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“There comes a time when the witch must be brought down by the fires and returned to the place from where she came from, in order to save all of humanity.”

My return to the local pawn shop has brought me another step closer to making my ex-girlfriend a vanishing memory.

The monstrosity ring that I had purchased while I was in that relationship, was SOLD. The gold ring was by far, something that was ugly or gawdy. It just held too many negative memories for me.

And now, the ring finger on my right hand feels funny and awkward because there’s nothing there. But in time, that will go away. And I won’t have to be reminded of it, of her, or of anything in the past four years.

I was also able to pay the interest on the other ring that I had received a loan on. It didn’t do anything towards getting it back, it just allowed me to pay on it longer and had given me a later due date before I lost it.

Yeah, having the money is fine and everything. But considering what I paid for it and what I sold it for, was only 38% of the price I had paid when I bought it. Things could ALWAYS be worse!!

I believe there is more positives to this situation than negatives. So I made the decision to dump the bad memories and do what I can to retrieve what is good.

There’s a lot on my mind today. And I am thinking that there will be more blog post this week. At least though now, I can put this jewelry thing to rest.