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“Happiness consists more in the small conveniences of pleasures that occur every day, than in great pieces of good fortune that happen but seldom to a man in the course of his life.”~ Benjamin Franklin

Hang on tight because some of you are not going to believe this!

This evening, I was very proud to hear that a band that I follow, ECHO TEMPLE, was going to be played on Internet radio, Q102.. An Internet radio station out of Arlington, Texas.

Q102 has something called “Lone Star Metal Mondays” from 9 PM until midnight Texas local time. Central time zones for those of you counting.

So it slipped my mind around 9:29 or so before I turned it on. And I was honored to be chatting via Facebook to guitarists John Wisser and Sean Turcott from the band along with Sean’s beautiful wife, Claudia.

John and I however were complaining mostly about the genre specifics of what kinds of metal the radio station was playing all this time. I know that members of ECHO TEMPLE and other fans were just waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.

I mentioned to John that I would receive extra bonus stoked points if the DJ played “Witch” that happens to be my #1 favorite song of all time from ECHO TEMPLE.

John  Wisser kind of giggled and shrugged it off. But more and more and more and more of the same growling, snarling, screeching “Cookie Monster” type of vocals kept getting played. 0witch

Knowing that the radio show would go until midnight, I warned John Wisser that I would be most pissed off if the DJ waited and did not play ECHO TEMPLE until 11:53 PM, which in essence would be just enough time to play “Witch” and then be off the air at 12:00 Midnight. I told John Wisser that I was going to punch the DJ in the Bojangles. And again, for those keeping score: I was meaning that I would punch him in the balls.

Then I noticed Epic Death was on the air. And it sounded familiar. Then Helstar, which WAS familiar.

I mentioned to John Wisser that they were playing bands out of Houston in a block. Things suddenly got exciting. But then it broke off to a song from the thrash metal band Exodus.

At long last finally, I noticed the next song about to be played.

I was correct the entire time.

“Witch” was the song that was chosen to be played on air over the Internet.

I looked at my watch and realized the time.

It was incredible because in Texas the time was 10:53 PM.  And in New York City and locations within the Eastern Time Zone, it was (as mentioned hours before) 11:53 PM. In which I was joking that would be the time that they would play the song on the air.300oracle

So even though I was off by one time zone, it still was the right time.

It was very, VERY ironic that I could have been so specific. And that I was right on one example and if you wanted to stretch it, I was dead on with another.

Predicting which song that was going to be played on air and at what time, just off by one time zone.

I AM .. the fucking Oracle!
Just…. not as hot as the one in the film “300” and so forth.

Anyone else wanna take a chance with my new-found ability?????