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“You are immaculation of the feminine existence.” is what I heard today when I was eating breakfast. Damn near choked on my food too.

I turned around to see where the voice was coming from and there sat a couple just moments away from embracing in a kiss that the man was receiving as his reward for his words to his beautiful counterpart.

I thought to myself, “Wow! I haven’t heard that term used to describe a woman since high school.” And for that moment I thought that was probably the most awesome thing he could have said to her. However, my opinion would change as I would hear him refer to her as “immaculate” three more times. Then I thought it was just plain overkill.

To be fair, the woman was absolutely gorgeous. I did find her extremely physically attractive. However I just couldn’t shake the feeling that the guy had gone overboard with his complimentary words. But I turned back around because it was none of my business. It was not long before a colleague of mine whispered in my ear, “Hey look! Porn show going on right behind you.” The couple had involved themselves in a makeout session and did not seem to remember that the rest of the world may have been watching.

I wish them the best though. Especially that lucky bastard who was with her.

In my experiences, we use words to define one another. Especially when we are regarding the opposite sex. And there’s a point to all of it. We are trying to capture the other person’s attention so that they only concentrate on us and not the others that are around them. We crave for their attention alone and so once we establish that communication we aim for the highest point in trying to get our point across that we are interested.

I used the word “immaculate” once to describe a girl in high school. Only two things went wrong. #1- She (as a Catholic) took offense to it for whatever reason. #2- I did not really know at that time what the true definition of the word was. On an unrelated note: I got in serious trouble for using the word “slut” for not really knowing what it meant. Now you know something dark about me.

But here is what the word truly means:

Immaculate: Pure, stainless, spotless, perfection.

I don’t think that I have used that term to describe a woman since. I may have used it to define something that was inanimate, but never again another person.

Maybe its because I was spurned so long ago that I stopped using it. Or perhaps deep down in my brain I thought that it was improper to define a person in that manner. After all, “nobody’s perfect”. But then to debate that- beauty is always within the mind of the beholder.

The problem is that hardly anybody any more is beholding.

I remember in high school the whole dating ritual. I’d watch guys my age and younger say the worst things in the world to a girl and some way, some how, they would win?? Needless to say that it didn’t last very long but I was amazed that these beautiful and smart girls that I was sharing my educational experiences with, would go for that kind of thing. Perhaps it was just the fact that someone was showing them some attention.

I don’t know. High school is a wild time. Kids can be cruel. But for those of us who have been out of high school for certain amount of time can look back and think, “Good grief, what the heck was I thinking?”.

Back then, I started living by several mottos. Or at least tried to. One of which was “If you don’t mean it, don’t say it.” But it did not mean that others around me were going to. So it baffled my mind as to why these guys would say some of the dumbest things to girls and then they would still win… at least temporarily.

It would seem that they were only saying what they thought the girls would want to hear, just so they would be able to see what the girls had under the skirts. Some of them found out, some of them did not. Either way, the ritual did not last long at all and it was no surprise to hear in the halls, “She dumped him.”

Now that I am older, I still do my best to associate with others by truth. Never something that I think would give me the advantage over something that I wanted. I don’t truly see the purpose in it. So if I am saying it, I probably have been thinking it for a while, and I have realized that I actually mean it.

There have been lots of times when I have been corresponding with women, more specifically online, where I have said something to them, and then I stopped to look it over and make sure it was in fact the same thing that I really want to say to them.

I’m the kind of person that uses terms of endearment a lot. To anyone. But I know that it will make a few females uneasy, so I’m able to take that DELETE button and put it to good use. And that just means I’m erasing out the “dear”, “hon”, “sweetheart”, and what not.

Life however- does not have a delete button. There is no chance to ever slap down on the BACKSPACE. What you say will be said and processed and there’s no way you can take it back.

So be careful to what you say. Especially to the opposite gender. Whether you find their immaculation or not. There’s no need to spew your overabundance of vocabulary. Unless you are trying to impress a writer or librarian.