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“Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb about.”~ Solomon Short


Earlier this afternoon, I was waiting on my physical therapist to stop by and I decided to occupy myself with a bit of light house cleaning.
I found this very small brown paper bag just laying there on the desk and I picked it up. From there, I blew it up and then I popped it.
The echo of the POP filled my ears to the point that the only way I can describe it was a “sting” for about a second and a half.
Only seconds went by when there was a knock on my door.
A neighbor came to check to see if I had been wounded because they thought they heard a gun shot.
There’s no carpets in my home, so the sound carried for sure. But they thought that someone was in here that shouldn’t have been.
I explained that there was nobody else in here but me and they didn’t seem to buy it at first. But they soon left.
Five minutes later, there was a VERY LOUD knock on the door and a shout on the other side.
The police department came over, guns drawn, and asked me for indentification. They entered my home and looked around with their weapons in the air. I was removed from my home and questioned.
I was asked questions like, “Do you own a gun?”, “Have you lately been in a domestic dispute within my home?”. Then flat out… “Did you fire a gun at all today?”.
When they found the brown paper bag in the trash with a hole in the bottom, they figured out what had happened. They questioned me whether or not I popped a brown paper bag, and I told them that I had.
At the point when they allowed me to enter my home again, I clapped and allowed them to hear the great boost in acoustics. The law enforcement officers shook their head, cautioned me about doing it again and then wished me a good night.
As needless as it was for them to be here, it was in fact a good idea that someone called. Just in case it MIGHT have been an actual gun being fired.
But in this case, it was just a simple brown paper bag meeting its ultimate end.