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Another milestone in this blog’s history came about today.  And I would be lying if I said that I was not proud of this unusual accomplishment.

This morning I noticed that I was close to reaching 140,000 total views. And now I have surpassed that as it goes beyond 140,100 total views.

So I figured that I would break it down awfully fast for those of you who cannot help it but live in a world of numbers.

It is true that I do not have as many followers/subscribers as I had hoped I would have at this point. Nonetheless I am happy to have what I DO have. But I would not have thought that I would reached this amount of total worldwide views so soon.

This blog post will be the 679th post for Dambreaker.

24 posts where someone left a comment. 296 comments total so far and 79 comments are from me personally responding back.

I have 125 total followers/subscribers at this point. bloggest

From the beginning, it has been 3 years, 5 months, and 21 days. Seven days short of saying “Three and a half exact years.” Or 3 years and 6 months. An exact total of 181 weeks.

This blog has been around for 1,267 days and counting.

Its been accessed through any random search engine 109,993 times. The top engines being Google Image searches 58,368 times. Google Search 31,614 times. Yahoo Image Search 10,824 times. And then Twitter 25 times.

People have clicked on the link on my personal Facebook page to read 4,043 times.

There’s only a few countries that the blog has not been accessed within (many countries from Africa):




Central African Republic

South Sudan

Western Sahara




Sierra Leone





I do not know if I ever will get someone from these nations to log on to my blog or not. But it would be really fantastic to say that each and every nation and country on the planet has viewed my blog at least one time. I suppose that I could do some research on these countries and then write about them and tag them and see what happens from there. I am not afraid to tag as I have 2,966 tags in total.

Naturally, since I am from the United States of America, it is the top accessing nation. Followed by United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, and India.


WordPress has changed the way it takes its stats on how many times a blog has been viewed in one day.

I normally check this several times a day. It is exciting to me.

I’ve come to realize that since I have been adding images into my blog posts that the blog itself has been receiving more views and more traffic. I wondered if that meant that I should be changing the content.

But I ruled against that. If people do not like what I am writing about, then they do not have to read any of my blog posts.

But with the change that came from WordPress, I can also see from which country the views are coming from. It is wild to see countries such as Syria, Turkey, India, France, China, Argentina, Poland, and other places across the world that have accessed this blog. It is my theory that they are using image searches and they access my blog posts even if they do not understand English.

The other views are coming in from word searches. “The Frontal Lobe” was written many months ago and is STILL one of the most viewed blog posts that I have. It was written for my best friend, but the blog post alone has been viewed over 1,000 times since I posted it.

I tend to worry about “The Frontal Lobe” though. I am hoping that if people are reading it, that they are actually getting something out of it. The other searches clearly are because of an image search.

So to those who are seeking information… I hope you found your view to whatever post you read, was helpful.

To those sex perverts, picture stealers, horndogs and other image searchers… you’re welcome. My total views go up even if you don’t read anything!