P.S.A. #3 Football Season

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
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As many of you know, this is the second weekend of the college football season for 2011-12.

Dear wives and/or girlfriends of men who cannot seem to live without college football:

Fear not! Your relationship is not in trouble!! It is only on “hold”, if you will.

Now I know, a lot of you complain about your man going crazy and losing his mind and all of that. But that doesn’t mean you are losing him. Listen to me: It only means that he is going to be distracted for a few hours every Saturday for a while.

And it won’t be permanent. Depending on what team your man is cheering for, it will only last until near Thanksgiving. Which still is in late November. So if your man is cheering for a team who sucks? Just hold on until Thanksgiving, and you’ll be fine.

But if your man is cheering for a team that wins? Well, if you can wait until Thanksgiving, then you’re almost done. There will be MAYBE a Saturday or two after that where your man suddenly for a few hours won’t know the difference from his hand to his ass. Be patient! He will be hoping that there will be one last game at the end of the year, or at the beginning of 2012. But you will definitely have him back for the holidays.

So then let’s review:

Every Saturday (either afternoon or evening) for about three and a half hours, then the other six days out of the week, he is all yours.

This will continue until the end of November, every Saturday for about three and a half hours. If his team sucks.

If his team wins, this will continue until the end of November. And probably into the first or second Saturday of December, with a few weeks break until the absolute final game that they will play, called a “bowl game”.

BUT: If you are the kind of woman who loves her pigskin? Then you have got it made in the shade. You are probably sitting right next to your man every single second, every Saturday. Congratulations!

So the key is to hang on for a few hours, one day out of the week, for the next few weeks. Unless your man is into the NFL as well. If so, that goes on longer, and I cannot help you as I am not a huge fan of the NFL. That takes up more than just one day out of your week!!

And to the men out there, forgetting that you got a good woman. Remember this:

I do have my favorite college football team that I love to cheer for, whether or not they have a winning season or not. Just like you.

BUT I DO NOT HAVE CABLE, and network channels commonly do not show my team. So then what does that mean??

So when you’re off in La-La Land because you wanna cheer for your team, and be with the guys, and totally forget that one person in your life, called a wife or girlfriend? “I am” most likely on the Internet, chatting with her.

Thank you. 


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