Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Uncategorized
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No matter how long it takes, we will find you!

The military of the United States of America has done their job.

Now that we’ve been hearing that Bin Laden is dead, Americans have been more or less celebrating.
Many are rejoicing. A lot of them, so overwhelmed with excitement that they are unable to restrain themselves from their inner jubilation.
And yet, not even a full twelve hours after President Obama spoke to the nation, and to the world and confirmed the news, I have heard some people talking about how we shouldn’t “glorify death”.
Umm… what?!?
People- Americans are NOT glorifying the death of Bin Laden. But rather we are rejoicing in the comforting notion and thought that he is no longer able to cause bloodshed and destruction. He can no longer destroy what freedoms and peace we have in this nation. This is by far, is not a glorification of death!!
Bin Laden was an enemy of the nation. He was an enemy to the world. Including those whom he wished to have died because of his radical thoughts of interrupting peace.
The United States military did what they had to do: Their job. And that means to defend and protect our country. Even if it means war.
The United States of America now has their justice for the horrible attacks that took place on 9/11 because of Bin Laden. Those whom we loved and lost, the innocence gone. We did not attack him. He attacked US! Why? Because he threw a temper tantrum because the leaders of Saudi Arabia chose to allow the United States to help with the liberation of Kuwait. Bin Laden wanted his group of people to get rid of Hussein’s troops out of Kuwait. But he did not get what he wanted. So he decided that he would attack the United States of America.
And now look at him today. He started a fight, and he lost. Paying the ultimate price for it.
It definitely isn’t over, now that he is dead. I really don’t believe that it is. For sure there will be some group of people who will want their retaliation. And they will try! But our military is strong. We have held our resolve and position since this started and we have not backed down.
“Frothtonomy” has it right today. In his blog entry, he mentioned that the United States of America didn’t ask for this. The same as we did not ask the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor which led us into World War II.
If history teaches us anything, its that if you mess with us… you’re gonna get it!! We are going to MESS YOU UP when we get to you!!!
No matter how long it takes we will find you. And we will have our justice. Freedom isn’t free. But we as a nation, will do whatever it takes to make sure that we have our freedom.
With the fact of people so excited and happy about the news about the death of Bin Laden, there’s been a lot of them who just haven’t had a lot of self control. But you know what? That’s just how emotion works. I may not agree with what they have to say, you may not agree either. But to actually tell them that they are wrong or ask them, “How could you?” isn’t the right response just because you disagree.
After a while, the over the top reactions will cease. But the opinion of the country and of the world will remain the same. We rejoice that this evil man can no longer hurt anyone.
So allow people their emotions. Allow people there opinions. If you are someone who disagrees, fine then. Just because a few MILLION people are excited that we as a nation finally got what we have been wanting for almost ten years, doesn’t make us bad people. And it should not annoy you as much as it does.

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