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$_58“Marriage is a good deal like a circus: there is not as much in it as is represented in the advertising.”~E. W. Howe

A few days ago, my computer basically gave up.

The power would not turn on. I was stuck.

So with the help of family, I was able to run out and go look for another one.

I only needed the machine. The tower, if you will.

After several minutes of spending half of my time looking over machines and the other half of trying to hear what my nephew was telling me, I finally heard the voice of one of the employees.

“Looking for a new computer?” Geez, Einstein. Good guess! I don’t know how you did it!!

I noticed a pattern that from right to left, the price would go down. So obviously I kept moving left but kept in mind that I wanted and needed specifics in the machine.

The employee moved me back over towards the right and showed me a machine that he felt was a good one. Stating that he had it before in the past, similar to it.

Okay well that is all good and everything. This machine that was presented to me had a price of $129.95.. not bad at all.

I had gone in there with a budget. I was only going to spend so much. And I could afford that, but would anyone actually buy it if they could get it for a lower price?

A few moments later, I pretty much found a machine that was nearly 100% the same machine that I had at home that stopped working. My reasoning was: This is what I have, and I am fine with it, just replace it and start over.

This similar machine was $89.95, so cheaper than the one I was shown.

I checked its specs and I was satisfied with it, and I had picked it up and went to purchase it.

My nephew and I just stood there waiting for someone, anyone to come complete the transaction.

Finally the same guy shows up and he begins to go through the process of checkout. But little did I know that there was a “paper work” involved, so it took some time to go through and he said “We’re not ready for the cash part yet. Put your wallet down.”

He then checked the price tag to scan it, and literally shouted at me.

“This is not the same computer. This has a core 2, the one I showed you has a core 3… much faster!”

Rudeness, anyone?? I told him I was on a budget. To which he snapped “Doing budget computers, eh?” Dude whatever, shut up and finish the transaction.

Well as the saying goes, it was my lucky day. This week and this week only…  everything was 20% off.

And so the guy had to tell the computer to take off the discount.

He did not specifically ask me if I was. He did not ask to see any forms of identification to show my age. He had already made the assumption. Either that or he was just trying to be super nice to me. But apparently there was an additional 10% off for those customers 55 and over.

The only response I gave him after he told me that he put the additional discount on when he handed me my receipt and change was: “Every little bit helps!” I had no idea he had done that until I paid.

My newly purchased computer, complete with taxes and everything else was a whopping $68.16 total. Well within the money I had budgeted.

I took the computer and my nephew and left and caught up with my sister and showed her the machine and then showed her the receipt.

Then I sent a message to my brother, telling him the same story. Both of my siblings had the same response “It is because of your grey and white hair.”

The moral of the story… don’t be so vain about your hair changing colors naturally. It is going to happen any way. And sometimes it can work in your favor.


“Love is a special word, and I use it only when I mean it. You say the word too much and it becomes cheap.”~ Ray Charles

Sit back and relax and listen to a Chinese tale of two young lovers at the shopping mall during the holiday season. And its BRUTAL ending that nobody saw coming.

As most couples will go through, they had a fight. Tao Hsiao was arguing with his girlfriend after being in the Golden Eagle International Shopping Center in  Xuzhou, China.

After exchanging some very harsh words,  according to eye witnesses, Tao was exhausted from being there in the mall for five hours. Especially since his girlfriend wanted to go into yet another shoe store.

His debate was that she had enough shoes already.

Oh-No-You-Didn’t—- Game on!! plunge10n-1-web

The fighting ensued and Tao had reached his fill. So he decided to act.

He jumped over the ledge and plummeted seven stories to the ground floor. Most likely dying on impact.

All because she wanted shoes. And the very harsh words of calling him names during the argument.

Words like “skinflint” …….. ouch!!

Just who does she think she is, Imelda Marcos??

And the great debate over females and their shoe crazed obsession continues ……….

“Black Friday= broke Saturday.”~Unknown

I am always happy when the situation arises when I can use a certain vocabulary that I am fond of.

Avarice would be the word I can use for this blog post.

The insanity of Black Friday is something that I can never seem to wrap my brain around and understand.

But what is it?

Black Friday is a term that is used to describe the commerce industry that the Friday after Thanksgiving, begins the holiday shopping season and the fact that most businesses make such a profit on that specific day that they end up “in the black” as they say rather than losing profit which would be the term “in the red” which is never good.

It has nothing to do with what society deems “black” whenever something negative happens. In business, being in the black is always a great thing.

Stores often now open their doors the day after Thanksgiving as early as 5:00 AM.  Many offering savings, discounts, and deals that are so great and low that they draw such huge crowds. And as of recently, business online offer the same kinds of deals. So that people do not have to go out into the crowds and weather.

However, it hasn’t been all tinsel and cupcakes during Black Friday.

Isn’t that awful?

That is just one of the MANY reasons why I never go out on Black Friday. But most importantly, I enjoy my ability to sleep. If I do not have to, I am not going to get up that early just to go shopping. I mean after all, store inventory is only so big and there are so many people out that chances actually good that whatever I am looking to buy, by the time I get inside the stores, its gone.

No way. I would rather focus on gluttony and eat leftovers rather than avarice with a chance that I would never get what I am wanting in the first place. You got to pick your poison. And that’s what I would choose.