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dscn34691“A healthy social life is found only when, in the mirror of each soul, the whole community finds its reflection, and when, in the whole community, the virtue of each one is living.”~ Rudolf Steiner

On the fifteenth of November, which is this week, there will be a board meeting by Capital Metro, which is a bus public transportation here in Austin.

They are proposing some changes to a number of routes that, if passed, would take place in June 2018. They are claiming to want to make bus routes more efficient and faster to get to those people using the service.

Out of the many routes that have proposed changes, TWO of them will be of great importance to me personally.

One of the routes happens to run just outside the apartment complex. And that has been a personal convenience. The other is in the neighborhood down the street by a few hundred feet. And it is the latter route in which I take to get to places into the downtown area for whenever I want to go see live music. Essentially the core part of my social life since 2014.

The proposed change to the route that runs outside the complex will be re-routed to where if I need to ride that bus route, I will have to make a walk of about a half of a mile up a steep hill and then down the other side. Depending on how much stamina I have at that time or how fatigued or not fatigued I am, that could take me up to twenty minutes just to get to the bus stop.

It is not a route personally often, but it causes a great deal of distress and loss of stamina if there came a time if/when I need to use it.

All for the sake of making wait times shorter.

The other route that I use VERY FREQUENTLY and is my link to the social life that I have created for myself (from what I am reading) will go into effect at the same time.


If I am understanding correctly, that bus route that connects me from my neighborhood into the downtown area will NOT RUN during times that public school is not in session. So, essentially during the summer there will be NO bus!!

These two routes are the closest to where I live and if they are gone (seasonal or permanently) then I honestly will not be able to maintain what social life that I have today. Unless I want to travel distances up to a mile just to get on a bus, or to get off of a bus and return home.

My physical health over the past two years has deteriorated, and I am unsure if I will have the strength and stamina to make such a journey.

The two routes in this neighborhood will effect over 1,500 city residents in this neighborhood. With a daily ridership across the ENTIRE CITY of 130,000 people, these changes will most likely cause that number to drop significantly. And usually that will mean that bus fares will go up again in price.

When I started riding in 2014, I could go downtown and back for $1.00 but in recent past, they did change the fare to go up, and now going downtown to catch a live music show is a round trip cost of $2.50, so even if you are in a band and there is NO COVER to your show, there’s always a cost of transportation, at least for me.

So I do have that concern or fear that if these changes are approved by Capital Metro, then my social life as far as enjoying live music and entertainment will die. And those relationships that I have made will eventually fail. And without having the stamina I once had, this board meeting has me completely on edge.

Ride share programs and taxis are either expensive or not an option in my personal case. And that stinks!

Yet I am unsure of any proposed changes for the Night Owl routes, which I actually discovered just over a year ago which run six nights out of the week between midnight and 3:00 AM. And since I learned about it, it has allowed me to actually stay where I am at, without having to leave or bail early to catch a bus back home. I do not know if any of those night time routes are a part of this or not. I am hoping not. If I am out and about and these night time buses are a part of it, I won’t have much choice but to call for a taxi.

I am facing a very harsh reality however that if these changes are approved that life as I know it will cease to exist. I will either have to find another way or find a totally different social life. And hope that I do by the time these changes kick in by June 2018.


This past Saturday, was the ending to the 2012-13 sledge hockey season. The team got together and went bowling and had an awards ceremony. I was not there, but this is the award I received.

It was very unfortunate that this passing season I had not been able to get much time to be on the ice and participate with the team. But I did what I could.

Between getting sick, being in the hospital again, and wiped out from babysitting my niece… it just added up to short season for me.

Nevertheless I am hopeful for this coming summer. Even though we won’t have ice time locally, we have been invited to join our brothers and sisters in Houston.

As a matter of fact, in about two weekends from now the Blades will be going to Houston to participate in a few scrimmages with the team in Houston. They are being kind enough to put us up in a rather nice hotel and even giving us the opportunity to socialize and join in fellowship at a Houston Astros baseball game on Saturday evening.

All three days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we will have the chance to still do our thing even after the official Blades season closer. And I think that is going to be such a fun and awesome time. If you are in the Houston area or are going to be then we will be playing the second weekend of May.

There’s also talk among the more prolific players of the Blades to put together a Bowl-a-thon soon. Hoping to make it into a fund raiser where the team will bowl and collect donations at a few pennies per pin that was played. I have done something like that before. And even though bowling is not really an interest of mine, this really sounds like a fun event. So to some of you who know me and follow my hockey career closely: Save your pennies for me!!

Of course I think it would be hilarious if we had someone donate $1 per pin and then find ourselves a ringer. But that’s just me. I don’t like bowling too much and I think that my best game was something like 160-170. But that was over a decade ago.

Ice time may be done for us here locally. But I think that if we can get to Houston at least once or twice a month during the summer months then we will be in terrific shape for the next season.

I only hope that some of the other team members can continue to come up with excellent ideas for fund raising like this. Bake sales are great, but good grief it takes a lot more than people can imagine. This is new and exciting for the team.




“We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.”~C. S. Lewis

I feel like a country song. More specifically a Willie Nelson song.

With the memories of ECHO TEMPLE and The House Of Blues still on my mind, I am returning to the Houston area for another show.

This weekend’s entertainment will be provided for by:

Beautiful Disturbance and WELL OF SOULS. And a couple more bands I’m not 100% familiar with.

Yep, I’m on the road again.

No such sweet deals from the performing bands however with really good financial planning and savings, this trip will be about $30-40 less than what I am used to spending.

I’m totally amped up from the fact that I will get to see Beautiful Disturbance play again. The first time I saw them “unplugged” so to speak. But now they will be large and in charge!

And of course, WELL OF SOULS… with Dr. Froth being their bass guitar player, I know that I will be kept in really awesome company. More face time with Dr. & Mrs. Froth.

I need some kind of rewards program or something. All this traveling. I’m just really glad that its going to be a lot less expensive than previous endeavors. And the fact that its those two bands specifically really gets me going. But I will have to wait until this weekend for it to happen.



I know that I’ve overfed myself trying to prop myself up because I’m exhausted.”~ Geri Halliwell

Exhausted, I am. But I’m happy that I am exhausted.

The team went to Houston to play. Gearing up for a tremendous opportunity as we prepare for a tournament.

Getting up at 4:45 in the morning was probably the hardest part of all. Considering I just couldn’t sleep. My body was probably too excited and thinking about the day in Houston.

Going to Houston was a great opportunity as well. The Houston team has definitely improved since November. Being out there with them today proved that they were getting better and better. I was actually glad that they were going to join forces with us as we march onto the icy battlefield in Dallas in a couple of weeks.

The Houston team is very smart, and very quick. Some of these guys were difficult to keep up with. It was definitely a bigger challenge than was in November. One of the tougher match ups that we’ve had in a while. It brought OUR game up to a higher level I think.

Some said to me once they knew that I was home safely, that they couldn’t see the benefits of traveling down there and spending all of that time on the road, only to be on the ice for a little over an hour. I said to them, “You’ve never seen sledge hockey before.”

But that’s what we did. Down and back in one day. And now for me personally, it is a time for healing and reflection and preparation. The next two weeks are virtually event-free and then we hit the “big time” in Dallas. Guaranteed to play four games in two days, and more if we reach the semi-finals.

This is what the team has been wanting to do for a long time. And I really can understand why. It was just too much fun. I think that long trips like that though, can be a lot more fun when you are in the midst of good company. Time flies!!

I’m hoping we do well in Dallas. The Houston coach reminded us that we will not be joining forces and going there to win, win, win… but to have as much fun as possible. I think he’s got the right attitude. Win, tie, or loss- it should be a great and tremendous opportunity for us to play in such a place and in front of many more people.

But for now, I am completely exhausted. I shall rest, start healing my hockey wounds which are very minor, and get ready for a weekend of a lifetime! Then after that, I’ll be able to skip to Houston on my own and see SIX MINUTE CENTURY play another show. I can’t tell you how excited I am for that.

Stay tuned. More sledge hockey news coming your way!!


“Real elation is when you feel you could touch a star without standing on tiptoe.”~ Doug Larson
Just another couple of days and I will be on a whirlwind of postive emotions which have been eluding me for quite some time. I’m way overdue.
It is hard to believe at this point, but knowing that good times are ahead just completely fill me until it overflows.
Once more, I’ll get to see SIX MINUTE CENTURY play live. Something that I missed back in November and had practically beaten myself up over for almost a month. This time, there will be no self-brutalization! I will be there!! Not to mention the possibility of getting to meet up with my beloved friend, Jessica again.
But it doesn’t end with just a couple of things. I’ve added an extra day to this trip. I felt that just in case I missed someone then I could still be available to meet up with them another day while I am there. Whether or not this extra day is going to be fruitful, I do not know.
I would stay a lot longer but to be back the following weekend would mean that I will be participating in a sledge hockey event that is being hosted right here where I live. Plus those who are participating were given FREE tickets to see the TEXAS STARS hockey game later that first evening. I intend on bringing as many people to this weekend event as possible. I mean, who can argue with FREE, right?
Then shortly after that, I will celebrate my birthday.
My possibilities the rest of January are endless.
I am more excited about my travels than anything. I haven’t seen SIX MINUTE CENTURY play since last August. The people in the band’s circles, I haven’t seen since that time as well. I wonder if they miss me as much as I miss them?
What a crazy and wild time I will have the rest of this month. If you would have told me two years ago that I would be doing this today? I would have told you that you were reall bonkers. But, here I am… DOING IT!
I’m honestly grateful for having friends that will play host for me during my visit. This time around, I’ll be staying with people that I’ve not been around since I was a little child. It should be fun.
And of course as it is a trip centered around seeing SIX MINUTE CENTURY, my followers and subscribers and all of my online stalkers can expect a blog post on how things went.
What a difference eight weeks makes!!

'So Happy!'

'So Happy!'

So far, so good in 2012 I would say. There’s not been any catastrophic and moronic events happening around here. Or at least not around me to where it would damper my spirits.
Stay positive is the key. Having something to look forward that makes me totally want to burst in joy helps keep it that way.

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”~ William Shakespeare
I think a better quotation for this blog post would be “What the hell were you thinking?”, but I have no idea who to give the credit to.
This afternoon I was conversing with neighbors. I was slightly hinting that we all should go as a small group out to eat this evening.
Come to find out that they were celebrating the sale of a vehicle. They had sold it for $800, but really wanted $2,500.
But they were not opposed to the idea of going out to eat as they did have that money now. I was happy for them. The vehicle was sold and now out of their hands.
So we went back and forth with each other in trying to choose where to go. The idea had come to go to a restaurant that we have been to before, but they wanted to go to a different location. Claiming it takes just as long to go south as it does north.
Same restaurant, different direction. Instead of traveling 16 miles north, they wanted to go 38 miles south.
I was unsure about making such a trip just to eat. So I came up with the following four questions about this OTHER location:
#1- Food quality?
#2- Service quality?
#3- Friendliness of staff?
#4- Eye candy factor [I am still single!]
I was met up with such a glowing rant about the first three questions, but the fourth question really didn’t get much of a response. Nothing but a grin. And that didn’t tell me anything.
So when it came close to the time when we had planned to leave, I called my neighbors. I wanted to make sure that this was THEIR celebration, a.k.a.- I wanted to make sure that they were paying for it, since they suddenly had the money and certainly could afford to do so.
I should have known better, but it was every man for himself. Something that I should have seen coming, with them in particular.
So we went, departing in the middle of the rush hour traffic. We weren’t even 10 miles away from home when the driver began to bitch and moan about how it was going to take forever to get there, and that we shouldn’t have made the decision to go so late and should have went for lunch and wondered if we should just turn around. Just full out ridiculous road rage. Except she wasn’t yelling at other drivers on the road, she was yelling at the passengers in the vehicle.
The driver was also annoyed that I was receiving text messages on my cell phone periodically. For some reason, that bothered her.
But a full hour, we arrived. We walked in, and all I could think about was how small it was in comparison to what we were used to. I had to remember that we were in a smaller town than the other as well.
So we sat down and ate. I noticed the subtle differences on the buffet. But for the most part, it was the same foods. It just took me a very long time to get over the fact that the building was smaller. I even had to laugh when I saw a sign on the wall in the back that said “SMOKING AREA”. Which, there is none of that here any more.
I laughed so much that I attempted to take a picture of it with my cell phone, but just as I was taking the picture, I got busted doing it. They asked what I was doing and I dodged them by saying, “I’m looking to see if I got a signal in here to make a call.” They didn’t say anything else.
But all in all, this dining experience failed so badly. And if you take into consideration the company that I was keeping, whom half of them had really poor behaviors and attitudes… it only made things more miserable.
By the end of the evening, I had only made myself full on mashed potatoes and gravy. Everything else just tasted so awful!!
And then when we were getting ready to leave, everyone pulled out their wallets to leave some kind of cash gratuity for our server. Our server was in fact nice. But she had no name tag. No label in which to call her by name. I didn’t understand what kind of a food business they were trying to run. How does anyone get any specific customer service when they don’t know who to call upon?
Then I grabbed the pile of dollar bills and said, “I’m going to personally hand it to her.”
The next thing that I heard was a remark that came from the company that I was with, that was so immature and so uncalled for.
“Just so you can make her think that it came all from you, huh?”.
Umm really? Was that necessary?? I mean, “thank you” for driving me an hour down there and 45 minutes back home and what not, but REALLY???
I did so, end up giving the server the gratuity. Her hands were full and she told me to slip the money in her apron. I felt like I was giving cash to a stripper. Minus the nudity. Those who were there as servers were probably all high school kids working their evenings away.
As we were driving home, the seat belt fit so snug on across my stomach and chest area that I wasn’t feeling that I had enough room for my body to begin the process of digestion. I was hurting so bad. And the radio station that we listened to while in the vehicle kept having this commercial about “food poisoning”. That wasn’t helping much either. And then the songs that were being played on the radio were only making me feel worse!
So with all of that, and including the piss poor attitudes of others in the vehicle with me: This truly was a pathetic and horrible experience. The four factors in which I had asked about? Fail, fail, fail, and fail.
This will change something. Either I will not go back to that particular restaurant, or I will not be keeping company with the same people when I have dining experiences away from home.

“All of the sports have a safety net, but boxing is the only sport that has none. So when the fighter is through, he is through. While he was fighting his management was very excited for him, but now that he is done, that management team is moving on.”~Gerry Cooney
Here I sit in absolute soreness! And I’m smiling about it every time I grunt or groan.
The time has come to begin the 2011-12 sled hockey season for my team. It was definitely a work out as the team hasn’t really been in shape. But you know what? Nobody on the team is going to complain because we finally were able to get back out on the ice since last May. (And for me even longer, probably February of this year.)
I can admit that I am out of shape for this kind of excercise and activity. But once we get going, everything should be just fine. Each of us were just as sore as the other. Although a few of us might be even more so, because they had trouble staying up on the ice.
We warmed up, we did some drills, and then we got down to business. Unfortunately while drawing up the team in half and then playing, I found myself to be amongst two players. One of which hasn’t been on the ice for very long. I cannot say anything bad about him because I do not know him at all. Only that he is a very young player.
And the other player who should probably be off of ice entirely. Not to say that his skill isn’t great or that he sucks, but his foul attitude and the way he treats the assistants because he is that player’s brother, really does bother the rest of the team.
So anyway, after it all was said and done, I ended up with a hat trick. For those of you who do not know what that hockey term means, a “hat trick” in hockey means that I scored three goals in one game.
The day started out to be very difficult though when I had heard the news that our team captain was out for three months, due to a broken ankle. He broke it while participating in wheelchair basketball. So because he went and got wreckless in one sport and ended up with an injury, he’s not going to be participating in THIS sport for several months.
The personal relationship that I have between myself and the team captain is at best- strained. But I do try to keep a lid on it when I am on the ice. Still though, hearing that he wasn’t going to be joining us for the first few months, did cause me to grumble.
The sled hockey program has been going on since 2005. I have been playing since 2008. And I LOVE IT!!! Even after being named co-assistant captain of the team last season, I’ve still done whatever I could to help the team, both on and off of the ice. And I do need to work on that grumbling even when I am off of the ice.
This year though, we have an new addition to the team. I believe I’ve mentioned it before. Someone is coming in and taking care of the “behind the scenes” stuff for the team. Setting up dates and events and what not.
After our little icy war yesterday, we gathered outside and met with the family who has come in to help. We would all find out at the same time that we are about to embark on several different activities and events that would be so helpful for the team in the long run. More exposure and more face time with the general public to let them know that yes, we may be disabled, but we’re kicking your butts when you are standing there on the ice with us and we dance around you in semi-circles.
And it was confirmed that this team now is going to travel. The thought of it is quite exciting. A lot of the major activities and events however, will happen in the early months of 2012… and that is fine with the team, we’re just so happy that we get the opportunity to do this.
The sad part was hearing the news that with all of the fund raising opportunities that we have received, we are going to need a minimum of $3,000 this year. It will pay for the time on the ice for THIS season as well as for a few times from the last season.
Yesterday, was our first day. We had six people there. So I suppose that if each person can raise $500 a piece, that would take care of the minimum.
So if it comes down to having to use this blog to get the word out, in order to raise sufficient funds, then I will do it!
The other thing that was so disappointing was that our other co-assistant captain told me in the locker room that he will not be able to go with us on our first road event, which is in November. Meaning, I will be left to be the leader of the team. And I think that I can do the job, what is the sad part is that he is a very powerful player. So without him and without our team captain, we’re gonna have our butts handed back to us on ice. Leading the team is one thing, carrying them is another. To be honest, I am not looking forward to that. We can lose 100-0, but I’m not looking forward to doing all of the work on the ice. 5 against 1 is never fair.
So stay with me. The excitement comes and goes. Particularly after each Sunday when I have hockey. The soreness is always to come that night and into each Monday afterwards.
The events will begin in November. Then we’ll do more stuff in January and March.  I’ll never forget that feeling of playing on the ice in front of a sold out crowd of over 6,000 people for just a few minutes at an AHL hockey game. Probably the best night of my hockey career. And we’ll get to do that same thing again.
If you are willing to help. Leave a comment. Even if its fundraising ideas. All feedback is much appreciated.


“Leaving on a jet plane”~ John Denver.

Okay, I didn’t leave on a jet plane, I took the bus. It makes better sense to have taken the bus. Plus I didn’t even travel over 200 miles. I’m not going to pay over $300 just to go up into the hour for about 50 minutes only to come back down again.

But I have been away so that I could attend a show by SIX MINUTE CENTURY. Also to have a visit with romance author, Jessica Trapp. Whom I adore both professionally and personally.

And that is why I have been absent from posting anything as of lately. But I wanted to write this post for My subscribers and readers and let you all know that I am okay.

NO, I did not fall off the planet. I did not end up in the hospital, and I did not die. I have received scores of e-mails asking these questions. Good grief, people!! Control your cognitive distortions!!!!!

But I had a wonderful time while I was away. But tonight I am totally spent. But future blog posts will be written as I am able to get well rested again.

Oh!! I noticed that I had 59 views yesterday alone. Thank you to whomever decided to pillage through my posts. That is the most views in a day that I have had since the 2nd day this blog has been in existence!! Which that total number was 43. Those people who viewed my posts yesterday deserve a cookie. And as always, special thanks to the disciples of Dambreaker… Thank you for always having my back!!




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“If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is”~ a catchphrase used by the Better Business Bureau.

So here is my story as I see it. After having mixed feelings back and forth for about a month, I have come to my own conclusion that an opportunity that was presented before me, was in fact nothing at all.

I had been in contact with a certain team of individuals via Facebook for a short amount of time. After “getting to know them better”, an opportunity was brought to my attention. An opportunity where I was told that I could make some money. And I didn’t have to do too much at all in order to earn it. Right off the bat, it sounded too good to be true. Yet, I was trusting enough to see whether or not these people were actually good on their word. So I went with the flow.

The project was to be worked on in one month’s time. After that, would come the biggest pay that I would ever receive in my lifetime in one lump sum. This offer was given to a small number of people, and not just me. Whether or not the others took up this offer was of no concern to me. I did though, take up the offer and was ready, willing, and able to do whatever was necessary to see this project become successful. Even though throughout the month, I would weigh back and forth on whether or not this was going to be a legit deal.

One of the things that caught my attention that it would be fake, was the fact that the whole project was to be a secret. Why? We weren’t involved in any security measures or dealing with private sectors of life. But it was supposed to be kept a secret.

And then our project leader vanished for a long period of time. The project was pretty much decided on and really all that was needed was the fine tuning. But the majority of all decisions that were needed on this project were done. And the one month time period was coming to a close.

I was smart enough to ask just HOW we were expected to get paid. The response I received back was “A certified check in the mail”. And that would have meant that I would have actually give my address out to some people that I did not know personally. Such a dangerous and stupid thing to do!

And that was before the disappearance. Once that happened, my mind changed from being excited about this opportunity to more thinking that this project wasn’t much of a project at all. I had been warned by my family that all these people were going to do was steal my ideas and run off and make a ton of money. And I would be left with nothing.

The project wasn’t rocket science, so I thought that if that was the case… then they weren’t going to be able to run off with ideas of complete brilliance and win the Nobel Prize.

So the time passed. No word from anyone. And nobody else knew anything either. Until one day, out of the blue, the leader of the project showed up. They said that they had been out of town and was in Dallas at the time. When I told them just how close they were to me geographically, I could just tell that wonder and excitement filled their mind.

By the end of the day, that person and I were discussing whether or not they were going to have me fly to Dallas to hang out for a day or two so that we could meet. I didn’t mind so much, at that point there was nothing in my own mind that was telling me that this was all crap.

A few days went by and nothing. No trip to Dallas was planned. And all I would receive back was, “I’m working on it”.. well that is all fine and great but working on it doesn’t necessarily mean that it was going to happen.

I had been told that they were only going to be in Dallas for a short amount of time before they moved on to a different site in the state of Kansas.

Needless to say, that I never did find myself making plans to go to Dallas for a couple of days. And nobody knows (to this day) whether or not this person actually made it to Kansas either.

And that was was another idea that they had come up with. They were going to try their hardest to find a way to get me into Kansas instead. So they pushed the whole idea forward to another time and another place. Such a red flag!

Then the whole realization for me set in. I had questions. Basic and common questions:

  • When am I leaving?
  • How long will I be there?
  • Who is paying for it?
  • Where am I staying?
  • What will I be doing?
  • Who is coming to pick me up?
  • Will I meet you personally?
  • How much of this trip do I have to pay for out of my own pocket?
  • Is this going to lead to a job opportunity?

And many, many, many other pertinent questions. I would have to include that I would ask about the previous project that was worked on and whether or not, I was going to be paid for it. So I tossed that question in as well.

These were not difficult questions, these questions are pretty standard. So why the whole scene of dodging them was very confusing to me.

I had told that person that I was getting to the point where I was NEEDING that money for other things that were coming up that I had planned. That money that was promised to be paid for working on this project had been a factor in my future plans.

These questions went unanswered.

I had to ask again and again the same dumb questions until they were tired of hearing about it. And another red flag was added to the pile.

So then their response to me was that I was impatient and “good things come to those who wait”. Maybe. Maybe not. But still these were not specific questions. These were important and again….. so general. The information was needed so that I could plan properly while getting ready to travel on this trip. Information that would be necessary for ANYONE to make travel arrangements.

It dragged for a week. Finally, SOME of these questions had received a response. Not all of them though.

I was told that I could get a job. I was told that I would be meeting with someone to discuss the job as a recruiter for this particular company. I was told that I would be staying in a hotel. I was told that airfare and hotel costs were taken care of. I was also told that I would be flying into Kansas City, Missouri and then be picked up and driven into the state of Kansas. And I was told that this was going to happen on the 19th of July. And I was told that my flight was an open-ended ticket. Meaning I could fly back home on any day I wanted. (Today. Guess what?? I’m still at home.)

It was not enough information. WHEN on the 19th would I fly? Who was picking me up from my home? Who is paying for that pick-up service? And once I got this job, was it salary or just commission? And what was the percentage of the commission?

I pretty much had expected in the past two days to actually hear from someone, only to tell me that this idea was going to be postponed further into the future. I really did. When I realized that my questions were being dodged, that is when I felt that this was all just a bunch of crap. But I gave them a chance.

Today is the ninth straight day in which I have heard nothing back. What does that tell anyone? What should that tell anyone??

During those nine days in which I had waited, I did some searching online. Found nothing but pure negative comments about the company being a scam and what not. People who had become involved, were complaining that they never got paid what they were promised, if at all.

Some of my friends did the same thing and told me exactly the same over and over again. What they had found, was nothing but complaints of it being a scam.

But still, I gave these people a chance. Not like I was expecting anything by that time though. I had given up. A part of me wanted to hear their side of the story but I don’t think that I probably would have given then any benefit of any doubt.

When it comes down to people making plans or ideas, and they are always telling you to keep it a secret, then there’s something horribly wrong and that should be your first clue that whatever they are about to tell you is not true.

In this particular case, usually secrets are lies.

And when things constantly change like it was with me, that’s also another clue that whatever was being planned, is not true either.

But because of that short amount of time where I had truly believed that I would have been given a “certified check” for my help in this project, I now will not be able to get my ring out of the pawn shop. It was mentioned in an earlier blog.

I will not be able to go to Houston in August to see SIX MINUTE CENTURY play again. And I will not have any kind of savings from any money left over from the quick weekend trip to Houston, to be able to be set aside to go to Las Vegas to visit one of my best friends at a show in Caesar’s Palace some time in the future.

Those plans are gone. All because I believed in this.

On the other hand, I am happy and fortunate that I never given out my phone number, my street address, or any other personal information. Such as bank accounts or my social security. For that, I am happy.

I had prematurely told my family about this “wonderful opportunity” and they were skeptical long before I even began to be. They clearly were right to have been. I’m just so lucky that I made it out alive.

Yes… I allowed myself to be used and victimized. I am hoping and praying that the damage from this that will inevitably come will not be as severe as one could think. But in the end- LESSON LEARNED.

Oh! I just cannot stand it. “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!”.

I’m at the point where I do not know whether to scream or puke.

These plans are a very long time coming. I’m going to be leaving out of town for a few days and I am just so pumped out about. I made these plans back in February and now it is so close that I can definitely smell something. Maybe that’s just my own body though.

At this point in time, I’m left with just under 36 hours before I leave home and beginning my travel.

The main purpose of my travel, is supposed to be a surprise. So there will be no fine detail of where I am going and what I am doing. Only that I am excited to do the things that I plan on doing, and even more thrilled, excited, and stoked to finally meet the people that I am scheduled to meet. Thus, probably the desire to puke. Hopefully, not on them though! First impressions and all. It is true what they say about them.

I really am looking forward to taking this as an opportunity to do a little self-examination and reflection as well. Even though I am considering this trip “my mini-vaca”, I cannot think of the last time I took time for myself, all by myself. Probably not since I moved back from New England, which was in 2008. Even before that, my only travel was probably in 2007.

I just believe that there’s a lot of crap that I have in life. Stuff that I should fully get rid. Being away from home, will help me do that. I think it is the perfect chance!

I fully intend on having as much fun as possible. I have no expectations of this trip. Not of where I will end up, and not of those whom I will be around. The perfect example to avoid any disappointments. If one does not create expectations, then there is less chance of any disappointment. I truly believe in that.

So as I am gone, I will let come what will. And when I return, I should’ve had experienced a wonderful time. And I am sure to write a post about it in some way.

My only problem is the excitement is just bursting out of me!! I wished I was leaving NOW! I’m sure that many of you reading this can understand my feeling.