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Okay. I must throw this out here.  Because I do not really know where I stand on this issue.

I’ve decided that I am going to leave it up to the public.

There has been some discussion about the song “Rollin'” by Limp Bizkit, and whether or not the song should be in some fashion attributed to me and my life.

Its come up before in the past and it for whatever reason, has come up again.

People are telling me that whenever they hear the song, the think of me. More than one person has said to my face that they think it would be a “cool ringtone” for me on their cell phone.

That’s right. More than once.

There’s a stigma happening. Or at least a stereotype.

But what do I personally have to say about the song?

Personally, the song doesn’t bother me. Neither would it bother me to be a ring tone for someone else’s cell phone. I mean after all, I can’t control what other people do with their own things. And its not like I am going to be calling them whenever they are nearby to the point that I would hear that it is or is not the personal ringtone they selected for when I call them. If I am that close to hear it, I might as well just use my voice. DUH!

Insensitive? No, at least not for me. But I wouldn’t try that with just anyone that you may know who also is in a wheelchair for life. It might not go well for you. But it doesn’t bother me.

So we scratch off “insensitivity” and are left with a just a simple ringtone or a theme song.

See what I did there? Yeah, your breath stinks too! Keep reading.

If you listen to the lyrics (and I know that is hard for most of you out there) the song doesn’t really fit anything that has to do with my life. Other than the fact that wheelchairs have wheels and they roll when they are in motion. THAT’S IT!!

I’m not fucking up a track or yelling at people to back the fuck up or shut the fuck up. That’s not who I am. I’m simply not in the music business nor am I in the business of being rude to prove a point. Other than that last date I have, but you’ve already read about that in a previous blog post.

So how in the world does this song work as a theme song? I’m having enough trouble as it is to use “Zero Hour” as an entrance song for sledge hockey, of which I’ve already received permission to do so. Its the rest of the team that I have to convince on that. But I just do not know how in the world this song by Limp Bizkit connects with me, other than that little part in the chorus.

What do you all say? Fill your answers in the comment section below and tell me is it just an amusing ringtone or should it be a theme song for whenever I enter the room??? Majority shall rule in this case. Let me know after you get a taste of the song. Thank you one and all!!!!!!