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shinerssaloon1“I always knew looking back on my tears would bring me laughter, but I never knew looking back on my laughter would make me cry.”~ Cat Stevens

I thought that last night I would kill two birds with one stone. Actually in this case, it would have been three total stones in one throw.

My plans for the evening last night included two bars, two separate venues, and keeping two separate promises to two different people.

First stop: Shiner Saloon.

I had been there before during the 2014 SXSW Festival to see BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE play. And it was there that I would meet a particularly interesting bar maid.

Long story short, BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE killed it. Gained some new fans from the scene.  I ended up taking a couple of fun photographs with the bar maid. And to top that all off, I gave the bar maid, MY number and walked away.

Only to find that that any and all photographs that I took at the Shiner Saloon would be lost. Forever. And that included Miss Interesting. I did however tell her that I would return to say hello to her again in the future.

I was irritated and pumped up both at the same time. I hated that I lost the photographs of her and I in the same frame, as well as the kick ass photographs I took of BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE, and all I could think about was to return to the Shiner Saloon to get the bar maid to pose again to replace what I had lost.

Not an easy task. Especially since when I gave her MY number and contact information, I wrote a note stating that I was looking for friends. And I wrote that thinking that it would increase my chances of her corresponding with me.

I still have a lot to learn!!

So then I was in correspondence with the bar via social networking websites. I was going back and forth with them mainly on Twitter, but some times on Facebook. I had found myself telling whoever it was that was running the sites that I promised to return to the venue for a good drink and a good time. Lightly prefacing the fact that the bar maid (whom I will call “Lil R” throughout the rest of the post) had made my first visit very welcoming.

Because I was going to go out any way yesterday I decided that I would hit two venues in one night, hold both of my promises to the people of Shiner’s Saloon and let be what would be.

During the daytime is a little tricky. All windows are open and its freaking bright. Does not make for good or decent photography. There’s always a glare with the digital camera that I have when a window in the daytime is involved.

But Lil R wasn’t there. Where was she? I was promised she would be working. I showed up relatively early but not so early that I was waiting for them to unlock their doors.

The only other thing that I seriously have every right in the world to bitch about is the fact that this bar is upstairs and there’s the need for use of an elevator to get there. But I couldn’t get it to work. I could not get it to function. How the hell was I going to get to the Shiner Saloon if the elevator wasn’t working??

Come to find out that through a beer distribution employee the floor on which Shiner Saloon is located, it is locked from that floor by the good folks of the bar. I either have to wait for someone to use that elevator from that floor OR tell someone to go up the flight of stairs to the bar to tell them to send the elevator up to them and HOPE that I am inside of it. shinerfurniture

It seems a little unnecessary in my own opinion.

I have heard of “bucket seats” but I cannot decide on whether or not making bar stools out of wooden buckets is a genius idea or a lame one.

For sure its nothing like I have ever seen before.

When I finally got into the venue, it was bright as freak in there.

Very low key as it had only been open for just under the first hour of operation.

I got my first Thirsty Goat and wouldn’t you know it — $3.75! Usually I am paying $5 for this beer. A couple of times I’ve paid $6. So I don’t know… Happy Hour perhaps? Or the guy just thought I was cool enough or whatever. So yeah at $3.75 hit me up!! 1 (1)

Lil R was nowhere to be found. And I finally just had to ask. She wasn’t scheduled to come in to work until 9:00 PM.

Ughh…!! I’ve got plans starting at 6:30 PM. Now what was I going to do? Shiner Saloon was expected me and I was there, and I am sure that they told Lil R over and over again that I was coming to see her.

Devastating news? Bartender, hit me again please!

Well not really, just expectations were not met and it caused grief.


half devoured. But still there’s plenty left! $9.00 !!!

I ended up meeting the person behind the social networking sites. He’s a really cool guy!! I’m glad that he was so accommodating as it led up to what would be my second visit.

I ate what was probably the most expensive hot dog that I had ever actually had the weird pleasure of paying for.

$9.00 chili dog. But it comes with potato chips. Its slammed with secret spices and garnish and everything else one would hope for an epic chili dog. Plus the size of the damned thing was enormous.

I don’t think that I will be able to duplicate it at home.

So I ate, I drank, I stewed in weirdness and frustration. And so then I struck up conversation with the rest of the employees there without having to mention female counterparts. It was straight up guy talk.

I think that the coolest thing inside now is that there’s a cuckoo clock that comes from the Shiner company and its attached to a certain beer on tap. Whenever someone pulls the tap to fill the glass, the cuckoo bird comes out and the clock lights up!!!!

That was cool. I hope that they are able to keep it for a long time.

However, time was not on my side and I had to go to the “main event” of the night. The employees of course were more than inviting for me to return, especially once Lil R had got to work.

I foolishly made the decision and then told them that I would return to see Lil R and their entertainment that was lined up for 10:30 on the basis that they would assist in helping me find a taxi to go home. They agreed.

I took off for the reason that I was out to begin with but would come back and fully regret the decision in its entirety, filled with the grief of late night expectations left unfulfilled. But not before some good times were had elsewhere.


“I stare in the eyes of death.” ~ “Solitaria” by Casket of Cassandra

I was too far gone last night to be writing about this in the blog. And you’ll understand more as you read.

But last night in Austin, Texas was the battle to get into the Texas Independence Fest.

With one band in particular that I’ve come to really enjoy in the last month, Casket of Cassandra.

They originally come out of California, but have come to Austin, Texas to be closer to their current record label. This is at least what I am understanding.

So the Dirty Dog Bar was hosting this contest and on a whim, I took off running for it. I wanted to see Casket of Cassandra play live.

I wanted to see what else they had.  And I wanted to see what they could do live. And I’ve only known about them about a month. Since they very first day of 2014.

Needless to say, that I am totally addicted to their latest and greatest song, “Solitaria” which if you know me… is no surprise.

Never meeting them in person or anything before. I attempted to get to infamous Sixth Street before it got dark.

That planned failed.  The whole show got put on hold until a couple of hours later. I would learn by some of the members of Casket of Cassandra that it was because a ton of bands had bailed on the night.

And I am going to say this right now: I HATE SAN JACINTO BLVD. Who in the hell thought that was a good idea for downtown?

Very frustrating.

But once I finally got to the club, things got better. Tons better. Almost too good. maxresdefault

I was finally able to meet Amanda Maddera, vocalist for Casket of Cassandra. She’s really nice and awfully sweet.

Within time, I would come to say hello to the rest of the band. It was really cool for the majority of them to just talk and hang out and laugh about whatever came up. Mainly we all giggled because I had gone into the men’s room and scribbled the name of the band and their new song on the walls of the bathroom stall and they totally thought that was a trip.


Amanda Maddera, vocalist of Casket of Cassandra

When it was time, they were all serious and by the books. They had a job to do.

I have to say that I did not know exactly what to expect from Casket of Cassandra. But I was totally blown away by their performances on stage. Everyone clicked in with one another.

Amanda has the kind of screaming vocals that will melt the skins and faces off of demons, and make Satan himself shutter while thinking… “Ohhhhhh shit!!!”

Between having a conversation with her and then seeing her on stage is the difference between winter’s night and summer’s day.


Isaac Holliday, guitarist for Casket of Cassandra

Amanda Maddera could give Angela Gossow a good run for her money, vocals wise.

I personally would not be offended if Casket of Cassandra did a cover of “We Will Rise” by Arch Enemy, just to see how well Amanda would hold up with the vocals. I mean, she is one awesome and scary mofo when that microphone is turned on and in her hands.

I was totally astonished and impressed with guitarist Isaac Holliday. It was because of his mother that I got to know the band. So I have a lot to be thankful for with her.

And still Isaac is a complete insane beast when he plays on stage. I have never seen such things more terrifying and awesome both at the same time from any guitarist.

The one thing about Isaac that made me freak out is the fact that he got up on stage barefoot and rocked the entire set until the end. And he didn’t just stay in the standing position either. He drew energy from crowd and was everywhere.

I knew that his mother was proud of him and his accomplishments and his decision to be a part of this band. And now I know WHY she is so proud.

If I started up my old band again, and was to start fresh… I’d do everything I could to get Isaac to say YES to the project. I’m hoping that Isaac will forward the photograph of the band name that was written on the bathroom wall to me soon. I wanna see how that turned out.

So the only way to describe Casket of Cassandra’s performance last night would be:


And then came the end of the eargasm. A musical cockblock by staff members of the Dirty Dog. Amanda had announced that they had one more song, but they were being told to get off the stage and that they were done.

That one song… Solitaria. They intended to rock out with it at the very end, and never got a chance to play it. I was crushed. I was broken down. And of course I was pissed off. I am hoping that VERY SOON that I will catch them playing live again and that they WILL play the song.

I sat there thinking to myself that if I were them, I probably would have just gone ahead and played it, regardless. Because hey, this is heavy metal and so shove it!!!

What’s the worst they could have done? Turned off the microphones? Amanda and Riles (backing vocals and guitarist) would have just sang without the microphones and still killed the crowd. At least that is my biased opinion.

And I remember sitting there, staring at Amanda as she was breaking down the stage. I shouted “I came out into the Texas cold for this, for Solitaria. And I just threw your band’s name on the walls of the stall in the men’s room.”


The Thirsty Goat

Amanda looked at me oddly and grinned. And now, I just don’t blame her for that reaction.

Dambreaker …….. was D-R-U-N-K last night!!!!!!!!!

And it was not funny, at all.

Two of these bad boys and several shots. All of that was BEFORE Casket of Cassandra even got on stage.

For someone who doesn’t drink a lot of alcohol, and has refused all but two drinks of liquor when going to Houston to see SIX MINUTE CENTURY or any other Houston band play, the delectable amber brew was too much. And of course the sting of the Tequila.

My apartment manager loves the idea of me getting out of the house as much as possible. Particularly if it involves doing something that I enjoy– such as music. Each and every time I want to go out and see this band or that band play, he is all for it.

He knew someone who was working at the bar who goes by the name of HOLLYWOOD, and I was to introduce myself. HOLLYWOOD decided to buy shots.

On top of that, I was given some cash to enjoy a drink, courtesy of my manager. His suggestion was the Thirsty Goat.

It is SO DELICIOUS! But it is also the complete and total DEVIL!!

I’m afraid after two of those and all of that Tequila, there was no saving Dambreaker. I am surprised that I even made it home on the bus. Luckily, the men’s room at the Dirty Dog Bar are VERY KIND to the ADA community. And that was such a welcomed relief, pun intended. I think that’s what curbed off some if not most of the inebriation.

So with all of that going on, I don’t fault Amanda for her reaction at all. That was kinda stupid on my behalf. DUH!!!

And that is why there wasn’t a chance of me being able to write about this when I got home last night. Too drunk. For like the first time in …. YEARS.

I dropped the digital camera that was given to me and I’m hoping it comes back to life soon. Cement floors in bars. I hate them. But at least though I look awesome while gliding across them in my wheelchair.

I didn’t get a photograph with the entire band like I would always do. Hopefully that will come at a later time.

And this morning I learned that this entire battle last night, Casket of Cassandra actually WINS!! So that was really awesome. They are set to play a show at Emo’s in April with HUGE artists with HUGE recording labels behind them. Its going to be great for the band!!

So I sit and wait for the next show. Hoping for more. Craving Solitaria!!!

Check out the band at their Facebook page: