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“A word to the wise ain’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice.”~ Bill Cosby

As usual, I am a bit late to the party when it comes to these things that hit, become viral and get in the news and in our faces as a collective population. Things that make you shake your head incessantly.

Sam Pepper,

You need a new hobby.

Perhaps you could go to your 2.4 MILLION YouTube subscribers and ask them what they all would like to see you do…. rather than what you have been doing, since you know, you’re running a streak of TWO videos being pulled on YouTube due to sexual content violations.

And now that its out there and everyone knows what has been done, what makes you think that your newly found and well deserved haters won’t stop at two videos? What makes you think that the haters won’t flag every video you upload to YouTube from now on??

You clearly didn’t learn a thing from your first video fiasco by your ass pinching prank video when you sexually ASSAULTED women, you thought that turn around was fair play. But all it showed to the world was that you are an equal opportunity sex deviant and prime slimeball.

Even your equal opportunity video was flagged then banned from YouTube by ass pinching and sexually ASSAULTING MEN since you had given women the first round about.

Putting your hands on another person when it is unwanted is actually ILLEGAL in this country. And here’s the dumb thing: You put it on video of you doing it!! So you’re clearly guilty of this action.

Let me reassure you that if I was to go around town, video recording me talking to women and then suddenly grabbing their butts when they weren’t looking or suspecting it, I’d be in jail. And in addition a few of those women would not hesitate to defend themselves from my deviant actions. And ¬†they would be justified in doing so. But who knows…. maybe you encountered that yourself, and you just simply edited that out of your video. We’ll never know.

And now that you are feeling some heat from the vlogging community as well as having your account go down in flames because you have been deleted TWICE in a row…. there’s really not too much that I can add that hasn’t already been said by countless people already in the past couple of days because of your disgusting actions to do what you did — all in the name of calling it a prank???

That’s not a prank, that’s a crime. And believe me when I tell you that you DESERVE some jail time for these crimes against both women and men. Everyone involved from both videos that were pulled from YouTube!!!

You forcing your presence on unsuspecting women and then just expecting them to accept your actions because you are recording is nowhere near funny. Your laughter to break the ice to let them know that they’ve been pulled into your twisted joke is nothing but evil.

The fact that you refuse to apologize for your actions confirm you are a Top Class Jerk-Off.

You’ll “explain” what you did, but you won’t apologize??

Allow me to repeat myself: You DESERVE jail time, and a criminal record. Because that’s what you are : a person involved in criminal activities.

Enjoy your 200,000 EXTRA subscribers that you’ve attracted since this went down while you can. Since that’s the ONLY reason why you did what you did to begin with… that is quite clear. But you really really need to sit down and find a new hobby.

Then again, I don’t know you and you don’t know me… so why should I bother with my opinion when truth is evident?

“It’s definitely a struggle to prove yourself just as a good human being.”~Tina Yothers¬†

There simply is nothing that you can do about the idiots of the universe. The one and only thing that we as human beings can do is take care of ourselves.

Earlier, I had posted a comment on Facebook, to which caused the person to send me a nasty message in my personal e-mail. It came in such recording timing that I think it should be added as an Olympic sport in 2016.

The comment was actually a simple, but genuine compliment. But here they were, barreling down my throat about it because they were sick and tired of OTHER people’s behaviors and maliciousness.

Did I deserve it? I don’t think so. But I got it anyways.

This one woman simply had compared my compliment to another person’s compliment and basically did whatever she could to de-value the sincerity.

I was unaware of the similar comment that was made by someone prior to mine. And by the time I had seen it, it was far too late.

The previous comment that had been made by someone else was almost mirrored to what I had said. With the exception of one sentence that they made the impulsive and selfish remark that they wanted to do things to her that just shouldn’t be told in children’s stories. Much less, shouldn’t even exist on the Internet.

Her personal message basically stated that she was sick and tired of being told by ugly men about what they wanted to do with her. And they don’t even know her.

Yes, she is single. Yes, she is physically attractive. Yes, she hears a lot of sexual advances that are uncouth, but from other men.

And as for myself, I am constantly finding myself in an uphill battle with women in regarding relationships with them that always seems to be this tango of trouble. All because of what someone ELSE has said or done.

I could be greatly offended by this woman’s message and I would have every right in the world to just hit REPLY and give her the proverbial bitch-slapping of her life for attacking me for what I would see as “no good reason”. But I have not, and I will not.

Why you may ask?

My comment (which would eventually be deleted among all of the rest of them) was made with pure and good intention. There was nothing about it that implied that I was flirting or hitting on her or making sexual advances. These were done already by people who had commented before me.

Those who know me, know that I believe in the power of compliments without powdering it with bullshit.

And yes, I complain A LOT about how difficult it is to maintain certain relationships with people. Especially when others are acting like the royal douchebags that they are. As they say, “its a tough act to follow”.

The colossal asshat who started this mess, is someone that I prefer to avoid on the Internet. Sometimes I am successful, and other times not so much. I recognize that he has his own agenda and usually that doesn’t nothing to turn women on. I can see that, perhaps he cannot. And well, that’s just too bad.

But honestly, relationships in fact are difficult. And you must think to yourself and question whether or not the relationship is worth being in.

Could I have gone off on this woman? Of course. And no jury in the world would ever convict me for doing so. But instead, I have to remind myself of taking a different approach when I somehow justify the relationship is worth fighting for.


No matter how stupid or ugly or inconsiderate others are being, if you stay true to yourself and stick with it then eventually the fires will go out and you will still be standing. Those who have made fools of themselves will be nothing but smoke and dust.

Prove to the people that you find worth fighting for that you are NOT “all the same”. The same goes for women over their relationships with men. If you have the strength to take all of the shit that is poured upon you, then they soon will see that you are in fact someone genuine and not fake. They will come to realize in their own time that you ARE someone who has been in their corner the entire time, and without an personal selfish agenda. They will realize that you are true to them and they will see that you are someone that they would want to keep in their lives.

Naturally this woman got so pissed off and offended by these other comments that were made. She went off on me personally for no good or apparent reason. But I think that by dusting my shoulders off from her vomited mass, that it will pass and things can carry on as they had.

I really feel sorry for these people that I feel that I have to avoid. I know for a fact that I have in recent times proven to be a valued and trusted person to others. And that all had boiled down to the fact that I had the courage and strength to stand up as well as stand out in a good and positive light.

Good things do come to those who wait! The rewards of being able to handle the blitzkrieg of personal drama and every day life will always be greater in the end.

Now I will go and see if I cannot find what is left of my head.