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“When I was growing up, I dreamed about becoming a cowgirl, a detective, a spy, a great actress, or a ballerina. Not a dentist, like my father, or a homemaker, like my mother – and certainly not a writer, although I always loved to read.”~Judy Blume

So back in March, or the end of February of this year, I departed from hanging out with one of the neighbors.

Now almost six months later, I’ve been able to crack the code on the entire situation.

I will refer to the neighbor in question as Liz.

Liz as you  can tell from the previous post really went on a rampaged attack on me when I least suspected it. This behavior caused me to refuse to go back over to Liz’s apartment no matter what it was for. It didn’t matter.

But today the case is solved on Liz. The code has been cracked. The secret was unveiled.

Liz unfortunately works too hard in maintaining her relationships with people. She does far too much to make sure that people that she considers to be a friend is going to stay in that friendship.

Back in the day when I used to drink Dr Pepper, Liz would go out of her way to buy some form of Dr Pepper just so it was in the house and if I ever stopped by, she could offer me a refreshment and be a good host. If I had never gone over there, then there would be no reason for her and her husband to go out and buy it. They probably would still be buying their usual Ginger Ale soft drinks. But because I DID go over there and I DID drink Dr Pepper, they went meet half way and buy the Diet Dr Pepper and serve it.

You're busted!

You’re busted!

Liz apparently has fallen into this state of trying too hard to be everyone’s best friend. She was buying food, gifts, and other things for the person who was living directly next door to them. But that particular neighbor left because Liz is in a nasty habit of interrupting her husband (and other people) and shouting over the top of people to disrupt whatever conversation is going on without her so that she can make her point, whatever it may be or she would do it so that she too could participate in whatever conversation got started without her.

There’s something awfully wrong when your very neighbor that lives beside you decides to cut you off suddenly. Even to the point where all of the gifts that Liz had given to her were actually returned.

Liz’s insecurities in life seems to cause her to try TOO MUCH and TOO HARD to make things work with other people. Liz is the kind of person that when she meets someone and primarily gets along with the other person well enough that she aims to be that person’s #1 BFF in the entire world. She aims to be that one person, that one friend, that whenever a person has a problem or an issue or something is bothering them… that they go straight to Liz to talk about it.

What better ways to solidify that path to begin by gifts and purchases and incentives to offer whatever the person enjoys, such as me with Dr Pepper for an example. crackedcode

And as she continues to do so, she doesn’t realize that she is pushing people away instead of making sure that the glue is bonding. And when that seal of a bending relationship begins to crumble… Liz doesn’t take responsibility for her OWN actions. And if she’s at fault, the buck is being passed.

To this day… months later…. Liz is blaming Super C (from the previous post) about the troubles between Liz & I. The truth of the matter is that Liz’s mouth damaged the friendship that she and I had. Not Super C. Super C was innocent. And Liz is just dragging Super C into everything nowadays and I wonder what in the world Liz has against Super C.

People…. I honestly hope that the lesson here is quickly learned. Stop trying so hard to impress people in order to develop a friendship with someone. No matter how lonely life gets, if you try TOO hard or TOO MUCH then your plans are going to explode into your face. If you are having to try that hard to maintain your relationships then you might want to think again about whether or not its worth having to do that much for a person’s affection and attention because I would guess that deep down its not.

As for Liz, she’s burned every last bridge with people here on the property and nobody gives her any slack. According to everyone else she messed up everything. But nooooo… poor Super C gets the blame, and Super C doesn’t even know that the finger of Liz points at her back.

I implore you all, NEVER get to a situation where you are like Liz. Bottom line… at the end of the day, you’re going to be pretty lonely.