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“proud of you”~ S.K.

This morning I was awake and mobile very early. With the fact of Daylight Savings Time going on, it kind of messes up everyone’s body schedule and clock. But I was awake also because I knew that the telephone was going to be ringing pretty early this morning.

My doctor was going to be making another visit. And to me, it was an important visit. Luckily for me, I was the first one being seen this morning and the question would not hang in the balance for much longer of whether or not I can go back to playing sledge hockey. This weekend marks an important one for the team, and I wanted to be back on the ice with my team.

The doctor came by, and it was a very short visit. I told him about the hockey events coming up and he said, “Sure! Go for it!!”. I think he trusted that things are starting to get back in order as they were before my trip to the emergency room over a month ago. Yes, it’s been that long already.

He trusted in it so much that he didn’t even bother checking the wound. Going by the notes that were left by the nurses who are doing wound care and my word that things are going in the right direction that he just simply never looked.

So now, I can get back out on the ice. And not a moment too soon!

In my jubilation I had shared the news on Facebook.

What happened after that would stun me. It would make me realize a few things and in that time of realization would reduce me into a sobbing mess for about five or ten minutes.

There were over a dozen people in support of my Facebook status that they would click “LIKE”. Others would go further and leave comments of cheering and applause in text form.

And then there was this:

“proud of you”.

Those three small words, a simple and strong phrase, took me by surprise and then rendered me into a smiling, yet weepy mess for a few moments.

I sat there, thinking about all of the people that I have met in my life in one way or another, that are genuinely supportive of the fact that even though I do have a physical disability, that I am participating and playing in a very physical sport. And they all know just how important it is to me.

There are people that only know me through the social networking sites such as Facebook, that know me well enough that I enjoy playing so very much. And quite honestly, I was reminded that there are people all across this world who quietly support the idea of me playing as well as others who participate rather than sit at home and do nothing. I was reminded also that even though there are some who do not interact on Facebook as much as others, but it does not mean that they are watching, learning, and keeping informed.

My own personal support group, cheering section, or fan club… whichever term you wish to use… is actually much larger and goes so much further than I had previously believed.

And with that, I’m in a steady stream of appreciation and love for each and every one who does take that piece of their own personal lives and allows me for just a few minutes to enter into it.

After all, who am I to have so many in my corner? That I would have their faith in all that I say and do. I have to remember that the answer is: I am me. And it is their personal choice that they are in my life, and I am in theirs. And I should never take that for granted.

Though they are not there every day to tell me so, I should never believe that they are gone. Most of them already have a place in my heart, and I will never let them go.