Money For Blogging & The Chicks For Free!

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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“The use of money is all the advantage there is in having it.”~
Benjamin Franklin

So in the past few days, I’ve received several comments about my blog as a whole. The overall opinion was that my blog is good and enjoyable. And just recently I was told that I should be proud of my blog. It was probably the best compliment about it that I have received since the Great Adulation E-mail of May of 2011.

I was also told that it is consistent. Thank you!

Don’t get me wrong, I AM very proud of my blog. I just sometimes wonder just how well it is doing. Not so much by how many times a day its being viewed but if whether or not the information that is within each post is actually helping someone out there in this world. It is very much so consistent as I have more time to work with it than others do. That’s just the way it is.

Millions of people have blogs. I know several people who do. But they don’t have the opportunity to write as much as they want. And I think that is okay. There are no rules when it comes to what a blogger must do and how often they must do it.

But because I am in a very unique situation, it got me thinking. So I did some research about getting paid for blogging. Sadly though, there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the thought of getting paid for your blog posts.

There are numerous people that will pay you for your blog. But it is not as simple as writing, submitting, and getting paid. Almost all of the websites that I searched are looking for specific material within a blog post, and your post has to be reviewed then ACCEPTED before they even pay. The key there is that your blog post submission must be approved first. And chances are that you might not even be considered. There’s always that possibility.

Most that I saw said that you would get paid “within two weeks” or even “in about a month”. Which is fine if you have the patience to wait. But it is for sure that not everyone who is going to accept your blog post will be desperately trying to get to the post office to mail you a check that very moment. If you are hoping to receive a quick and immediate response then you are probably going to be disappointed.

The other thing that I found is that your dreams of making tons of cash aren’t really all that realistic. A majority of those companies and websites that are willing to pay you for your blog posts offer “up to $100 per post.”

$100 could be a lot of money to someone. But there is no guarantee that you are going to receive $100 for each post, the catch is in the phrase: UP TO that much money. So they could accept your blog post, decide to pay you, send a check in the mail, and you have received only $10. And that will put a damper on your dreams about becoming rich within a year having lots of cash and a myriad of girlfriends at your disposal.

Suddenly, your hidden desires of starting a harem don’t seem all that obtainable.

None of this is to say that you WON’T make good money for blogging. Only that you won’t become instantly rich. A person probably could make a decent amount of money in blogging, but they’ve got to have the patience and the fortitude to keep at it all of the time, even if they are rejected. Sending submissions to more than one place would be the thing to do. The more you send, the better your chances of becoming approved.

Being discouraged at constant rejection will not get you anywhere. You have to be able to dust yourself off from each rejection and keep trying until you are able to be approved. Your goals should be reasonable as well. If you are okay with making a few hundred dollars over the span of several months, then it could be very beneficial for you.

As always, you must always read the fine print before submitting. Certain websites have certain guidelines. If you don’t abide by their guidelines then you won’t get paid. So always read everything you can about the website and what they are looking for in a paid blog post. Make sure you have followed everything as they are expecting and you will be fine.

Like I said, I do not know if I have ever helped anyone in any situation from them reading any of my blog posts. I do know that a few people enjoy reading it because it gives them the opportunity to get to know me better. I’m not sure if I could say that I’ve made someone’s life better because they read it one of my posts.

And I have not made up my mind about whether or not I will try submit a blog for pay. I would not want to end up having this blog become lacking. I just realize the fact that I’m not going to end up being able to buy a new home and have tons of money to spend. And the women won’t be knocking down my door either.


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