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“Only the prepared speaker deserves to be confident.”~ Dale Carnegie

As much talking as I do with a certain number of people almost day in and day out, and the amounts of time that I consider “putting on the tie” for when people have been on the edge of their cliff, it came to me that I could actually come up with an idea and it would be fruitful.

I am just sitting here thinking that with as many times as I have talked with people all across this great big world, and have done whatever was within my power to make these people not “jump off the bridge” and realize that things are going to get better.

And wouldn’t you know it, I was totally right all along???

Good grief.

I have had a few experiences speaking to crowds. I haven’t reached that point where I have spoken in front of thousands yet, but I’m getting there.

Mainly my speeches have been about Spina Bifida and my life with it and how I go from day to day. And there are those countless blog posts in which I have used my experiences to tell the story and to let people know not to either get trapped with their lives as I had been trapped or to know better.

My new idea?

Become a public speaker, perhaps a motivational speaker. And hell, while I’m at it- get paid for it!!

What do you think?????

Comment below.

So I could not help myself but to write this post, after being somewhat mesmerized by reading the newest posted edition of Frothtonomy.

Language skills, they teach us are VERY important! And wouldn’t you know it, if you actually paid attention to them telling you that, you would know by now that it is true.

But we also grew up with being told to watch our language. Okay sure, nobody wants to get into trouble by what we say. Yet there are those out there who really don’t care what kind of diarrhea comes flowing from their mouth. There’s just no stopping that, or them. And that, I might leave that subject for another time.

Still,  as I read the genius of Dr. Froth, and his infinite creative wisdom, it totally had me thinking about just how swiftly languages evolve.

Who in the world writes the rules on what is considered “in” as far as speech is concerned and how we communicate with others?? There’s been quite a change in how we talk. And people wonder why English is the hardest language to learn, for those who do not actually speak it.

The best and most provocative examples I can come up with are the words, “bitch” and “gay”.

Bitch by definition is a female dog. But somewhere along the road the word “bitch” has turned more into a vulgar and derogatory term for a nagging, whining, irritating person. It had been used against only females, but I suppose now men are bitches too. And who can remember when you could not say “bitch” on television? Now its as common on television and in dialogue and assorted screenplays as the word, “and”.

Gay by definition was an adjective that described someone or something to be happy and cheerful. I don’t think that I need to go into what it is commonly referred to as today.

Words indeed, are very powerful. If you add one too many or leave out one too few, you’re are in deep trouble. And with the world of technology, where we don’t even actuall SPEAK to one another, that causes a lot of problems too. I’ve already talked about the vocal inflection. But it is more common to get our butts in trouble by lacking the proper skills of writing and punctuation.

The most common reference to this, is the sentence:


Sounds pretty serious if you asked me. But where is the punctuation? It is a totally different sentence if proper punctuation was involved.


The total difference between expressing hunger and a request for an action to an elder family member and inbreeding cannibalism.

Yet again, if one person leaves out one word, or adds one too many… they run the risk of being in a world of hurt. Do I even have to discuss the “F bomb” and its many uses in the English language?

So I guarantee you that language is powerful. It makes or breaks a world. Think twice about what you are saying and who you are talking to. Make up your mind what it is you need to say, then say it and be done with it.