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“Black Friday= broke Saturday.”~Unknown

I am always happy when the situation arises when I can use a certain vocabulary that I am fond of.

Avarice would be the word I can use for this blog post.

The insanity of Black Friday is something that I can never seem to wrap my brain around and understand.

But what is it?

Black Friday is a term that is used to describe the commerce industry that the Friday after Thanksgiving, begins the holiday shopping season and the fact that most businesses make such a profit on that specific day that they end up “in the black” as they say rather than losing profit which would be the term “in the red” which is never good.

It has nothing to do with what society deems “black” whenever something negative happens. In business, being in the black is always a great thing.

Stores often now open their doors the day after Thanksgiving as early as 5:00 AM.  Many offering savings, discounts, and deals that are so great and low that they draw such huge crowds. And as of recently, business online offer the same kinds of deals. So that people do not have to go out into the crowds and weather.

However, it hasn’t been all tinsel and cupcakes during Black Friday.

Isn’t that awful?

That is just one of the MANY reasons why I never go out on Black Friday. But most importantly, I enjoy my ability to sleep. If I do not have to, I am not going to get up that early just to go shopping. I mean after all, store inventory is only so big and there are so many people out that chances actually good that whatever I am looking to buy, by the time I get inside the stores, its gone.

No way. I would rather focus on gluttony and eat leftovers rather than avarice with a chance that I would never get what I am wanting in the first place. You got to pick your poison. And that’s what I would choose.