Never Take Advantage Of What You Have Today

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”~William Shakespeare 

I am writing this because I felt it to be important to share. Then I will go on with the request of writing about how I met my fifth future ex-wife a few years ago and blew it.

I was reminded by some song lyrics about a few things. In general, we should never take advantage of what we have today, because we could surely lose it by tomorrow.

Through these song lyrics that I was reading, I was reminded about how wonderful life is when you have people that are close enough to you in your life to be able to call them “friends”.

People establish relationships all of the time, and they come to us in various ways in life.

And I do use the term “relationship” when it comes to referring to those people that I consider my friends, even though a lot of the time it makes some of them who are of the opposite sex a little nervous. After all, you do RELATE to people in many ways who are your friends. It just so happens that a lot of people that I relate to, and have become friends with are women. That’s just the way it is with me.

But this moment had made me stop and think about those friends that I have in my life. Some are closer to me than others. A few know some of my worst and darkest moments as well as my happiest times in my own life. And they know every single detail to it all.

Others are there, but only at arm’s length. Yet they are there.

It all boils down to a matter of trust in that other person and their trust in me. And that’s where it had struck me that all of us should NEVER take advantage of the relationships and friendships that we have in life.

I certainly have no relationships in my life because I deserve it or it was owed to me. I have relationships and friends because I have EARNED it.

We make the decisions of who we keep close. Not because we feel compelled to do so.

There’s nothing worse for me in my life than to know that I once had a friend and then they left because of something that I had said or did in order for the other person to feel that they must terminate it.  And there are those who are so careless with what they have that they can’t even hold on to what they have. Instead they keep on in their routine and eventually something ends for them. Only for them to replace it and their cycle repeats.

As far as it relates to people and those who I call “friends”, its not anything that I would dare dream of doing to them. It kills me deep inside whenever someone has made their own decision to walk away because of whatever error I had done to them. And in the end after the fire is gone and the smoke has cleared, its up to me whether or not I have learned that lesson to never repeat such a mistake with other people in my life.

But I also must keep in mind that with my friends there has been ZERO obligation. These people are not obligated to do anything with me. It remains because of a strong and mutual desire to have one another in our lives. And usually there is a bond. That bond is the glue that keeps things going.

I had reminded myself that I should never take advantage of anyone who has come into my life because they do not owe me anything. But rather I should cherish each and every moment that I am able to spend with each of them and be thankful that I do have them in my life.

And I am thankful. My heart is filled with appreciation and joy for each and everyone of them. Both present and past. I do my best to convey that message with them to the best of my abilities. Sometimes I hit the mark, other times I do not. And even though I may miss, I have to have faith that they somehow know.

We place a lot of trust in people. And that really should count for something. It definitely tells you that there is this level of trust and faith that others have IN YOU, and you should never take advantage of that. Because once that trust and faith is gone? Chances are, either you’ll have a very difficult time earning it back or you will never get it back at all.

I am thankful for the expression of emotions and feelings through song lyrics. I am very passionate about music in my own way. And through this recent experience, I am so thankful that I actually did remind myself of what I have today, because God knows that I’ve done nothing to deserve it!

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