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“I’ve got one of four known Davy Crockett rifles. It’s fantastic just to know it’s one of the rifles that he actually used. His cousin had it.”~ ¬†Phil Collins

Today is a day that I just wanna run up the to the tops of the mountains and scream until I pee in my pants.

After many years… more than a decade of searching for my cousin, she popped up on the radar again.

The last time I actually saw my cousin face to face was around the time of my grandmother’s death. I was only days away from turning 18 years old.

So yeah, its been a long time!!

I recall attempting to establish communication and a connection with her for many years. My younger brother and I would constantly bug that side of the family (which happened to be my biological mother’s side) in order to find out where our cousin was.

Come to find out, she had gone off into the world and just never really stayed in one place to call home. My brother and I had always had the impression that her family was keeping her whereabouts a big ole secret.

However the reunion happened. She surfaced and I was able to talk with my cousin.

It was a long struggle, especially being allowed to think that my brother and I were being blocked with information to where she was at and how we could contact her.

But now I am happier than a tick on a hound dog. Hopefully my cousin and I will stay in better contact.

Wish me luck!!!