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“Marriage: A friendship recognized by the police.”~ Robert Louis Stevenson

If life just doesn’t get interesting from time to time, I think the population would just slide off and die from boredom.

This evening I was returning home from shopping across the street.

As I entered through the nearest gate, I noticed that some man was walking around like he was pacing. But his behavior was very erratic and nervous.

Then he ran the opposite way away from me and I just didn’t put too much thought into it, other than I had seen with my own two eyes where he was and which apartment he came from.

He popped out the woman’s apartment that I have recently written about in previous blog posts who was given an eviction notice and still hasn’t left yet.

But knowing that, I just didn’t care. I mean I would make sure that I avoided that side of the property for the rest of the evening but couldn’t do much more.

Then as I am almost home, I am met up by two police officers with their sidearms drawn and aimed at me, requesting that I stop.

I complied.

They were looking for an armed gunman, that very same person that I saw walking around on the other side of the property.

After a bit of searching and a pat down, they realized that I was not the person that they were looking for. I did send them in the direction of where I saw the nervously-jogging man and then I was escorted home with their weapons out in front of them as we turned every corner until I had gone inside of my home and locked the door behind me as per their request.

Some scary stuff right there! Considering that I had no idea what was going on or anything. Having a weapon pointing in your face really wakes you up.

But they got who they were looking for. The police officers stopped by and knocked on my door to tell me so. Why? I will never know. They got him though.

Good grief. Some kinds of excitement are just no fun!

And people wonder why I want to move?!?!?

WordPress has changed the way it takes its stats on how many times a blog has been viewed in one day.

I normally check this several times a day. It is exciting to me.

I’ve come to realize that since I have been adding images into my blog posts that the blog itself has been receiving more views and more traffic. I wondered if that meant that I should be changing the content.

But I ruled against that. If people do not like what I am writing about, then they do not have to read any of my blog posts.

But with the change that came from WordPress, I can also see from which country the views are coming from. It is wild to see countries such as Syria, Turkey, India, France, China, Argentina, Poland, and other places across the world that have accessed this blog. It is my theory that they are using image searches and they access my blog posts even if they do not understand English.

The other views are coming in from word searches. “The Frontal Lobe” was written many months ago and is STILL one of the most viewed blog posts that I have. It was written for my best friend, but the blog post alone has been viewed over 1,000 times since I posted it.

I tend to worry about “The Frontal Lobe” though. I am hoping that if people are reading it, that they are actually getting something out of it. The other searches clearly are because of an image search.

So to those who are seeking information… I hope you found your view to whatever post you read, was helpful.

To those sex perverts, picture stealers, horndogs and other image searchers… you’re welcome. My total views go up even if you don’t read anything!