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“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.”~ Oscar Wilde

Here we are. The 666th post of DAMBREAKER.

I had no idea what I was going to write about. I thought perhaps I would write about something evil, dark, and disturbing. But there’s already so much of that out there on the Internet that if I was to do it, nobody would really pay attention. And I doubt that anyone wants to really hear about my exes.

I asked around for opinion to those I know who read this blog more often than others. They couldn’t come up with any ideas.

And so research is what it was. Then I stumbled across a word relating to the number:

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia. 666

Damn. What? Not even I.. who needed only four tries to say the word “floccinaucinihilipilification” correctly, would even bother trying to say this word!

What is it? Well, the word “phobia” is on the end so then what is it a fear of?


And now you honestly and truly know that there is a phobia for EVERYTHING under the sun!!!!

However the fear is actually there and comes up a lot more than one would think.

When I was a child, there was a neighborhood kid who came running across the street to show me his math textbook. He was in an extreme panic mode when he asked me to take a look at his math assignment.

Ironically sixth math problem on the page was “999-333=?” and even though he claimed that he knew the answer to the problem, his question for me was “Is it okay to write down the answer?”

Wow. Really kid? It’s math. Nothing else.

But it does get a lot more weird.

 A prominent example is Nancy and Ronald Reagan who, in 1989, when moving to their home in the Bel-Air section of Los Angeles after the 1988 election, had its address 666 St. Cloud Road changed to 668 St. Cloud Road

There were reports of pregnant women who were terrified of the possibility of giving birth to their child when the 6th of June 2006 came around. That’s pretty strange!!

The date of the sixth of June in the year 2006 , no matter how you write it,  would be 06-06-06.

A bunch of heavy metal bands were pushing to get their new albums finished for release so that it could be released on that exact day, including the band SLAYER, but many of them failed for various reasons. 666seanNothing major actually happened on 06-06-06. At least nothing that would be worth mentioning for this post. It was however the 62nd anniversary of D-Day. And that’s about it.

Former White Zombie bass player, Sean Yseult was  born on the sixth of June in the year 1966. But that would be 06-06-66. I think that’s too many sixes.

There was a significant killer tornado that struck Topeka, Kansas.. but that was two days later on the 8th of June of 1966. So that was too late.

A more recent example came in November 2013, when Codie Thacker, a cross-country runner at Whitley County High School in Williamsburg, Kentucky, refused to run in her Kentucky High School Athletic Association regional meet, forfeiting a chance at qualifying for the state championships, when her coach drew bib number 666.

People fear the number of 666. And it is inexplicable.

The only reference we have is the biblical passage in the book of Revelations at the end, saying that #1- it is a human number and #2- its the number of the beast (in which we are led to believe would be the Devil.)

I could not find anywhere else where this number would come up and have such a significance in society or culture.

Not even the Satanists bother to use the number 666 – other than for shock value. It means nothing to them.

Other uses with 666 have been numbered highways.

There are/were numbered highways with “666” in Belgium, Ireland, Canada, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. However in Ontario Canada, Ontario Highway 666 was changed to 658 in 1985. But I cannot confirm the reasons why.

Even in the big state of Texas, there is a highway 666.

Farm to Market Road 666 (FM 666) is a farm-to-market road in the state of Texas that serves Nueces County and San Patricio County. The road begins at FM 70 in Bishop and continues north as it intersects both Texas State Highway 44 (also known as TX 44) in Banquete and FM 624 in Bluntzer. As the road enters San Patricio County, it enters the city of San Patricio, and, during the end of its route, is parallel to Interstate 37 (I-37). The road eventually ends in the city of Mathis at TX 359.

FM 666 was designated in 1945 from SH 44 in Banquete southward and eastward to US 77 in Driscoll. In 1949, FM 666 extended north to US 59(now SH 359) in Mathis. In 1955, the section of FM 666 from US 77 to its current junction with FM 665 was transferred to FM 665. In 1957, FM 666 extended south to FM 70, completing its current route.

Its length is 36.7 miles (59.1 km) long. 666room

In 2010, I had an “experience with 666. I stayed with someone that I should not have been with in a Marriott Hotel along the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas.

The room number that was assigned to the woman was literally 666. She looked at me all funny, but then was laughing about it and then shrugged it off. She WAS “evil” though. I only say that because with the amount of time I spent with her in that hotel room, after all of that …. she was MARRIED.

But that is neither here nor there. I was where I should not have been to begin with.

And still, the answer to the question “Why is this number evil?” remains unanswered. At least in my mind.

It is the number in between 665 and 667. And the next blog post here will be 667.

What scares you? What are your phobias???



“That is messed up. Truly messed up.” ~ Dambreaker

I just read on the Internet about this murder story in Thailand.

A black metal singer was murdered in cold blood by a fan simply because he was not satanic enough.

What in the world is going on here??

You know what people… I’d really hate to burst your bubbles about this but NOT ALL black metal artists are Satanic, or life the same exact lifestyle as they sing in their lyrics.

I will say that granted there are those who do. But what I am saying is not all of them are.

And so the person who committed this disgusting act goes on Facebook by the name of Maleficent Meditation.

Unfortunately for me, I found it. Translated his posts. And even found crime scene photos of his doings on his profile.

Go there to your OWN discretion!! Its very graphic.

He admits to doing the crime. And it sounds like he’s taking pride in it.

Who knows what will happen now. As he was hoping to kill more people for not being Satanic enough.



“There is no ghost so difficult to lay as the ghost of an injury.”~ A. Smith

You probably should not read this blog post if you are:

  • A fan of the band, Ghost.
  • Not a fan of heavy metal music.
  • Not a fan of music with dark, satanic lyrics and images.
  • Have a weak stomach with topics of Satan.

About a week ago, I was introduced to yet another band from the area of Scandinavians.

Next stop: Sweden.

Ghost (or Ghost B.C., depending on legal battles in the courts) is a band that got started in 2008 in the town of Linköping, Sweden.

I had heard about this band, and did some research on them. Finding that they had a censored and uncensored version of their music video that has come from their latest album. When I found the uncensored version, it was nothing but a group of women down frolicking around naked, from the young to the mature to even the elderly. And then at the end the lead singer pulling up his evil robes to flail out his giggleberries and skin submarine. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over??????

I sent this stuff to my brother since he had the guts to “proclaim” himself an experienced professional in the realm and genre of heavy metal music.

Usually when I am writing to him, and I tell him that I think some band sucks or whatever… he will write me back and debate me about it.

But with the band Ghost, he did not argue or debate. Rather he said that it didn’t sound like metal at all, but rather some random pop style of hard rock with melodies oozing from the nose.

It was basically his way of saying that if you listen to the CD, you’ll end up with a nose bleed.

Personally though, I can only withstand so much.  tumblr_

I understand their gimmick. Their garb and dress as if they are members of an undead, evil, and Satanic order of monks for live performances on stage or other public events. The idea of hiding behind the mask of anonymity. And of course their lyrical content heavily surrounding the idea of Satan.

Whatever. Bands from that area have been doing that for many decades. Some still very popular, some not so much.

However the band members themselves don’t even consider their music to be as such. I seriously question the thought or idea that Ghost is a “heavy metal” band. Their own words (if you find the right interviews online) call it Vaudeville-type of music. Something coming from the mid-1970’s said another interview.

Ghost does not have the dirty or “cookie monster” vocals as many bands from that area have. Bands I should say that are still around today. The vocals are clean. You can understand what is being sung. And they aren’t intimidating either. The vocal range isn’t dark and scary. In fact it is closer to a tenor’s voice, or even higher! I think THAT is the scary bit.

For example, “Body and Blood” which talks about the Christian ideology of The Last Supper where the disciples of Jesus Christ are to consume the “body and blood”, establishing what the Christian church calls “Communion”… the lyrical content is downright disgusting! Its abhorrent. But the vocal style is of a young man who has had a bad day, but then all of a sudden found a puppy and is allowing the puppy to lick his face and he’s happy to have the opportunity.

You don’t knock down the religion of Christianity with specific vocal words such as “defecate” and expect to be having the best day of your life! Geez.  Ghost-BC-300x196

Unfortunately for me there are a few things that I can let go and accept.

I think that the whole idea of evil monks and an “Undead Pope” as it were, is a terrifying idea to behold. Especially on stage. I think that the anonymity of the band members is cool. After all, American bands such as KISS and Slipknot attempted their own reign of their identity being kept secret. But eventually KISS and Slipknot would fall. I for a change, hope that Ghost is able to keep it going for their entire career. I think that the Satanic lyrics are nothing but show. Band members have specifically admitted to this fact. Their own beliefs are not what they sing about. They admit to it being an act, just something to entertain.

But I cannot take this entire force of darkness and evil and Satan and have it flow into my ears like a soft-spoken willow of a man.


I cannot let go of their gimmick when they look as silly as this.

I’ve seen live performances of the one and only song that I can stomach. The lead singer DOES have a good singing voice. But everything does not match up with their dark and evil gimmicks. What bullshit do I call!!! Their summoning of the various demons and beasts throughout various religions and mythologies can send chills down your spine. But then as soon as the first few musical notes hit, you’d believe that you were some 1960’s southern California carnival.

Anton LaVey would be soooooooooooooooooo tickled.

But this is NOT metal. Thankfully I have not seen it labelled as Black or Death metal. I’ll flip a lid and be writing another post about it if I actually find out that it is being called that. Its BARELY metal at all. And I would have reservations even saying that much.

Come on guys…. YOU ARE FROM SWEDEN!!!!!! You’re supposed to know better than this if you are coming out as a “metal” band. And if you did not have the intentions of coming as a metal band but a rock band, you should have said something.

I do not know how long this band will last. They’ve been to the United States of America a few times. But I don’t know how long that will make them stick around. Like I said, I HOPE they can keep up with their mystery of who’s in the band. Although there are rumors of who the lead singer is already and based on facial recognition programs and pictures of him in his corpse paint, it might not be that hard to figure out.