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An angry woman

“A man who has never made a woman angry is a failure in life.”~Christopher Morley

In my youthful age, I have been fortunate enough to pay attention to certain things that would to most, seem mundane and minimal. I thank my lucky stars to have the common decency and sense to remembered things that would later serve a purpose in life, no matter how large the scale.

I’m talking about the treatment of pregnant women by men.

And therefore I send forth my plea to men… PLEASE STOP PISSING OFF PREGNANT WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that by now, men in general realize not to mess with a woman who is dealing with her period. But there really can’t be much said for those who know not to, and still do it. These men are beyond help.

But it’s recently come to my attention that the hormones in pregnant women…. well… guys seriously, there’s no other way of putting it. If you mess with a pregnant woman, you’re gonna get tore up.

So now I give you the TOP FIVE incidents that I had personally witnessed to of men messing with a pregnant and the disastrous consequences thereafter. Of course, I believe this kind of thing happens every day, and it shouldn’t. But these are the ones that I am aware of.

Here we go!!!!

#5 – Little Rock National Airport. Mid-1980’s. My grandmother would often visit my family from Michigan. She would fly to Arkansas and spend what seemed like to us at the time, almost an eternity. But once the entire family went as we were giving grandmother a ride to the airport so that she could return home. She unfortunately had missed her flight. So she was made to wait for another flight to leave. And the family stayed. Meanwhile, there was a couple that was sitting directly behind my seat and I could overhear their conversations. Mainly because they were being loud and obnoxious. Ahh, young love in the 80’s!!!

So the woman told her lover/boyfriend/whatever, as she began to weep, that she went to her doctor and found out that she was about a month or so pregnant. To which the response out of him was “Ohhh thank God!! I thought it was you who was stealing my fuckin’ Star Crunches out of the pantry. Baby, I didn’t know how to tell you, but your booty is starting to get large.” 

About this time I did glance back behind me, only to find the woman’s hands around the guy’s throat as the man was drooling and slobbering on himself, gasping for air before airport security escorted both man and woman away, and in different directions with the assistance of local police. Portrait of angry lady with a bat

#4- Sedgewick County Zoo, Wichita, Kansas. Late 1980’s. After being at what I could gather was some random conference for teens, to learn about the dangers about teen pregnancies and what not, one female participant had apparently been feeling guilty because she was pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. The teen couple had taken the summer day off to go to the zoo and they happened to be at the tiger exhibit at the same time I was. To which the girl confessed that she was pregnant with his baby. (I could only make such a theory based on the t-shirts they both were wearing at the time.)

The boyfriend then did that stereotypical macho garbage move and told her that when they had left the zoo, that they were going to buy a home pregnancy kit. And if it came to be that she was in fact pregnant, that he was leaving her.

After a few seconds of cursing, religious blasphemy, and swearing, I was quickly moved on to the next area of the zoo for my own safety.

Later I would get ill from eating something bad at the concession stand at the zoo and would be still awake after my supposed “bedtime” and long enough to be awake for the late night news where it was then reported about how a young teenage girl was arrested for attempting to throw her boyfriend into the tiger cage. Luckily for him, the tigers were sleeping and didn’t notice anything.

#3- Wedding Reception. Rhode Island. 2008. During the time that I was with my last girlfriend, I as the “boyfriend” was swiftly taken away to the New England states in order to attend the wedding of my girlfriend’s older brother. It was a most uncomfortable scene as I was very much made aware that my girlfriend’s ex-husband was best friends with the groom-to-be and was going to be in attendance.

I did not see him at the wedding ceremony itself though. I’m getting off track here. Back to the reception.

At the reception, was a young newlywed couple of probably no more than five years. And the woman was pregnant and showing. And her misguided husband attempted to take the role of food patrol for his wife, very publicly announcing to her that she had “had enough” wedding cake to eat. (In reality, was only a second piece since the first one was so thinly sliced.)

Saying nothing to her husband, she handed him the cake and he turned away to look for a place to dispose of the unwanted pastry. Only for others there to have been there to witness the wife standing up, folding up her chair that she was sitting in and proceeding to beat the living shit out of her husband with it.

As I was given to understand, the ink on the divorce papers were dried and served. Evidently she had cleaned him out and took the children with her by the time I left my ex LESS than a year later.

#2- Fundraising sporting event. Austin, Texas. 2010. This one, I should admit to not witnessing…. but rather reading about it. And then speaking to someone who was actually there. But it was later reported to be true in the news.

After paying $50 a piece to see a baseball game that was going to be played by “local celebrities” and other noted citizens to battle cancer, a pregnant wife was having trouble getting up into the stands where her seat was, as was printed by her ticket. Her husband was nowhere to be found for assistance and she had to rely on the kindness of strangers to hold her by the hand so that she could walk up to her seat.

During the game, her water broke. And where was her husband? Chatting it up with a local FEMALE news anchor on the other side of the field, doing and talking about who knows what. She had sent her husband a text message to alert him that her water broke and their child was on the way to be born. To which the answer by her husband was “But the game isn’t even over yet. And I’m way over here. What do U want me 2 do about it??”

By the time the other spectators had helped her down the stairs from the stands and escorted her to her car, she took the keys herself, and drove over to the general location of her husband. But she was not there to pick him up, but to mow him down while the natural flow of things continued to ruin the husband’s vehicle’s upholstery on the driver’s side. Narrowly missing her husband, taking out a news camera that was standing on a tripod to record film of the game in progress and side-swiping her husband’s newly found company before driving off to the hospital alone. angry

#1- Lunch Out at Applebee’s. Austin, Texas. 2013. So by now a few people who have been reading this blog know that every once in a while, there will be an activity of going out to lunch with my neighbors of the apartment complex. And they also know that some of the neighbors love to pick on me because 99% of the time, I will order a dessert. And they just sit there eagerly awaiting to see what sugary delight I am going to order at the end of the meal.

The demise of the day: Triple Chocolate Meltdown.

And for once, someone ELSE overheard me talking and from that had based their decision that they too, wanted dessert. It was a pregnant woman who was sitting at a booth off to my left.

The man that was with her, presuming it was her husband or boyfriend. Or at the very least the father of her unborn child, he questioned her decision and asked her if whether or not she thought and felt that she was getting big enough. The reference being her pregnant belly as he pointed to it.

The expecting mother reached across the table to slap him, knocking over his iced tea in the process that splashed all over his nice work clothes and neck tie. So in a sense, a double whammy. First the slap, then the spill. Growing up, we used to call them “two-fers” because two things happened in one instance.

The man got up and looked at her wondering why in the world she would do something to him like that and yelled “What the fuck is your problem?” and then proceeded to freak out about his clothes and whether or not he was going to make it to his rather important meeting after they had finished with lunch.

Why do people seem to think its okay to scream obscenities at the top of their lungs when in public???? I’ve never understood that.

So anywhoodles… the pregnant woman ambled her way to her feet and straightened herself out before lifting her leg behind her and putting as much force behind the swing through. The result was that she had kicked him square into the testicular regions, where he had lost all fortitude and then said back to him, “Just order the goddamned dessert and shut the fuck up. Its because of YOU that I’m like this. Remember that!!!

Needless to say that I took an alternate route to leave the restaurant as I did not want to feel any kind of residual wrath that may be lingering. The man just sat there in silence with tons of sweat pouring from his forehead as his face turned all kinds of colors in his face, but he never said another word for as long as I was sitting there.

I honestly could go on, but these are only FIVE examples. The history of the world is flooded with these kinds of things begginghappening because someone said something to a pregnant woman. And honestly………. its not that difficult, WATCH WHAT YOU SAY!!

This is why some women get away with murder. I’m just saying!

A person should watch what they say in the first place, but especially around pregnant women. Because much like a woman who is experiencing her “time” of the month, you never really know what’s going to set her off and what she is capable of doing.

So this is basically a Dambreaker PSA for you. I AM PLEADING…. STOP PISSING OFF PREGNANT WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guarantee you– you will live much longer.

At the time I came along, Hollywood’s idea of teen movies meant there had to be a lot of nudity, usually involving boys in pursuit of sex, and pretty gross overall. Either that or a horror movie. And the last thing Hollywood wanted in their teen movies was teenagers!”~ John Hughes

This blog post contains subject matter that some may find offensive. Please use discretion if you are easily offended or repulsed by controversial subject matters which include extreme violence, gore, and sexual situations that appear in films.

This past weekend, I was surprised to see some of the people in which I had subscribed to on YouTube who are known for making movie reviews. The movie that they were reviewing and making videos for, was Human Centipede 2.

Not having seen the first film, I didn’t know anything about this sequel. Other than everyone who was reviewing this film on YouTube, was disgusted by it. So instead of paying out of my pocket to watch this film online, I decided to research it and find out just what it was all about.

They were right. This movie, based on an article that had written the plot of the film, is really disgusting. But like I said, I cannot compare it to the first one because I have seen neither film. And wouldn’t you know it, there are plans for making Human Centipede 3 next year, and it is supposed to be even more gross and shocking than number two!!

How they will pull that off, based solely on what I read about the sequel, is beyond me!!!!!!

But my lack of interest in seeing this film caused me to research other films which had been given the label of “sickest films of all time”.

I have seen plenty of horror films in my lifetime. I have seen lots of slasher and gore films as well. Most exploitation films that I have seen, were made for one purpose: shock value. Some of them, actually fit the bill.

Slasher films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Last House on the Left, etc. I actually would learn that they were (at the time) banned in many different countries across the world. And that got me going on finding a worldwide list of banned films, categorized by country.

It didn’t really surprise me too much that the USA didn’t have a very long list of films that are “banned”.

I have seen rape and revenge films, such as I Spit On Your Grave which was made in 1978. I recall renting the Director’s Cut from a local video store, and just squirming during the brutal rape scenes. It too, was banned in some parts of the world.

Day Of The Woman/ I Spit On Your Grave (1978)

The rape scenes are so intense and very long in length. But of course comparing them to standards in which rape scenes are filmed in the 21st Century, one could say that it was “tame”. But rape scenes in films are horrible, period.

However, the second half of the film was the woman finding her revenge against those who attacked her. Their killing and mutilation (upon the first time watching this) caught me in a flurry of cheers for the woman in screaming, “GET THEM ALL!!!!”.

One of the movie’s taglines was “Not a jury in the world would convict her.” Well, no… because she didn’t leave much evidence behind by the end of the film to what she had done to her tormentors.

There’s even a category called “Sexploitation”. One of the films which some define under this category is Showgirls. When I saw that film, I actually believed it to be a waste of my time.

But going back to the brutality of content in films, which caused so much controversy in the world. I kept seeing a list of films that were made (and most of them banned for a while in countries worldwide) that were deemed the worst of all.

Most of these films I have never seen before. But some of them for whatever reason got my curiosity up about them.

Films such as 120 Days of Sodom which is an Italian horror film made in 1975. I thought to myself “What could POSSIBLY be so disturbing about a film that was made back then??”.

I’ve seen Caligula. The full length and uncut version of it. It even had eminent actors such as Peter O’Toole and Helen Mirren. The sexual content of the film included scenes of an orgy, incest, and homosexual fellatio. That last part right there actually turned my stomach. The “gore” of it though, wasn’t as shocking to me as it may be to others.

And then I would read about the film and its plot.

This movie was based off the writings of the Marquis de Sade. That right there, should tell the view of the film something. The violence is supposed to be very shocking with the mutilation and death of some of the characters. The idea of rape against characters who were supposed to be children is also vile. And then you have coprophagia. UGH!!!

I have already had my fair share of watching scenes in films of coprophagia when I saw 13:Game of Death, (aka 13: Game Sayong or 13 Beloved) and even though I laughed at the rest of the people that I was watching the film with, it was something that I had to research to prove to my ex that the scene was fake and NOT real. Plus it was subtitled since it was made in Thailand, which does take a little bit away from the experience of watching a film because one who cannot read fast will miss out on a lot of things that are happening in the film.

Still, it was gross enough. And never again…. or not?!?

So I don’t know if I really want to watch 120 Days of Sodom based purely on that fact. I’m guessing that the violence in it is not as graphic as films are today. But just that one subject matter makes me tremble to think of what it might be.

Another one I was able to watch someone do a review for was called A Serbian Film. Tons of extreme violence, sex, and even the inclusion of children. Ehhh… I don’t know about that one either.

Visions of Ecstasy

One more film that was banned was called Visions of Ecstasy. Which was banned in the UK for blasphemy.

The only film in the world to be banned for that reason.. I think. That one, I have to double check. But again, its based on the TRUE writings of Saint Teresa from Spain. And its only 18 minutes long.

But I think that certain topics and subject matter in films cause certain controversy. For sure, I think that society finds things repulsive and disgusting if it deals with animals and/or children.

Other things like religion also get controversial as well. I mean The Life of Brian was banned for many years in many countries. And that was just satire humor… with a religious element.

How some of these horror films actually get through censorship boards is really, beyond my comprehension. But I can take a slasher film or a gore film and watch it. It doesn’t really bother me much at all. Because I know that its not real. And no, I will not go into the urban legend of the snuff film. I’m just saying that the levels of violence, blood, and gore keep going up with each decade and the changing of society and its morals and what is deemed “okay”. After all, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is STILL banned in a few places.

But there are some films that I don’t think that I will ever be able to “unsee” once I’ve seen them. Some that I had never had watched in the first place. I’ve made those mistakes too many times.

So I have to make a decision on where I draw the line. Where is it that I will lay the boundaries and say “I’m NOT going to watch this film!”. It is personal decision that can only be made by that individual. Some can handle such plots of violence and gore, and others cannot.









Certain things that happen, shape us for who we are. We have our joyous moments and we have our depressive times. I believe that whatever comes our way, builds our character and helps to mold us into the person that we become.

We gain strength through our struggles, and share in celebration of our accomplishments.

This post however, deals with personal traumatic experiences. Most of us have gone through them. Many of us who have survived them are able to carry on. But some have difficulty with their previous experiences. In other words, some do well… some do not.

Yesterday evening, I went to the store to pick up some bread and other items. It was not far from my home so I was able to get out and go and come right back. When I was exiting the store, life has we know it was carrying on. Until a man showed up around the corner. He was approaching from the opposite direction. And then a moment later, he brought a pistol and fired it until it was empty. I had enough sense and probably the best of instincts to abort from my wheelchair and kiss the concrete before anything had happened and stayed there until the loud popping had stopped. (I was not injured or hurt. Neither was anyone else.)

The only casuality, was the bread. Instead of hamburger buns, it had turned into thinly sliced bread. Still, I can use it though!

Certain situations like these, are what I believe to cause people to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Other situations such as assault, rape, and war also are known to cause post-traumatic stress disorder.

What I am finding rather odd, is that my mind is not filled with re-living last night’s events. But my mind is focused more on the assault from last January where it had become a situation of life and death and doing what I had to do in order to protect myself.

There are no feelings of being afraid or scared. Only feelings of just being really pissed off. Frustration, anger, and the continuous attempts of trying to make sense of everything that happened so long ago.

For many people who deal with this kind of thing, it is possible that a little extra help might do them some good. A friend, a caring person, a smile, and a listening ear.

Some survivors actually would benefit from going a step further and seeking therapy to allow themselves to think and feel without judgement and release their fears and feelings about what had happened to them. Thus I believe that it does help with the healing process from their mental anguish.

Therapy is not the devil. Going to therapy also does not automatically imply that you are crazy, or you are the weakest person on the planet. In fact, therapy is a sign of courage and strength, and it shows you have the desire to make things better in your life instead of just allowing the problems to eat you up inside.

I would actually applaud those who actively seek therapy as a tool for mental health. The strength and empowerment one can receive by going to therapy can be limitless. When I hear someone tell me that they are considering or have started to go to therapy, my response is always the same, “GOOD FOR YOU!”.

Personally, I am no stranger to it. How else would I know so much about cognitive distortions??

To say or believe that you are weak, because you need a little extra help, is a lie!! Don’t be influenced by society and peers to control you in what you should do with your life. Find the help and allow yourself the opportunity to live your life by your own choices and not the choices of others because they are ignorant. Even the world’s strongest man has days of weakness.

Find out for yourself whether or not it is right for you. And if you do decide to seek help– GOOD FOR YOU!! Just stick with it. Results are not going to happen overnight. Allow yourself the time your body and mind will need to adjust and heal.

And for those reading who have a personal relationship with me: I am doing okay. I’m angry of course. But also know that I slept very well last night and I’m not sitting on the couch, staring at the ceiling re-living it over and over again. Physically, I’m uninjured. The guy’s aim pretty much SUCKED. Nobody else was hurt. And its rumored he had his ass kicked while in a holding cell after he was hauled to jail. Whether or not that is true does not matter to me. I am alive!!