Six Minute Century: Time Capsules

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YEAR: 2008


Chuck Williams-Vocals
Don LaFon-Guitar
Darren Davis-Drums
Michael Millsap-Bass

(current line-up) 



Six Minute Century is a prog/power metal band from Houston, Texas. The band was formed in 2004 playing locally in Houston. My introduction to the band was through MySpace. Their four full-length song demo is was got my attention. One song remains my all time favorite from that list. But since buying the CD, other tracks on the album tend to find their way to my ears repetitively. I do not want to spoil the entire CD for those who have had the greatest opportunity to hear it. So I will concentrate on a few tracks. I understand that this album was released in 2008, but this is the first time I have been able to hear all ten tracks of the CD because I only purchased it as of a few days ago.


UNDER THE MOONLIGHT: A song that almost immediately flows through my circulatory system with what I can only describe as a gothic-style of a pipe organ. The senses begin to relax and its easy to get lost into a beginning stage of meditation, just before lead guitarist Don LaFon comes in with a heavy, powerful sound that smashes your face in like your grandfather’s old 1950s Louisville Slugger. It bites down and doesn’t let go. A nightmare tale of a vampire.


APRIL 19, 1995: A song that deals with the story of the tragic story of the Oklahoma City Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Lyrically, a chilling recollection of what happened that day, which was the worst act of terrorism on US soil (until 9/11/2001). I get the sense that lead vocalist, Chuck Williams, wrote this song to express his emotions and sadness and wanted to put it in the face of Timothy McVeigh as he sits in prison, awaiting his execution.


ZERO HOUR: This is my ultimate, all-time favorite track from Six Minute Century. It deals with the war in the Middle East. Again, lyrically, it paints such a vivid picture of realism that you can actually see the visions of war in your head. The phrase, “LET FREEDOM RING!” rings out and it just gets my blood pumping into over seven minutes of headbanging fury, pride, and good ole heavy metal music.


HEAVEN’S GATE: This track is clearly is about the cult in San Diego called “Heaven’s Gate”. Don’s crushing riffs starts it off to an absolute brute force. Including the incredible drumming coming from Darren Davis, pairing up with high velocity vocals. Its definitely becoming another favorite of mine.


Chuck Williams has a vocal range so strong and wide that I cannot even begin to think of who to compare it to. Listening to him gives me chills. I believe that Chuck is in a class of its own. Much like the guitar styles of Don La Fon. It just makes me want to throw the double horns up in the air. I cannot think of anyone who could be in comparison. My personal feeling is that I would not want to compare them to any one at all. But for those who do not know Six Minute Century, its difficult to pinpoint it exactly. I have read other reviews, and they continually mention other bands such as Dream Theater, Symphony X, Dio, Fates Warning, Kamelot, and TNT. And as headlining as these bands may be, I caution the move to push them side by side with Six Minute Century.


I have not seen them live on stage. But I have had the chance to e-mail them personally and talk about upcoming projects and events that the band may have in the works. They are in the recording studio, working on their second album. I have publicly expressed my support since I was introduced to them, which is probably around the time that TIME CAPSULES was released by Nightmare Records. From that point, I have expressed my desire to see them perform in person. From that point on, members of the band and other personal supporters have sent me the beginnings for a perfect collection for the avid Six Minute Century fan. To which I am extremely thankful. They have scratched my back and now I am scratching theirs. But keep in mind that this review would still be written without it. This is far from a professional music review, but it is my review nonetheless. And I do wish to share it with the rest of you.

Let’s hope at some point the day of fulfillment will come and I will be able to make it to one of their shows soon in the very near future.

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