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rockband_specs“You should create a work that is so valuable it might eventually sell at a high price, but you’ve got to concentrate on how you create that artwork.”~ Yayoi Kusama

I’ve recently made the discovery that two very well known bands are coming to town here this weekend.

KISS and Def Leppard are touring together and they WILL be here this coming Saturday.

Now granted that I have no idea what the accessibility issue is going to be like at this venue, I went ahead and checked to see what ticket prices were running. After all this was KISS and Def Leppard. TICKETeating Chart - Orchestra with wheelchair

There were wheelchair accessible seating available at the venue. Some of these seats set aside SPECIFICALLY for it. But well over $112 for tickets!!!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!!!!!

It is the law to have accessible seating for people with disabilities. That’s just going to be available at any venue you go to. If not, someone’s going to be in big trouble. But this was no different. There were seats. And tickets were flying as high as well over $200 a piece. And I do not know a single soul who would spend that much money on tickets.

I nearly spent $187.50 on a ticket in Boston, Massachusetts but it wouldn’t come to be. To this day, I blame my ex on that. So I have to ask myself if I feel that KISS and Def Leppard are worth $200.

Answer: No.

I’m not going to spend that much money on tickets to see those two particular bands. I am not even willing to spend $112 on “accessible seating” at a venue where I know I am going to be dealing with people who are standing 100% of the time during the entire show from beginning to end, thus causing the chance of me missing out on everything and not seeing anything. ticketscaesars_palace

Yes, some of these places have large screens. But its not the same as watching something happening with your own eyes on stage. I always try to watch the real thing instead of the large screens. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

But it annoys the crap out of me because I do not think that whomever builds these venues KNOW that the ADA is there for me… so they HAVE to make an exception. But they don’t bother with the quality of their selection. I could be in the far back for all they care, as long as it was a space for a wheelchair… then they obeying the law. They could care less what I see or don’t see.

Even those who do make the exception for the people who are in wheelchairs or have a disability… they rack up the prices just like every other ticket in the section or group or whatever. What makes them think that all disabled people have the same finances?

Hell, if I had the same finances as some this blog probably would have turned into a music blog a very long time ago and it would be nothing but. But the finances are not the same. And I receive far less than people realize or what you would like to think that I get.

I’m tired of feeling abused like this. (But unlike the person in the last blog post, I am not going to sue for ten million dollars.) I’m really burned out at the fact that prices are getting ridiculous for tickets. And to be honest I would really love to know what it is that makes these bands so special that I am paying $125 or more for a ticket!!!!

Get real people. I don’t care who is paying what for whatever. Throwing the disabled community into the fire because of overpriced tickets is ridiculous. And don’t give me that crap about how everything else is expensive.

So screw that, I’m going to see Fear Control play again for the whatever-eth time. I’ve lost count by now.



“When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear.” ~ Mark Twain

When was the last time you heard about this idea?  

One of my neighbors has a literal swear jar.

Sad but true.

We’ve all seen the entertainment of someone who walks into a house where there’s a swear jar. They attempt to curb their profanity but then find that they just cannot help themselves. So they dump in all the money that they have and just let the waves of swearing come pouring out of their mouths.

Its pretty funny to watch. But have you ever actually seen a swear jar?

I recall a time when I was in grade school that the teacher actually had a swear jar in. Although the money wasn’t piling up to the top. We were responsible for our own bad language. Writing it down how many times we had said something that was considered inappropriate in class and putting it into the jar. Then the total amount would be added up and then the student would have to pay.

The thing of it was that the money collected was to help supplement a fund to pay for a field trip that was coming up. A field trip that I missed due to illness.

The teacher NEVER enforced. However the students were more than happy to enforce it upon others. When the class was not allowed to even use soft swear words, such as “dang” or “crap”, it surely made for an interesting time period. This kind of language is what I call PG-13 language, and it just wasn’t acceptable in class.

So fraudulent pieces of paper of students tattling on other students when those students weren’t even guilty of swearing.

My neighbor has a swear jar.

But she operates it differently.

The thing of it was that this neighbor gets super-duper offended with profanity and cussing. So much to the fact that she had publicly told people who had the urge to swear that she was going to charge them for each and every foul phrase that rushed out of their mouths. swear

There was one big problem. She couldn’t enforce it at all. Her idea was never a good one as she did not have authority to correct other people’s language.

But what she COULD do was make the attempt to supervise people’s mouths who were inside of her own home.

We all have our own little house rules. And she then realized that she would be able to have a swear jar. What she didn’t factor was that she wouldn’t be able to enforce it. So basically, the only thing that she can do is scold you for anything that came out of your damned mouth that was considered freakin’ inappropriate.


Anyway, how in the world do you enforce against another full grown adult that they must pay for the bad language? It just wasn’t working out.

She’s had to change how she does things.

Now instead of just charging people money, she enforces humiliation upon the person who just said something she didn’t like by telling them to apologize and she won’t allow the current conversation to go any further until said apology was issued by the offender.

Other people who break the no cussing rule have to give her a hug.

And if someone comes by and brings a friend with them, someone that she doesn’t know personally and THEY get foul? Then, that’s a flat cash charge of up to $2 per “fuck, shit, and bitch” that was uttered. Other lesser swear words are simply $1.

Rule of thumb in her home: If you couldn’t say it on television in the 1970’s then do not say it in her home. UNLESS you are quoting someone.

It is so easy to get around by using words like “fricking” and “dang” and other uses of PG-13 language.

I am not opposed to someone having a swear jar. If the money put into it was to go towards something like paying for a hobby or a vacation or even something that was noble. Having a swear jar to curb the mouths of people around you isn’t such an excellent idea. Those who want to curb the offensiveness of language will always have a long battle ahead of them. And they usually will not win. And you’re only kidding yourself if you believe that some way or some how you are about to become rich overnight be employing a swear jar. You can charge people all you want for them using what you consider bad language, but enforcing it is a totally different issue when you are faced up with grown adults.




“Hear me, my chiefs! I am tired. My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever.”~ Chief Joseph

I don’t know about you, but personally I’ve reached my limits of hearing about this feud between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey on the set of American Idol.

This thing blew up months ago, and I immediately figured that this “feud” was nothing more than a plot to gain attention for both each of their careers and the show. But it just doesn’t stop in the media.

Now the new season of American Idol has started this week, and I have not watched a single second of it. Not sure if I ever will. My thoughts about American Idol as a whole, is rather unsavory.

And of course, they are bringing up the fighting some more.

So now what?

I’ve spoken to a few people, and they’ve all said that I am off of my rocker for coming up with the solution that I have. And because they all think that I am nuts, I’m just going to throw it out here.

In order to move on from this boring, senseless drama, I think that the two of them should meet up and gather their attorneys and draw up a contract on this.

Nicki and Mariah should meet somewhere with cameras rolling, and be dressed in bikinis or whatever slinky sexy outfits that they should choose to wear, and just make out for several minutes. Yep, KISS AND MAKE UP!!

Now with those cameras going, put it on Pay-Per-View. Charge anywhere from $100 and up and just let them go at it.

Then when its all said and done, put it out on DVD and Blu-ray and charge outrageously for it.

Now I know that this idea is totally absurd. However, so is talking about this story still.

Will it happen? No. But at least the media can go off and annoy us about something else, rather than this ridiculous nonsense.

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”~ Benjamin Franklin

Facebook remains on top of the mountain. King for a plethora of assorted drama. A nest of narcissism. And I’m going to begin a mission to blog about it whenever it comes up and amuses me.

Recently I have found myself straying away from the idea of keeping the amount of friends l0w. I had thought that I was doing well. And maybe Facebook had a glitch again.

But I’ve found myself adding some new people and I’ve noticed that the total number of people of “friends” has been soaring.

Needless to say that some of the newer ones haven’t been all that bad. It will take some time to get to know them, and for them to get to know me. That’s just what its all about.

But I’ve also experienced some wild and ridiculous deletions, if you will.

I had stumbled across a comment feed, and I thought I saw someone that I knew long ago. I went to check their personal Facebook profile, but there was nothing that I could see because of privacy settings. It was a case that I could have sworn that this was someone that I knew. So I had sent a friend request.

A few moments later, I receive the notification that they had accepted my friend request. Yaaay!! It was time to go and investigate whether or not I was correct.

By the time I clicked on to their profile, I couldn’t see anything. All these error messages came up.  They had REMOVED me as their friend.

So I sent another request. Again, they accepted it. And then again, they removed me just moments later.

What are people trying to prove by doing something like that? I thought that this was a “social networking” site.

I didn’t bother with it, and I moved on. I later returned to Facebook to share some information with someone, and it was then that I realized that I had a hidden message in the inbox. It was that person that had accepted and deleted me twice.

“Do I know you? Who are you?”.

Okay, when that happens people….. chances are that they have NO freaking clue what they are doing and they do not know who you are. And they’re not that willing to add you to Facebook.

This story however, was a little insane. I had been off of Facebook for a substantial amount of time before I came back and then I found that message. And there was all these questions. “You wanna add me but you don’t wanna talk to me? What is your problem? Who are you?” and so on.

Then I looked and it said that I was unable to reply to this person. They went for the full-on block.


They ask me a bunch of questions. They were assuming that I was sitting right there on Facebook and ignoring them. So then they block me. Whatever. It obviously was not the person that I thought was, because they wouldn’t gone to the lengths that they did to act like such a jerk. If it had been the person that I thought it was, I would imagine that it would have been questions like “Don’t I know you from?” and so on.

I had another example in which someone had added me. They LOVED to talk! They LOVED the attention!! But as I continued to talk with them, and I searched through their profile, I found out for myself that they were pretty fake. But I said nothing about it to them. I started a series of questions to get to know them.

That apparently was not good. And they said that I was getting out of line and they didn’t need that and so they blocked me.

I was not getting out of line, I was finding them out and they didn’t want me to.

I guess that society will forever have their idiots who wanna be fake, hide behind a computer, and cause mass hysteria for others and not care what happens.

So all of this has become funny to the point that I am going to make an effort to share the stories of these stupid people. And who knows, maybe you know a few of them yourself.