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Don’t you just love the feeling when you’ve figured out something about your body and your health and you didn’t need any doctor to tell you what was wrong? I think it is a brilliant feeling.

It still to me is very unfortunate that I am dealing with pains in my upper back and shoulders. Even after many times of massage therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy coming by in the past two years, I’m still having pain. Don’t get me wrong, it would help. But never seemed to heal.

Two years ago, I was involved in an assault which gave me pain in my back as I fought back. Not the assault that is noted in a previous blog that happened in January, this was a different time. No need to get into that.

But the body does know how to heal itself. The time it takes the body to do so, depends on a person’s health and how strong their bodies are. I thought certainly by now it would heal. And I could not for the life of me figure out why I was still hurting so much.

Well, I believe I figured it out.

My “injuries” were in my upper and mid-back. Along my shoulders as well. But not so much in the neck area. Through therapy and medication, the pain would subside. However the pain would never truly go away.

Once therapy was finished I would feel so much better. But because of the fact that my own mobility is limited to the use of a manual wheelchair, I must use my arms to propel myself forward. And the muscles that are being used while in motion, is the trapezius muscle. The exact muscle that seemed to have been hurt so long ago.

My body unfortunately has never been able to fully get back to full health and strength because I am always using it whenever I move around.

So it seems as if I am always going to have some trouble. And I probably could manage it with prescription medications. But I would not want to get addicted to narcotic medication.

There will be something that I can do to help manage things better. But I think that finally now that I realize what the problem is (and not the doctor), it is the first step towards better health for my back.

No wonder why I’ve become so feisty!! Plus I figured for the female readers to put up a little bit of eye candy for the illustration. Enjoy, ladies.