Marriage Proposal Uproar

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband. “~ Michel de Montaigne

This afternoon, I heard the horrendous roar overhead. I was annoyed because I was taking a nap. So I went outside and looked up to see what was going on.

There was an airplane flying low in the sky, carrying a banner for someone’s marriage proposal.

It circled by time after time after time.

But I noticed something very strange. There was no name attached to it. It didn’t specify who the marriage proposal was for OR who it was from.

I watched as this plane cruised towards downtown.

I was horrified. How many other people saw it? And worst of all, how many romantic couples had seen it AS a couple?? Men all across town who are taken are in grave, grave danger!!!

I would hate to be in downtown today. Who knows what kind of trouble that simple error which could have been avoided, has caused??

I’m all for creativity. And I’m all for love. But blank proposals like this could destroy the reputations of people. And I wonder if the person for which it was intended had actually seen it? And even more curious- did she say YES??

C’mon guys! I know that it can make you nervous to pop the question to you girl. But you’ve gotta be a little more thorough than this.

And ladies tell me truthfully: Whether your man forgot to include your name on the aerial banner, if he pointed it out that it was meant for you, would you say YES?

What is the most romantic proposal that you have heard of? Was yours romantic or fun?


  1. sashamashenka says:

    I don’t think I would have said yes to such an ambiguous proposal as the one you write about, but perhaps that’s just me.

    I have never known of a real life romantic proposal, personally. I have been genuinely proposed to four times by four different men and none was romantic. The man I married didn’t propose.

  2. First off, I agree that it was a pretty foolish thing to send an anonymous marriage proposal hurtling through Austin’s airspace. I’m a fan of standing by your words, if you have something to say.

    I would have said “Yes,” though, and here’s why. I was ready to marry my husband by the time he asked me, and I’m different from most women. (We don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, and I despise receiving flowers because… 1: it’s not a gift that will last; 2: receiving dead things for a gift seems depressing; 3: I’d prefer to receive a potted plant instead, so that it can continue to bloom in the future, not something that’s going to turn brown on my kitchen counter in a few days) I am the least superficial woman I can think of. For me, it’s not the manner of the asking, it’s the timing and situation of the relationship itself. If we were both ready to marry and he asked me to look up as a plane went by saying “Will you marry me??”, I’d say yes. If we weren’t ready, I’d have said “No,” regardless of the effort that had gone into the proposal.

    Our actual proposal was quite nice, though very private. He took me to the park we’d had our first date in, and we were very much alone (because it was November and not many people are up for a stroll in the park when it’s cold outside). He used his class ring because he could not afford an engagement ring for me. I didn’t even hesitate to say “Yes.”

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