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'I would do this, if I could.'

“Java! Java! Java! Java!!!”~ Brendan Fraser

Happy Day, Happy Weekend, something like that.

Regardless of what pathetic people did to my mood over the weekend, it’s been replaced with unrestrained jubilation today, fueled by two cups of coffee.

Yes, I fear the caffeine crash that is inevitable soon. But for now, the mood is beyond cloud nine.

The weekend began with the story from a previous post about being taken out to eat last Friday evening. Then it rocketed through Saturday and Sunday. I felt like the weekend just blew by until today.

But also on Friday, I finally was able to track down a package that was actually delivered around the time of my birthday, over a month ago that was sent by my brother who lives in Germay. Friday afternoon, I finally pinned the package and found it still waiting at the Post Office. Not thrilled that they declined my previous request to re-deliver it. However, it could have been worse and they could have returned it. But it had been sitting there for a month and I FINALLY got it.

My brother loves me and knows me very well. He sent two Rammstein albums. One that I had before but lost, and the other one was “newer”. And to his credit, he also sent the newest album to me for Christmas last year.

I received Liebe ist für alle da, and Herzleid. I went for the classic album first, but then when I turned on Liebe ist für alle da, I am stuck and I cannot get passed the first track, “Rammleid“. Even though I am aware of the other songs on the album, such as “Ich Tu Dir Weh” and “Pussy“.

So I’ve been rocking out all weekend long, in German. With me being stuck on the song, “Rammleid“, I am sure that my neighbors definitely heard me shouting “Ramm-stein!!!!” a few times during the song over the weekend. Or maybe a few dozen times.

Then this morning, the postal carrier came knocking on my door with another package.

It was from my penpal that I have been writing for almost ten years.

I was extra happy when I saw the box. But I knew what it was, but not exactly sure what kind or whatever. Still, to have it hand delivered is always cool.

I received a Canon Powershot A80 Digital Camera. It’s great! I’m going to have to play with it today so I can get used to how it works and all of that. This could be the camera that I have been looking for, in order to make videos better and clearer. Perhaps I’ll begin uploading videos to YouTube, we’ll see!

I like the fact that the display screen comes out and you can actually see what’s in the view finder. It’s a pretty neat idea for a camera.

I’ve not had a lot of luck with digital cameras in the past. I hope this is the exception. But I think that if I make myself very familiar with the camera, I should be okay. I’m excited to start working with it. It came with a fresh set of batteries and an extra memory card.

In my absolute state of being on top of the world, I went to go show my apartment manager the camera. I knew that he would appreciate the fact that I had something. And then he turns around and hands me a Men’s Travel Kit by Paul Mitchell.

His girlfriend works for Paul Mitchell, and he’s been talking about getting me some product so that I don’t have to keep shaving my head in the military style that I have been keeping in for the last … well …. let’s just say a very very long time. There are others that agree that they want me to grow out my hair and keep it the way it is now. These products were meant to keep my hair under control as I have horrible cowlicks if I let it grow out too long.

While I was talking with my apartment manager, two attractive women came into the office, I backed out and allowed them to conduct their business. But I was there to see them come through.

And like I said at the beginning, I’m also fueled by two cups of coffee that was overloaded with sugar & cream. And those two cups were consumed back to back.

So yeah, someone is BUZZIN’!!! Both by jubilation and by the caffeine.

It turns out that my rather unusual guess to celebrate my birthday this past weekend worked out well. Gifts that were originally intended to arrive for my birthday came this weekend and today. And a few people just played along with me and wished me a happy birthday. Some were happy that I made the decision to do so. I am too.

I haven’t had a “good weekend” in a long time. I think that I was overdue. Or that I overlooked something. But for sure, this was full of excitement and a bit of adventure.

Thank you to all who gave me gifts. And thank you to all of those who played along this weekend that I was celebrating. Very few “got it”, most didn’t. But that’s okay. Clearly, the timing on some of these things were perfect!

I’d be bouncing up and down and jumping everywhere, if I could.