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“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!”~ Bob Marley

After nearly having a breakdown over something so small and stupid, the evening was just what the doctor had ordered.

Being that the 7th of March was the beginning of the SXSW Festival it was about to be one hell of a night. Question would remain: what side of hell would I be on when the night was over?

Sufficed to say that I am still alive and small and stupid went away and I conquered the insecurity with the medicinal aid of nothing other than music. LIVE music.

I saw Wellborn Road once before in Houston last year and I remember feeling that blast of energy and I remembered them being high voltage music. And that’s what I want. That’s what I need. Especially last night.

Music so good that it makes you forget that your boyfriend is humping both your mom and sister on the side. But I’ll digress.

Taking that long bus trip has becoming less of an ordeal now that I have made that trip at least a dozen times in the last twelve months. It is long, it just doesn’t seem so long any more.

Trying to figure out where to get off the bus is the biggest issue.

I made it to Red Eye Fly but only after seeing a number of “celebrities” such as Kevin Bacon and Matthew McConaughey. If you remember what happened with McConaughey from an earlier post… you’ll understand my being nervous when I simply strolled right by him.

I had bigger fish to fry. And I was several blocks away from it. So I kept moving.

One thing that I keep forgetting about SXSW is it brings out the weird in a lot of women. And what I mean by that, is women dressing in tight tight tight tight clothing and oozing out of their clothes slowly.

So I got to the Red Eyed Fly as was instructed by the flyer that was made and posted on Facebook. But only to find out that the damned place was closed.

Show was at 8. Doors at 7.

It was 7:25 … why? What the hell, Jack?? I bugged two people about it and thought about going home. Until I realized that they may have changed things around a little.

Turns out everything was pushed up an hour. They just didn’t tell the general public. Idiots.



So I get in there finally and I hooked myself up with another Thirsty Goat. After two sips, I knew that this was going to be a mistake. And we still had almost an hour before the show even got started. OOPS!!

Pace yourself, man!! Pace yourself.

I noticed that VICIOUS CYCLE was on the bill. They sounded familiar. And rightfully so as they played the birthday show this year for SIX MINUTE CENTURY guitarist Don LaFon at BFE Rock Club in Houston.

Members of VICIOUS CYCLE were actually beginning to stare at me.

Finally,  I spoke with their vocalist and revealed my secret.

They have seen me in Houston so many times that they  thought that I lived there and just went to another city to see them play.  Ummm…. no. But I do travel. Its just to Houston that I go.

I’m really starting to dig their song called “Shallow” and I don’t know if its just speaking to my soul musically or if its relating to me lyrically or if its both. I just know that I like it. It was a good start to the evening.

And by this time I had one drink and wouldn’t you know it more drinks were being bought for me. Whatever3540322925_logo happened to pacing myself? Dang.

Then already it was time for Wellborn Road to hit the stage.

Again, going by what I learned on Facebook I thought that they were third on the list and then BROKEN TEETH was to finish off the night.

Not the case.

Okay fine. That’s why I am here. Well, that and to finally get a chance to meet Jason McMasters, lead singer to BROKEN TEETH and heavy metal favorites of the 1980’s and 1990’s, DANGEROUS TOYS.  But 99% for Wellborn Road.


WELLBORN ROAD – L to R Dale Kahil (bass) Scott Emanis (vocals) Tyler Tracy (guitar)

So here we go. Beers in hand, Devil’s Horns on the other hand and up in the air and time for some good Texas music.

This is what I came for. This is what I had planned for at the last minute, after defeating myself mentally that I couldn’t do it.

From the beginning to the end it was nothing but non-stop entertainment. The world could have blown up and I would have still sat there with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.

Across the state, their fan base is called THE BREW CREW. Well I guess the only thing to say about that is “Cheers!”

It is going to be difficult since I don’t normally drink.

They played my favorite song and that was pretty much the highlight for me. Anything else on the night was just extra sauce. 

Lone Star Demons was next on the night and then it was BROKEN TEETH.

By this time Jason McMasters was unloading from his vehicle and when I saw him, I instantly turned back to the times of being younger listening to their cassette and damaging the rewind button for wanting to listen to DT’s “Feels Like A Hammer” and “Queen of the Nile” ohhhhh … those memories.

Chilling with that  guy was so cool. And I was so proud of myself that I was able to keep it that way.

At the end of the night I went to say farewell to the members of Wellborn Road. And suddenly it went from fan to buddy. From BREW CREW to family. How freaking cool is that?? I got a huge send off with hugs from Scott Emanis.

What was even better is that the wife of Rusty Conner, found of Lone Star Metal magazine, mentioned that if they could that they would assist in getting me home any time that they are in town for a show. Which helps immensely because its always difficult (or expensive) to get BACK home. Going to the venue is the easy part. So I am grateful for that offer.

I even got to meet face to face a woman named Angela. I had known her from a friend request but she never said anything to me on Facebook, so I let her go. She didn’t realize who I was. Oh well. But it was cool to finally see her face to face. She’s so pretty!

So I’ll leave you with the music video of my favorite song of Wellborn Road. Find them on Facebook if you like it. And tell them Dambreaker sent you!



So I knew that when I got home, I had to write this down. You know, for prosperity. And the future generations of children to come.

On a last minute decision, I returned to SXSW and good ole Sixth Street to watch Beautiful Disturbance play again. Yeah I know that a few of you are tired of reading about it. But I say BUCK UP!!

This time it was at The Touché Bar.

Had some close encounters with both Auggie Del Ray and Brenda Flores as they were right in my face with high octane. And I STILL didn’t know what to do about it!! I even admitted to them out on the sidewalk that when Auggie is that close to me… I have no clue what to do.

Nonetheless I had a great time and they will be performing the next two nights. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend those nights.

I was feeling more comfortable about the bus route and whatever, I knew better of where and when I had to go in order to catch the bus home.

Unfortunately, I missed the very bus that I was needing to get home. There wasn’t another one coming. I had to get on another bus and hope to make a connection to some other buses that I knew more about.

Never in a million years would I say this, but when I got on that other bus, I had a seat buddy. A companion.

I sat next to Boba Fett. BobaFettMain2

That’s right. I sat right next to some guy dressed as the bounty hunter from the Star Wars saga. And he had a full on conversation with me. The only thing that he said out of character was “Is this the bus stop?” and those who could hear his voice from underneath the helmet just started cracking up.

But he sat on the bus with me and stayed in character. Asking my opinion about Ewoks and Wookies. He asked me if I too was a bounty hunter and if I had any good catches recently.

Then throughout the 30 minutes that I sat next to him, he kept saying that Jabba was going to kill him for being late. And that Lord Vader may use The Force to choke the life out of him for not calling ahead of time to tell them that he would be late.

I asked if by “Jabba” did he mean his wife and he should his head no. I asked by “Lord Vader” did he mean his wife and he hung his head low and then nodded yes. Then he took his gun and mimicked shooting himself in the head, signifying that he’s going to be dead when he arrives late.

It was the funniest thing that I had ever witnessed or experienced.




“In West Virginia yesterday, a man was arrested for stealing several blow-up dolls. Reportedly, police didn’t have any trouble catching the man because he was completely out of breath.” ~ Conan O’Brien

There’s always time for a first in life. With those first experiences becomes the possibility for things pleasant as well as scary.

It wasn’t as nail biting as I thought it would be. After a decade of hearing about this event year after year after year, knowing that hundreds of thousands of people would attend, and I was going into unfamiliar territory as I have never been before.

If you have read the previous blog post, you know that I was bound and determined to make it to Sixth Street in Austin, Texas to see BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE perform once more.

My excitement was getting the best of me. I kept checking over and over and over again the bus schedules for the area throughout the entire afternoon to make sure that I knew where I had to be so that I didn’t miss out.

I actually got off the bus at a certain point and then found myself going down one helluva steep hill until I had reached Sixth Street. Then I turned to the right… should’ve turned left. I was nervous about the crowds. Not really knowing what to expect. After all there are reasons why the city’s motto is KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD.

But all in all, I was safe when I reached the venue, The 311 Club. A venue that claims to be Austin’s premiere  R&B night club. A little strange since BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE isn’t that musical genre, but its SXSW and anything that can happen- will happen.

As a matter of fact I was so early that I was able to catch the band before play. Although it was a very unusual sound check to say in the very least. I’ve never in my life heard anyone just use the F-bomb to check a microphone’s levels. And that’s all I heard.

I wasn’t paying that much attention. I was stuck between the desire to hang out and chill with BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE before they got on stage and just letting them be so that they could prepare.

As the current band had played their set, I was getting more and more involved with it. At least audibly. I wasn’t paying much attention to the stage.


And then I saw this!!

Wait. What? Who? Huh?? HELLO NURSE!!!!!!!!!!

Who is this girl? Why didn’t I see her earlier before they got on stage? Inquiring minds wanna know!!

I kept hearing her say something that I thought was “punk nation” which would have been suitable for the dress and slight demeanor of the entire band on stage. Turns out I was wrong. Its Poc Nation. The name of the band.

I got closer and closer and closer to the stage. Like a predator on the Sahara. But I only went so far as people there were recording video with their smart phones.

If I would’ve had my way, I would’ve been right up on that stage at her feet. pocnation

I waited once the band was finished. They announced that the last song was called “Go To Hell” and I just stared at Brenda Flores and started cracking up.

After I recovered from the laughter, I began looking at their merch table, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to pull it off to buy something from Poc Nation as well as BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE. I went into a hormone-induced panic.

Not only that, but BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE wasted no time with getting on stage and drumming up the diesel for their performance.

I got a photograph taken with the girl as she hung around my neck and the only thing that I could think of was if that I could get a woman to do that all of the time, I would never leave the house.

I went into financially defensive mode when I noticed a CD and a t-shirt being sold. After that, I noticed a note taped onto the table saying that they accept major credit cards. But the person that I was dealing with said that they had no idea where that came from and they were not accepting credit cards.

Meanwhile, I’m missing the show that I came to see at SXSW.

I suppose that one could argue that since it was my first ever SXSW show and the first time I had ever wandered into that area for the festival that BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE stole my SXSW virginity.

I digress.

So I went off to bombard the front of the stage but again, people were recording with phones so I only got so far with it. But I was still ahead of much of everyone else.

There are certain bands that just give me goosebumps when I listen to them. This would be another band to be added to the list of those who do that.

The last song of their set I remembered from Acadia Bar & Grill in Houston, Texas where I was motioned over to approach even closer to the stage by the bass player, Maribel Sabido. The 311 Club stage was much higher and I didn’t suspect that anyone would be daring to jump off of it.

I was wrong!

Brenda Flores and Auggie Del Ray were doing their stage “battle” for lack of a better term and then Auggie was facing away from the audience but his heels were on the edge of the stage.

I wondered what was going to happen.

Then suddenly Auggie just jumped and in the middle of the jump got turned around, landed flat on his feet, and rocked out the rest of the song on his bad ass guitar.

I noticed that he was mere inches away from me. Not even that! More like centimeters. And I didn’t know what to do. Did I pat him on the back or the head? Did I throw up The Horns in his face or my fist shaking in the  air? The beads of sweat coming off of his biceps were flying everywhere along my own arm.

Sharing is sometimes caring, right?

He then crab walked a few steps and kept rocking it out!!

Then it was all said and done.

I did eventually hang with BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE afterwards. I finally got a t-shirt from them in my size, purchased some big posters and had them signed and then had to find a way to get to the nearest city bus stop which was about one-quarter of a mile away.

But it lands inside the gay district of Austin. Talk about your butt being glued to the seat at all times. I don’t roll with the pole.

I do feel more comfortable and confident though if I decide that I want to go back. I know that BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE will be playing along Sixth Street every night until the end of the week. I’m considering it, running low on funds though. City buses used to be FREE for me, but not any more. And that’s a shame. Wednesday’s show is too late in the evening for me to get back home, so maybe the rest of the week? Who knows!

I came home and immediately went on to Google to find Poc Nation. Not a lot there. Just web articles that were in Spanish. I found their Facebook fan page though. So obviously I joined.

The band (or at least the girl) is from Mexico!!

After dealing with inflamed hormones, that was a bit heartbreaking to find out. I had hoped that Poc Nation was some band from the state of Texas. But its Mexico. They’ve been all over the world as well.

I think its safe to say that if I ever find out that Poc Nation is in my area, that I’m going to break bones to get to that show!

Once I get into a musical act or band, such as BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE, SIX MINUTE CENTURY, or something like that… then I am 100% involved with it for life!

At least I didn’t have any problems with people though. Hundreds of thousands of people coming to Austin, Texas and 22,000 music acts to play throughout the city during SXSW. Hell, I even saw Tard, aka Grumpy Cat this past Thursday. A bunch of moron photographs meowing like idiots just trying to get the cat to meow. So sad!

If there would’ve been a problem, I think it would be safe to assume that I wouldn’t go back to SXSW. Unless one of the Houston bands were there… then I might consider it. But I don’t have to cross that kind of bridge. All in all though, it was a lot of fun. I was promised the diesel and that’s what I got.




“Yea we will be full on diesel.”~ Auggie Del Ray

In the midst of the SXSW Music & Film Festival, I just couldn’t help myself knowing that Beautiful Disturbance was on my home turf again.

After seeing them just four days prior, I made that clear decision to do it again.

So I left early. Too early to be in fact. But that would end in my favor and that story will be for a future blog post that you won’t want to miss.

But this is Beautiful Disturbance.

Its nice to know that they’ve seen me enough times where I’m not feeling so much as just another music fan of theirs, but rather a part of The Pride, The Family as they put it.

Brenda’s vocals tonight was impeccable. Auggie was ripping that guitar into pieces that eventually I am almost expecting him to bash one on stage at some point in his musical career. Maribel Sabido dazzled with her flawless bass and Nate Harmon kept the fuel pumping on drums.

I was promised diesel, and that’s EXACTLY what I got! And the only thing that stuck in my head when I left the venue and walked into the insane mass of people there for SXSW was HOLY CRAP!!!! But the true HOLY CRAP came when I spotted a naked woman just wandering in the streets.

I am telling you that you are missing out if you haven’t heard one song of theirs. I promise, you will be pleasantly surprised to what this band can and does bring to the table. They play with fire, that diesel, in their veins and let it all out when they are on stage.

Beautiful Disturbance will be at the SXSW Festival at various venues every night until this coming Saturday. After that, they are back on the road.

I’m seriously considering getting my butt into each and every show that I possibly can, now that I know the bus route and how things ebb & flow with transportation.

Be a part of The Pride. Join The Family.

I did. I’ll be there…. for life.