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jamie-simpson-weatherman-e1559032206524A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”~ Christopher Reeve

On the evening of the 27th of May, WRGT-TV meteorologist Jamie Simpson interrupted the television broadcast to warning viewers that a dangerous storm was approaching, with a CONFIRMED tornado that was on the ground.

And then he blew up in frustration while on the air.

He said on the air that he was checking social media and people were already yelling at him to get off the air because he was interrupting their show.

At the time of the live broadcast, “The Bachelorette” was on. And viewers were annoyed that they were missing it because of the weather interruption.

The tornado that struck Dayton, Ohio was a confirmed EF-3.

I recall a couple of decades ago that KSNW had a similar “problem” with their viewers. Each Friday evening, they read viewer mail on the air and addressed the issues of the day.

The one issue important that is relevant here is the fact that western Kansas was dealing with several consecutive nights of severe weather, with the threat of nighttime tornadoes. And those storms were definitely an issue for my family and I at the time.

So there had been those nights where television was interrupted.

Viewers had been pouring in the entire week complaining of the interruptions and found it ridiculous that they were doing so. Especially since the storms that were happening were 250 miles (384 km) away.

Thankfully, the news station and the weather crew stood firm and said that when lives and people’s property are at stake, that they will ALWAYS be there to interrupt and broadcast any important weather information so that people can stay safe.

The fact that Jamie Simpson did the exact same thing WHILE broadcasting live in current day, makes him my hero.

And even though I am a tornado and severe weather enthusiast, tornadoes at night are a wreck on my nerves. The fact that one person has been reported dead and over 90 people were hurt turns my stomach.

If these idiot whiners would have had their precious way, more people would have got hurt. Or worse.

So hats off to Jamie Simpson. Go off on these viewers any time!!!!


“Today, the technology is there to give early and normally ample warning when a powerful tornado approaches. When a tornado strikes, all of us are at risk.”~ Spencer Bachus

Before I continue on with more music show posts that I have seen over the past weekend, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on something in American history. An event that fits into one of my hobbies/interests.

90 years ago on this day, the Tri-State Tornado struck and blazed a trail across three states, killing almost 700 people and injuring thousands more.

If you were to look at any “tornado ranking” or “tornado list” this tornado will always be at the top spot.

Thankfully we have not had such a severe and serious outbreak such as what happened in 1925. A time when there were virtually no weather warnings. No sirens. No television or radio announcements.

A number of cities and towns were literally destroyed and wiped off the map. According to multiple reports, the storm didn’t even look like a tornado. Just a dark black cloud.  trnao

I cannot imagine how the survivors of this event had felt when the destructive winds blasted through and was on the ground for more than three hours in total.

With the technology that we have today, we do not have to worry about having such a high casualty rate, we can be better warned and if people would be better prepared and actually listen to the weather reports, it would save lives.

Tornadoes in the United States of America will always be a thing. But we do not have to be a number or a tragic event.

Storm And Fever

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It’s a twister! It’s a twister!”

The 24th of January will be something I will remember for a long time.

They had issues a TORNADO WATCH for my area until the middle of the night today, Wednesday at 5:00 AM. Stating that the brunt of the storms could be severe around 3:00 AM.

As much as this kind of weather fascinates me, being issued for MY AREA in the middle of the night is really bad juju.

What is even worse is that I started feeling bad around Monday evening. But made it until last night before I felt worse and went to bed early, nervous about the storms that were coming in the middle of the night.

Well, NO PROBLEM!! That bad boy woke me right up!! I was up and about around 2:15 AM, and watched the television’s radar for this massive red and orange blob.

About 3:05 AM, I heard the standards noises of a tornado coming and I immediately took cover. My head said “go into the closet”, but my body moved into the bathroom.

I would find out that an actual tornado did strike just a few miles north of me.

I was fine though. I was very safe. No damage to my property, and the tornado did not cause any injuries. Just that homes were damaged.  The tornado was about 50 yards across and on the ground for just a few minutes.

My area ended up with four inches of rain so we are dealing with flash flooding. Although on the other hand and a way of thinking about the rainfall positively, we really needed it. We’ve been in a drought that since October of last year, we’re behind by 19 inches of rainfall. Too bad our total rainfall didn’t do a lot for the drought.

By about 4:30 AM, my body gave out. I had been checking my body temperature and it was really, really high. So today I’ve been drinking like mad on anything I can get my hands on. My sister came by and saved me by bringing me Sprite on her way to work.

I’m so loved.

So then she sent a text message asking if I was feeling better. I told her that I had been drinking so much that I was having a pee party. And this is a very good thing because I now suspect that I am sick with a possible UTI. And that is very dangerous for me, and sometime fatal if nothing gets done about it.

I honestly don’t want to go into the hospital for this. I’m only days away from my birthday and that would really freakin’ suck to spend it there. So I’m drinking, drinking, drinking!!

Then about 9:20 PM, my entire body gave me the scare of the month! Every muscle was trembling and shaking so hard that I couldn’t concentrate on anything BUT my violent shaking. I had to abandon the text message conversation, take some medicine, and lay down until I warmed up again.

I was so cold that my finger tips were turning blue. And it actually hurt to shake or move in the least.

Fourty minutes of this before those meds kicked in and left me with a warm feeling all over. My fever is down considerably. But I am not out of the woods. I’m just glad that I stopped shaking and my fever dropped like a rock from the sky.

I promise that I am not writing this to gain any sympathy. The point of this blog post was that I came close to a tornado– at night. And it intrigued the crap outta me. But, I was sick in the middle of it all.

For those of you that do or want to, keep me in your prayers.

But as far as WordPress is concerned, “I’ll be bawk!!”.


Today being the 23rd of May, in the year 2011, my heart is very troubled and broken over the news that the recent severe weather that has caused so many tornadoes to form, has taken the lives of scores of people.

Mainly in Joplin, Missouri where the death toll is at 116. I do not know if that will rise. But I certainly hope not. Its hard enough to fathom that so many people have lost their lives during the storms.

And now, they are saying that the storm that hit Joplin is one of the top ten deadliest tornadoes in U.S. history.

Also taking into consideration the massive outbreak that occured just last month in April, which wore on for several days in a row, totally beating out the Super Tornado Outbreak of April 3-4, 1974 where 148 tornadoes were reported and hundreds of people dead.

The wild part is that I love severe weather phenomenon. Tornadoes are my key interest. Ever since I was a child, tornadoes have always found their way to capture my attention. True, when I was younger it would scare me to death whenever I would hear those tornado sirens start to blare. It got so bad that whenever there was a thunderstorm and it had a lot of thunder and lightning, I was trying to prepare myself that at any moment I would hear those sirens.

One time in particular that I will never forget for the rest of my life was when I was a child. I was playing at a neighborhood friend’s house at the time the storm hit us. It is significant to me in my mind because I was with my brother and we were inside the house, without prior parental permission. That definitely would have met the death house for me and my social life for about a week!

The thunderstorm intensified and my friend’s mother came into the bedroom where we were playing and simply said, “You have to leave.” Then she walked out.

I was horrified that my friend’s mother would just simply toss us out in the rain. Even though we lived directly across the street and one house over. I figured she knew about my issues with loud noises, including thunder. And to just send us out into the rain like that was cruel.

But she had laid down the law of the house. Time to go. So I got up from the floor and walked into their den. My intention was to plead for a stay of execution until the storm had passed. When I looked over at their TV, the National Weather Service had issued a tornado warning for our county! Earlier days of radar back then was showing that the tornadic storm was basically right on top of us. So I stood there frozen, not knowing what to do.

My friend’s mother called my name and said, “Your mother is calling for you. You need to go home.”

After that, my brother bailed on me. I guess it was every man for himself at that point. Especially if the mother was out on the front porch, calling for us. Some way, some how he was able to cross the street after my mother went back inside to get out of the storm. He darted across the street, into the front yard, up the stairs and through the front door where he ended up going downstairs in the house and located himself into our shelter for when we had tornado warnings in our area. He never got caught.

I on the other hand, was not that stealthy. By the time I came out of my friend’s house and walked down their driveway the storm was terrible. I froze when I saw my mother had returned to the front porch, frantically calling for her two sons. I decided to hide behind the neighbor’s vehicle and wait her out. It didn’t take long at all because the storm was getting worse.

When I saw that my mother had once again went back into the house, I began to hear that dreaded noise of the wailing sirens. Because of my decision to wait before crossing the street, the loud sounds of thunder crashing hurt my poor young ears. My body soaking wet from the downpours of rain.

But I saw my chance to do the same thing that my brother had done. I continued my way down the neighbor’s driveway and stopped before I ventured out into the street. After all, school was doing me some good. Keeping safe before crossing the street by looking both ways.

After that, I remember that I was about to take my first step down from the curb and begin to cross the street. That never happened!!

In a blink of an eye, I felt light and free. I recall sitting the roof of my house for just a fraction of a second, before I realized I was laying down in the dirt, mud, and leaves. But I was also in my front yard.

What actually had happened, that I realized years later was that the outter bans of the tornado had picked me up from the ground. It lifted me into the air. Throwing me across the street and then slammed me into the front yard. I was not harmed.

All of that took less than two seconds to occur. Needless to say that when I went up the front steps to go through the front door, I was met on the inside of the house by my mother. She yelled at me for two things: One- that I was not in our hiding place where we were supposed to go when we heard the tornado sirens. Two- I was covered in mud. Accused of playing in it prior to.

I slithered downstairs and joined the rest of my family until the storm had passed. Like I said, it took years for me to realize what had happened. But at the time, I was just glad that I was okay. But couldn’t figure out how I had gotten there so quick. And why in the world would I see the top of my house like that?

In case you are wondering, I was in fact grounded for the rest of the night after the storm had passed. But not for being in someone’s house without prior permission, but for “being foolish to play in the mud”, and not coming directly home when being called upon. What I thought was going to be at least a week of grounding, was only for one night. My brother as I said, was free and clear to go back outside and playing with the neighborhood again once the storm was gone.

We would find out that an elderly man lost his life in the storm, who was residing in a mobile home only one block over. So who knows what would have happened to me if I had been directly within the tornado, instead of being engulfed by the strong outer winds!

From that point on, I became fascinated by tornadoes and its awesome power. To be able to take something as small and simple as a playing card and slice it through a tree was incredible to me.

Naturally, it would take years to get over the original fear of thunderstorms. The constant picking on by older siblings never helped much. But now its laughed at. I would come to realize that not ALL thunderstorms were a prelude to a tornado.

From that point on, I think that the last time I had any involvement in any severe weather phenomenon that was particularly including in a tornado event was the Hesston Tornado on March 13, 1990. I was not actually in Hesston, but I was in the area where the weather was dangerous enough to prompt tornado warnings for a large area of the state. I had to seek shelter then too.

And even in the late 1990’s I correctly indentified four different cloud formations that would eventually spawn tornadoes in other parts of the state. One of which was only 35 miles away.

My fascination led me to study them on my own. I learned about weather and clouds and what they commonly mean for the weather forecast. I can tell which is a thunderstorm and which has the potential for producting tornadoes.

I’m not bragging. I’m simply explaining just how deep this fascination really goes! My family has told me for many, many years that I need to study and have a career in meterology. But these conversations only happen in between the months of March and June, which is “tornado season” for Tornado Alley.

I have yet to see a tornado from a distance with my own eyes. I have been in many situations where the tornado sirens were blaring and instead of going outside to look, I seek shelter. I find that these people who run outside are very foolish. Even though you are not any where near tornado, if you are able to be a witness to one, that means that you are within the storm’s realm. Lightning is capable of striking you. The same with hail. So I don’t run outside, I stay safe.

I’ve never been on a “tornado chase” either. I know that there are many tornado tours that are available. I’d like to try one, but haven’t yet.

And I absolutely HATE tornadoes that come during the night! You cannot see them coming. You don’t know what’s going to happen.

On December 24th, 1982, a night time tornado struck our area. On Christmas Eve! All I could think about was “Christmas was going to be cancelled.” Especially if this storm hit our house and blew it to pieces. It hit at night, and hearing those sirens blaring in the dark was horrifying. (Christmas was not cancelled that year, and as a matter of fact only a day or two later from that, there was six inches of snow on the ground. Go figure.)

But going through all of these experiences really has caused this wild fascination. I still feel so bad when I hear that there has been fatalities. It is a horrible feeling. And my heart and prayers goes out to those who have been affected by ANY tornado. Whether it is a loss of life or property.

And today, my thoughts are on Joplin, Missouri. I hope that they will be able to recover from this deadly storm very soon.