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I know that I’ve overfed myself trying to prop myself up because I’m exhausted.”~ Geri Halliwell

Exhausted, I am. But I’m happy that I am exhausted.

The team went to Houston to play. Gearing up for a tremendous opportunity as we prepare for a tournament.

Getting up at 4:45 in the morning was probably the hardest part of all. Considering I just couldn’t sleep. My body was probably too excited and thinking about the day in Houston.

Going to Houston was a great opportunity as well. The Houston team has definitely improved since November. Being out there with them today proved that they were getting better and better. I was actually glad that they were going to join forces with us as we march onto the icy battlefield in Dallas in a couple of weeks.

The Houston team is very smart, and very quick. Some of these guys were difficult to keep up with. It was definitely a bigger challenge than was in November. One of the tougher match ups that we’ve had in a while. It brought OUR game up to a higher level I think.

Some said to me once they knew that I was home safely, that they couldn’t see the benefits of traveling down there and spending all of that time on the road, only to be on the ice for a little over an hour. I said to them, “You’ve never seen sledge hockey before.”

But that’s what we did. Down and back in one day. And now for me personally, it is a time for healing and reflection and preparation. The next two weeks are virtually event-free and then we hit the “big time” in Dallas. Guaranteed to play four games in two days, and more if we reach the semi-finals.

This is what the team has been wanting to do for a long time. And I really can understand why. It was just too much fun. I think that long trips like that though, can be a lot more fun when you are in the midst of good company. Time flies!!

I’m hoping we do well in Dallas. The Houston coach reminded us that we will not be joining forces and going there to win, win, win… but to have as much fun as possible. I think he’s got the right attitude. Win, tie, or loss- it should be a great and tremendous opportunity for us to play in such a place and in front of many more people.

But for now, I am completely exhausted. I shall rest, start healing my hockey wounds which are very minor, and get ready for a weekend of a lifetime! Then after that, I’ll be able to skip to Houston on my own and see SIX MINUTE CENTURY play another show. I can’t tell you how excited I am for that.

Stay tuned. More sledge hockey news coming your way!!