19 April 2013: Feckless With Six Minute Century

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“On that day of infamy, April 19th, I cried myself to sleep.”~ “April 19, 1995” by SIX MINUTE CENTURY

Ohh yes. It was time. And a time was had. For those of us who were there.

But of course its not without its story, or otherwise, its blog post.

To say that the evening was epic would not quite reach the true meaning. Don’t get me wrong, it was the best show that I had ever seen from beginning to end.

But to say that the atmosphere was feckless, describes it better.

Yes, that is a real word. Feckless. A synonym of that word has been said to be “Not giving a shit.”

However I did give enough to be down there. Even though it was extremely risky for me to go on a trip like that, still being as sick as I am.

The downside of it was that by the time that day came, I was out of the “good stuff” for medicine. I did have a back up, and that helped me. Of course I didn’t give a shit after I took the medicine. So again, feckless.

Weird how prescription medication works on people!

The Brat (seen in red)

The Brat (seen in red wearing a ponytail)

I was shocked to see our beloved redheaded brat at the bus station in line on her way to Houston. I didn’t think that in a million years that I would ever see her again. You will remember from an earlier post that this was the one that complaining to who I thought was her father, to try and get her to leave her alone. Acting all kinds of bratty. Then had no choice when the bus got full to sit where she was backwards on the bus and looking right at me the entire time… only to cuss me out for no reason after I got off the bus when I got back home.

I took this photograph of her while she wasn’t looking. And never made eye contact with her during the time we were waiting for the bus. I never saw her get on and I never saw her get off the bus either. And that’s just fine.

Once I got to Houston, things got a bit rocky though.

My card was declined at the hotel. Long story short, banks suck. But eventually I got through and got to my room. I had several hours before I would be picked up by Dr. & Mrs. Froth and I was so tired, frustrated, and already hurting a little bit. I could have slept for a little while, but didn’t want to miss my ride. So I forced myself to stay awake and watch television.

I took some medicine and very shortly after that, I received word that Froth was on the way to pick me up. Naturally, I felt just fine by the time they got to the hotel.

Its April. That means time to celebrate the birthday of Chuck Williams.

I realized that my very first show was also an April show, back in 2011. So I have been going to SIX MINUTE CENTURY shows (when I can) for two solid years now.

So on with the show!!!

First up, was a band that Chuck Williams had invited to come perform at BFE Rock Club. Hear N’ Ade.

I really impressed with the band. Not knowing anything about them or the band to follow. I tried my best to look up anything on them as possible, but I guess I was looking in the wrong direction. Still, I was very very much impressed with the band. I told them that I wanted to see them closer to where I am, but they want that audience guarantee that I cannot give them. Oh well.

Near the end of their set, they had Chuck Williams come on stage. They did a cover of Lynch Mob’s “Wicked Sensation” with Chuck Williams on vocals.

Wow. I hadn’t heard that in a long time. I had to look it up. It was 1990.

After that, I looked around to see if a friend that I had invited to show up was still around. At the very least, I am curious about her. She did show up. She brought family and friends, and we did speak a time or two that was a quick chat.

She wanted to know when a certain band was playing, but that band was going to play last.

Then in the middle of it all, I was introduced to a few more people. One in particular came up to me and was going on about how she was excited to finally meet me and that she had been wanting to for a very long time.

Evidently, SIX MINUTE CENTURY guitarist Don LaFon, had told her the tales of me coming all that way to the shows on a bus and being there as much as possible. Giving them support and everything else that I have done for the band in the past several years. And she thought that was so fantastic. So she wanted to meet the person who was behind it all.

Although when she would pass by, she kept rubbing the top of my head. What am I, six years old? Oh well!!

There were friends everywhere. Even some people that I knew on Facebook for a long time but never met them in person before. I finally had the chance to do that. And that’s always awesome. SIX MINUTE CENTURY has some of the most friendliest fans in their corner. owlwitch

The next thing I knew, there was some kind of zombie or something that was a prop on stage as the next band began to set up. Everyone start laughing with much curiosity. Come to find out that it was some kind of smoke machine that would shoot smoke from its mouth and just give the stage that extra pep for effect. It was really cool.

Owl Witch came on stage. They named their smoking friend Lucy.

These guys were brutal. Metal music at its finest. Between their smoking zombie, their loud and hard music and lyrics, and their stage presence.. if it was too loud, then you were in fact too old.

They played this brutal metal the way that it was supposed to. I hadn’t been that stunned and shocked at such a metal force since seeing Decimation Theory. And those guys scare me!!!

When your bass player has a bass strap across his body that is nothing but heavy and huge interlocking chain links… that’s one hell of a stage presence. One that I had never witnessed with my own eyes before.

If they have ANY merchandise…. sign me up!!

I noticed that my own hearing was leaving me at a rapid pace by the time Owl Witch got off the stage. Coupled with not feeling all that well, I wondered if I needed to throw in the towel. But I stuck it out because SIX MINUTE CENTURY was next, and as you all know by now… the purpose of taking these trips to Houston.

I do love my Centurion family though.

Even though SIX MINUTE CENTURY is no longer playing my favorite song “Zero Hour” live any more, I do understand that they are moving on to play some of their new stuff. That is EVENTUALLY supposed to be released. But nobody knows when. Its driving fans crazy to say the least!

They have songs like “Last Days In Paradise” which is about the Jonestown massacre. I had heard rumors that the band was wanting to pass out little cups of Kool-Aid to the audience. I thought it was a clever and very funny gag. Even though Jim Jones handed to his followers Flavor-Aid back then.

But for those who didn’t know what the song was about, or doesn’t know about Jonestown, it would have been lost on them.

Needless to say that that gag never happened. But they still performed the song.

And since it was the 19th of April, now with their song about the Waco Siege in 1993, and their song about the Oklahoma City bombing… both events happening on that date … they performed both. Back to back.

That was really cool. They have two songs now dealing with events of the 19th of April. As well as it being the actual birthday of Chuck Williams. I do hope he had a great birthday! He’s the brother I never had. And now he’s my brother in the Centurion family.

I think that what stuck out for me was that I don’t know all of the words to “Baptized In Flames” but I am learning as there is a YouTube video of them performing live. I caught on to one line of lyrics that I never knew before. It gave me the chills.

“Let our blood be on their hands!”

Holy shit. I know the song is about that bloody and violent end to the Branch Davidians, but wow. I wondered where Chuck Williams came up with that as he writes the lyrics to the songs. The only answer that I got from him when I called him to let him know that I made it safely home was that he pulls lyrics out of his own ass sometimes.

Nice Chuck. Classy! I’m going to have a later chat with him about those lyrics. Because that one line just blew me away!!

I know that the place got full. I was pushed up against the side of the stage. All I could sense was that there was a bunch of people hanging on to the back of my wheelchair for dear life. Thank God for the sense to put on the brakes on my wheelchair!!

SIX MINUTE CENTURY put on a brand new show. None of their usual songs with the exception of a couple. Meanwhile, Chuck had a plethora of shots before his feet on stage. I don’t know how that man could stand up! The band took a drink in front of all, and they rocked the rest of the way.

Near the end, they played the crowd favorite “The Perfect Picture” and it was so awesome and amazing to feel the sensations and hear to the back of my head the entire crowd getting into a united chorus of the song. Sensational!!!

But they did not end with it. Nooooo! “Just Remains” was the song that they ended with. They know that they are a metal band and they want to leave the crowd with something heavy. And that’s what they gave the crowd.

It was a blast!! And there was still one band left.

After the crowd behind me left, I looked to see where everyone was at. Shocked as I was, the one person that I was really there hoping to see ….. was GONE! No family, no friends, nothing but empty bar stools. And I don’t know what happened. Talk about frustrating and devastating at the same damned time!

But you know what? Mrs. Froth said to me earlier that night that if she seemed in a bad mood that she was going to take on the attitude of being fuckless. So there you have it. Not a fuck had to be given.

She says fuckless, I say feckless. Pretty much the same thing.

Then the final band of the night that I had seen before about a month ago when I went to see WELL OF SOULS. A band that I was totally blown away by. It was going to be exciting. scourge

The Scourge took their place on stage and just brought it all together and burned down the place!

They started their set as they did last month, and yes that made me one happy little monkey.

Andrew Atwood got up on that microphone with his knitted hat and just went full throttle on the guitar and nailed it.

Only to find him throwing it off his head and finding a newly shorn scalp. That was something I didn’t expect.

The Scourge did a whole bunch of stuff. Including announcing that they were going to play some old school Metallica.

He shouted the first lines of “Fuel” but then he laughed with a psyche out and they played Dyer’s Eve instead. Yeah, that one is pretty old school.  And not really well known if you are not a Metallica fan around the time “One” had come out and made them uber popular.

But Andrew Atwood and the rest of the band was so in their zone that you could tell that they were having a great time.

If only to get these bands up here!! One day, I WILL have the benefit… and they better come.

So the entertainment was done for the night. However, face-time wasn’t to going to happen as Dr. Froth had to leave the following morning with WELL OF SOULS as they play in San Antonio. That was kind of a big bummer. But I knew it wasn’t like it would never happen again. I was understanding of their situation and so I just kind of hung out and talked with a few people that stuck it out the whole night.

And then came back the one that said that she had been wanting to meet me for a long time. On and off throughout the night she and I spoke. After realizing that I had a fan, she said that she knew everything about me.

Umm…. has fan quickly turned into stalker? What the heck does she know? What the heck COULD she know?? But I had that straightened out and all was well again.

People just talk about me and my journeys and dedication to things than I simply realize. With all of the hugs and shoulder rubs and touches, one understands that one is thought of with deep love and respect.

I got up this morning, hoping that what Derf had said was true. And it was. He and his sidekick was going to take me home so I didn’t need to take the bus back. And that worked out so well that by the time I got home, I looked at the clock I had realized that if I was to have taken the bus, that I would still be in Houston. How fubar is that?!?

Derf being a close friend to Dr. Froth and a great one to me.

As we were rolling up the highway, we noticed all the Blue bonnets and Indian paintbrushes that were beginning to bloom. And then he went off and pointed out that a horse that was standing in a field.

Well, I’ve seen horses before. What was so special about this one?

The horse had its tail up and I never seen that before, but then took the ultimate and largest crap in the field that I had ever seen in my life!!!


I know now to never stand behind a horse that has its tail up like that.

I’ve seen it all now. Someone beam me up.

The ride home was so much better for me in my state anyways, and I am thankful for Derf stepping up and offering to help me out. It goes easier and seemingly a lot faster when there’s someone that you can communicate with and have a conversation.

The next show is going to be in August I understand. It will be Dr. Froth’s Birthday Extravaganza. I’m told by the Centurion family that I do NOT want to miss this coming show. I think something is up. Something’s going to happen. I will just have to wait and see.



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