on the Internet. It will damage your computer and ultimately destroy it. Trojans and other things that are in the videos will connect to your computer and kill it. You can have the biggest and baddest anti-virus program built, and it will still attach itself to your machine.
I recall reading an article about the strangest Hollywood career changes. There was an Italian porn actress from the 1980’s that had gone from the porn industry into the Italian government. It struck me as odd, so I researched it.
It took just one click of the wrong website and my computer was toast.
I am also not a voyeur. I do not receive a thrill over watching someone else have sex. I would prefer not to be a part of the audience. That just isn’t in me. 
Pornography is dangerous as it is. Many people get addicted to it. And then they think that it is okay to take their addiction into the real world and treat women just the same as they see it on their videos. They do not realize that pornography to a certain degree is fake. It still is just another form of entertainment. No matter what your view on it is.
But I sure did get one heck of a surprise to have seen her. Especially like that!!!! I’m not sure exactly what I am going to do. Other than try to clean out my computer’s history and cookies and other files that connect my computer to that particular website. I definitely trashed the e-mail that contained the website. And I wrote back that I didn’t want any more of this guy’s porn. If he continues to send more, then I am going to block him from my e-mail.
He said he had thought it was my ex. So he definitely was going to share it with me to see if he was right or not…. and of course, he was.
I think though that I could have lived the rest of my life without having to have seen that.