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jamie-simpson-weatherman-e1559032206524A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”~ Christopher Reeve

On the evening of the 27th of May, WRGT-TV meteorologist Jamie Simpson interrupted the television broadcast to warning viewers that a dangerous storm was approaching, with a CONFIRMED tornado that was on the ground.

And then he blew up in frustration while on the air.

He said on the air that he was checking social media and people were already yelling at him to get off the air because he was interrupting their show.

At the time of the live broadcast, “The Bachelorette” was on. And viewers were annoyed that they were missing it because of the weather interruption.

The tornado that struck Dayton, Ohio was a confirmed EF-3.

I recall a couple of decades ago that KSNW had a similar “problem” with their viewers. Each Friday evening, they read viewer mail on the air and addressed the issues of the day.

The one issue important that is relevant here is the fact that western Kansas was dealing with several consecutive nights of severe weather, with the threat of nighttime tornadoes. And those storms were definitely an issue for my family and I at the time.

So there had been those nights where television was interrupted.

Viewers had been pouring in the entire week complaining of the interruptions and found it ridiculous that they were doing so. Especially since the storms that were happening were 250 miles (384 km) away.

Thankfully, the news station and the weather crew stood firm and said that when lives and people’s property are at stake, that they will ALWAYS be there to interrupt and broadcast any important weather information so that people can stay safe.

The fact that Jamie Simpson did the exact same thing WHILE broadcasting live in current day, makes him my hero.

And even though I am a tornado and severe weather enthusiast, tornadoes at night are a wreck on my nerves. The fact that one person has been reported dead and over 90 people were hurt turns my stomach.

If these idiot whiners would have had their precious way, more people would have got hurt. Or worse.

So hats off to Jamie Simpson. Go off on these viewers any time!!!!


“Two things scare me. The first is getting hurt. But that’s not nearly as scary as the second, which is losing.”~ Lance Armstrong

I honestly had never heard of this incident until just a few days ago. I have no recollection of it happening when it did happen either.

For those of you who do not know the infamous character in the image, it is a British fictional AI who was introduced to the public in 1984 named Max Headroom.

Max Headroom was portrayed by actor Matt Frewer and became the world’s first computer-generated TV hosts. Known for its quick wit, stuttering, and computer-distorted voice.

Max Headroom even was a spokesperson for New Coke when their “Catch the Wave!” campaign was released.

So then on the 22nd of November 1987 in Chicago, Illinois… everything was calm and peaceful. WGN-TV was broadcasting their 9:00 PM  primetime news program to their viewers.

Suddenly the signal was cut off. A couple of seconds later, there was an image of an unknown and unidentified person in a Max Headroom mask bobbing their head back and forth. There was no clear audio other than an annoying loud buzzing sound. If there was anything that was being said, it was never heard. And almost thirty seconds later it was gone and WGN-TV had returned to broadcasting. The signal intrusion had ended.

WGN-TV engineers changed their frequency of their link to the transmitter and cut off the pirated broadcast.

The entire incident left sports journalist Dan Roan searching for an explanation. And still confused, he said “Well, if you are wondering what’s happened. So am I.”

Later on the same evening, sometime after 11:00 PM,  Chicago’s PBS television station WTTW-TV was broadcasting the Dr. Who episode “Horror of Fang Rock” when the hijacker struck again.

Around 11:15 PM the signal faded to black and the person dressed as Max Headroom was back. But this time, audio was available even though it was manipulated. Most of the things that were said were inaudible. The rest of it was senseless ramblings and profanity (in 1987’s FCC standards) and singing. Max_Headroom_broadcast_signal_intrusion

This hijacking lasted longer than the WGN intrusion.

One of the statements made was an incorrect “product placement” of Pepsi-Cola, rather than Coca-Cola in which Max Headroom was the spokesperson, the man in the mask blurted out the slogan and laughed like a maniac before turning his verbal intentions to moaning and psychotic screaming.

Several other props were broadcast including one glove and a sex toy before things turned even stranger and darker during the hijacked broadcast.

The picture cut to a shot of a man’s torso and exposed buttocks. The Max Headroom mask was apparently removed and shown in front of the camera and the howling and screaming continued with “They’re coming to get me!”

Another accomplice was in view standing behind the exposed buttocks wearing a French maid uniform. Its reported that second person said “Bend over, bitch” and a spanking session began that was carried out by a simple household flyswatter and the occasional other hand on to that person’s backside. The screaming continued.

Then suddenly the transmission went black. And then the episode of Dr. Who returned to viewers in progress.

The entire broadcast lasted much longer. Close to a minute and a half in length.

WTTW Technicians attempted in vain to do something about the transmission, but were unable to stop it as WGN-TV was able to just a couple hours earlier. The Max Headroom figure never appeared again.

And the most interesting point of this story: Those responsible were never caught. To this day, the pirating case remains unsolved.

It was not the first time that a television station had been hijacked and it would not be the last. Hbocaptainmidnight

In April 1986, HBO was hacked in by someone calling themselves Captain Midnight. But Captain Midnight was caught and brought to trial. He plead guilty as he feared a lengthy jail sentence and was given probation and a fine. Captain Midnight would be identified as John R. MacDougall, a Florida business owner and electrical engineer.

Twenty months before the Max Headroom Piracy Incident, was Captain Midnight. He was unable to be stopped and his intrusion lasted for several minutes before he just simply ended the transmission and returned HBO to his programming.

For those of you wondering, $12.95 a month in 1985 US money would equal almost $30 a month in 2013.

But the Captain Midnight HBO hijacking was almost two full years before the absolutely creepy Max Headroom piracy.

The fact that it remains unsolved is somewhat of a fascination. And a creepy one at that as many still are trying to decipher the audio to make sure we all know what the person was rambling about because none of the statements that were audible make sense from one to the other. Throwing a Pepsi-Cola can, using a sex toy on their finger, and singing a 1950’s cartoon theme song is just irrational behavior and makes no sense.

It could be that the person or persons responsible were either on drugs or drunk when they interrupted with their broadcast.  And even though it lasted a creepy minute and a half, it is almost as if they knew to cut off the transmission to avoid being detected by the very same satellite that the illegally took over.

So who are they? Where are they?

I would hate to be the bearer of negativity but it is a theory that I have that since this intrusion happened so long ago that the person or persons responsible may no longer be living. It is just one theory. Another theory is that the person or persons responsible got the hell out of Dodge to avoid capture and arrest and have been living unnoticed in society and they have never attempted the same action again.

Yet I wonder if any good fan-fiction writing has evolved because of this??

Other signal intrusions include 1977 in England with a direct and clear message. Otherwise known as The Vrillion Intrusion. Someone overran the signal to a UHF television station.

May 2007 in Lincroft, New Jersey a Comcast feed of “Handy Manny” was interrupted by hard-core pornography. An investigation took place but authorities never released their findings.

February 2009, Comcast’s NBC affliate of KVOA’s broadcast of Superbowl XLIII between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers was interrupted during the fourth quarter and a ten second transmission of the hard-core pornography film called “Wild Cherries 5” took its place. But the piracy was only seen in certain portions of Arizona.

April 2012, three minutes of gay hard-core pornography was broadcast during a morning news program on CHCH-TV in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The footage was spliced into the feed of CHCH-TV.


Then on the 11th of February 2013, the EAS (Emergency Alert System) Great Falls, Montana CBS affiliate KRTV-TV  been hacked with an audible message warning viewers that “dead bodies are rising from their graves”.

Later the same night in Marquette, Michigan, the same type of hijacking and reference to a “zombie invasion” was made over the EAS systems of ABC affiliate WBUP-TV and PBS member station WNMU-TV during primetime programming. Shortly afterwards, PBS affiliate KENW-TV of Portales, New Mexico was struck with a similar hacking incident, repeating similar information regarding zombies; however, this led to the arrest of the hacker of the four television stations.

And most disturbing of all:

September 18, 2012, the Disney Channel once again was interrupted on the Dish Network, replacing 6 minutes of “Lilo & Stitch” with a portion of a hardcore pornographic movie. The incident was reported.

There are other incidents of hijacking throughout history that have happened in random cities across the United States of America.

So not only was analog television hacked as it was in the 1980’s, but even satellite and cable television also has been pirated. Some have been found and prosecuted while others remain a totally dark and strange mystery.

I would love to see the person or persons responsible for the 1987 Max Headroom Piracy Intrusion come public and yes even morbidly, I would love to see them take a bow and talk about their experience.

Sadly because of the fear of arrest and imprisonment and fines, I don’t think that its going to happen.

Clips of some of the intrusions listed above, including Max Headroom can be found by searching on YouTube.

“In case of doubt, do a little more than you have to.”~ Warren Mitchell

Last night I watched a television show called, “Mobbed”. I saw an episode just last night of a 37 year old man who had never met his father. And he begged the show to help find his father and help him meet him for the first time.

There are other episodes that I have yet to see. And I’m not 100% sure that I will ever see them. But one came to mind that I had seen back in January when it was premiered. Although I did catch it towards the end. So I admit that I had to go to YouTube and find the full episode to see what happened and how things led up to the ending. And that is the episode in which Steve meets Dana and asks her to “take their relationship to the next level” and start dating.

Steve is in a band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His band did a show in California where Dana lives. Longer story short, they started communicating with one another by text messages and telephone conversations and had done so for five very long years. Steve wanted the show to help him send his message to Dana.

The host of the show, Howie Mandel, comes in and thinks that this is a long shot and that the experience lays in the hands of the underdog. But since Howie says that he’s a fan of the underdog and loves to see them victorious, he helped Steve on his mission to send his message to Dana.

Some of the people who run the show behind the scenes were very skeptical, including the host of the show. They kept throwing around the question “What if she says ‘no’?” over and over again. Knowing that it was a possibility and that they were taking a huge risk, they did it anyways.

So then, big production… big crowd of people with interpretive dance and singing surrounding Dana as she has NO CLUE as to what is going on. And in the end, Steve and Dana are being interviewed together and they’re holding hands.

Where in the world do I start on this?

First of all, I think that if it was that easy to just send in a video message to some television show to ensure that I would be able to surprise a few people and make my point with them, their mailbox would be so full. And to those of you that know me on a personal level but have never met, and have discussed the mutual desire to do so… prepare for “shock & awe”!!

But the episode is so forced. When the host believes that from the beginning that this could be a potential disaster, he appeared to be hell bent on making it work.

They set up a fake meeting with Dana saying that she was being cast for a dating show. They went and asked personal questions about what she felt her ideal mate would be. And her answers had nothing relatable with poor ole Steve.

This wildly attractive young woman when she walks in, mentions the ” bad boy” fascinates her. So when they set up the phony dating, they hired an actor (who would turn out to be one of the flash mob dancers) and made that “bad boy” persona look like the devil to her and ultimately not a good idea. Hoping to crush her dreams of the “bad boy” experience and let her re-think about her dream guy, and about what it could be like to be with a nice boy such as our hero Steve.

Everyone jumped on board to do whatever they literally could to sabotage the surroundings of Dana and lead her into Steve’s path. And it was obvious that people were coached into saying and doing certain things.

Even though Dana may not have had any certain “idea” what was going on, she was led by people to go where she needed to go in order to make the episode successful and tug at the heart strings of the viewing audience.

Most certainly, everyone involved had to sign some sort of waiver. Steve and Dana included. So there had to be SOME clue by everyone as to what was going on. 

The part where Steve tells her that he’s packed everything that he owns in a moving truck and if she said no, he’s going to turn around and go back home. But if she said yes, he’d want to start a new life in California with her.

Nice touch, Hollywood! Way to go for the flare!! (I still hate you!)

Ladies of the world, let me ask you a question and feel free to leave your responses in the comments below.

If a man went to the lengths of organizing a flash mob with hundreds of people and lights and music and cameras everywhere and then he professed his feelings for you… would YOU then in front of everyone and all of the cameras turn around and say no???

This show made it very clear to me that they did everything in their power to ensure that Dana would not deny Steve. And what kind of episode would that be HAD she said no?

It’s almost the same idea of when I watch episodes of Antiques Roadshow… do these people who sit there and appraise the worth of something, while they are handling it– do they ever drop something and break it into a thousand pieces? And if they just estimated a value on something that was worth $50,000 and then either accidentally damage or destroy it- do they pay them $50,000 for their loss?

Nobody ever sees that kind of thing on television. Nor is it shown “behind the scenes” on any blooper real or outtakes. So then why in the world would they air a program where in this situation, the girl says NO at the end?? This is why I believe its forced.

Of course, the viewers have no idea what kind of a relationship Steve and Dana has had in those five years that they say that they have been talking to one another. They both admitted on camera that they are one another’s best friend. But as a guy, I noticed that neither Steve or Dana said “I love her/him” or “I’m in love with her/him”. Still though, we don’t know how their relationship has been up to that point. Perhaps there was no need for it, and he just wanted to hang out with her a lot more and see where it goes.

And of course that leads to all kinds of people searching for answers about their relationship after the episode was originally aired.

Let’s remember something. Steve is in a band. And the band’s EP was soon to be released around the same time that the episode was to be aired. And it sold very, very well on iTunes. COINCIDENCE???

All I can say is that for myself, I HOPE that Steve and Dana are sincere with one another. Even though neither of them were sincere throughout the entire episode. During the phony speed dating that they put Dana through, she tells her date that she’s in the music business. Then she back peddles a lot and said that she works “at a venue”. At the beginning of the show, its told that she tends bar. That makes you part of the music business? If so, I’ve got something to tell to the beautiful Candace,  who works tending bar at BFE Rock Club in Houston. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled!

And whether or not Steve and Dana are still dating or got married or whatever the case may be, that’s honestly their private business and not the business of the world. But it still is a curious thought to find out whether or not their relationship thrived. A mystery that will probably go on unsolved forever. I do however, wish them well!


“If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to be locked up.”~ Hunter S. Thompson
This is driving me nuts to the point of stupidity!!!
During late night television watching of re-runs of The Big Bang Theory, this commercial starring Kate Upton is literally shown at a minimum of three times.
I know it’s only about 30 seconds long but I swear I’m losing it slowly but surely.
I realize that showing it this late at night works for those who are having the munchies at night and they are trying to gain business. But when you throw that same advertisement in a 24 minute time span that many times, it becomes overkill.
Now I don’t really know who Kate Upton is. Other than a buxom blonde in which her curves are amplified as well as magnified during the commercial. So I can not say anything about her.
The jazz-like tune is also bothersome to me as well. There’s two lines of lyrics to the jingle and that’s it. Who comes up with this stuff??
I used to think that fast food franchise advertisements were regional. That if that specific chain was not in the area, that they did not bother with showing such a commercial.
For example: I don’t hear or see any advertisements or commercials for In-And-Out Burger, there are none around here. I didn’t think there was a Carls Jr.  around here at all. But, I found one about 30 minutes away. So I’m stuck with this “naughty ad”.
But why always during the same time period, and of course- WHY SO MANY TIMES????
Even if the sandwich in which they are promoting sounded good to me, I sure can’t get out there to buy one. So this renders the proposal to go out and eat at this restaurant orthless and senseless. But that’s my opinion.
I never did see the Paris Hilton advertisement, and then the media couldn’t stop talking about it. I actually had been on YouTube before I even knew what they had been gawking about for weeks, months.
Kate Upton doesn’t even bite into the sandwich in this one, and for that matter I don’t recall Paris Hilton biting into her bad boy sandwich either. It’s an assumed action. It would be a lot more concrete of a belief if they showed the bite rolling around as she mastecated.
I know this is kind of petty to complain about, and the people at Carls Jr. are taking advantage of advertising. Whether it is working for them or not, I don’t know.
I haven’t been this annoyed over a silly television advertisement since The Nightmare Factory was showing commercials during the month of October for their haunted house located near here. Of which those stopped because the attraction closed.
And another thing: Carls Jr., why only blondes? Just wondering.
When I was a small child, I used to think that commercials were on the air constantly until you had purchased whatever product was being advertised. I recall a specific breakfast cereal that had a very short lifespan that was similar to Cap’n Crunch. Every morning, that commercial would be on the air, telling parents that it was part of a “nutritional breakfast”. My young mind would believe that they just wouldn’t stop running the commercial until your household personally bought it.
Until one day, I was sick and stayed home from school and I knew that we had this particular breakfast in the house. My mother served it to me on a table tray as I laid in the hideway bed in the couch. I was sitting there watching cartoons, and it came on.
In my boyish attempt to prove that they no longer needed to advertise it, I remember picking up the box and showing it to the television set and shouting, “That’s okay! We got some now, thank you!!”.
My poor young brain didn’t grasp the concept of how in the world would the television know or not know what you had?? So I flashed it the box of cereal. Needless to say, the commerical didn’t go away. But the cereal would disappear altogether. I can’t even remember the name of the cereal any more.
If only it worked that way in real life. I’d go to Carls Jr., just to get a bag from them and flash it at my television screen shouting, “Demon, be gone!!! Take your fever and inflammation, and get out of here!!!!!”.


'Hi Mom! I'm going to Disneyland!'

“People love coming on television, even if they have to show their miseries.”~ Victoria Abril
I stayed up kind of late last night, and I’m not sure as to why. But it would turn out to be a good idea.
Due to the fact that the NFL Playoffs were on so late and some dumb American Idol special, it caused the late local news to be VERY late news.
Before a commercial break right before the sports segment, I heard the words “sled hockey”, and I turned and looked but missed whatever they were previewing. So I sat there waiting for the news to come back on so that the sports would be shown.
Of course, with the NFL Playoffs and then the news of the death of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, these were some of the more highlighted stories of the broadcast. And I kept yelling at the television, “C’mon already!”. I was just far too anxious to see what I would see.
And then, they brought it to a “local setting”. And that’s when I would see our Paralympic Event being broadcast on television from the Cedar Park Center.
Keep in mind, nobody interviewed me while I was participating, but there was about a half of a second of video footage of me lazily skating across the ice. But they did interview a teammate and our new team leader. Both of which didn’t get a lot of face time either.
And that was my moment of glory for 2012, appearing on television in less than a blink of an eye.
This doesn’t happen to me a lot, but this is also not the first time that I’ve been on television. The moment that I saw myself last night made me think about the other times that I had been on television before when I was much younger.
Many times I’ve been in the background of some video footage as I was last night. But then when I was only eight years old, I did two commercials. It was for a fundraising event to build a wheelchair accessible swimming pool on the grounds of Camp Aldersgate in Arkansas. A summer camp designed for handicapped youth. Something I went to for six days each and every summer until I was nine years old.
The first commercial, I stood in the background with another girl who also had Spina Bifida, just like me. And the gentleman who was in charge of this project spoke. I didn’t say anything, neither did the girl.
But the second commercial, I actually had lines to speak. They attempted to make it sound like I was having a conversation with the girl about the difficulties of going to this camp and having to go completely out of the way on a rented school bus to get to the nearest public swimming pool. Other children that had disabilities more severe than my own, struggled with what seemed like to them, life and death, just to get on board the bus.
I remember when they had asked my parents if I would do it. My father would ask me if I could say words like “therapeutic” and “donation”.
It was kind of difficult because we had to say our lines and be done in 28 seconds. Not one second more, not one second less. Take after take after take before we finally got it right.
I did those two commercials. My family & I caught them on television four times at home. But it was always the commercial that I had the “conversation” with the other girl. Only once did my family catch the FIRST commercial with the gentleman who spoke that was in charge.
I became quite popular in the neighborhood, in school, and anywhere I went. People would recognize me from television. Even my own school principal and the school office staff would make a big deal out of it whenever they would see me. The principal insisting that I give an autograph. Other people wanted my autograph as well. Including the older neighborhood kids. They were kinda proud to say to their friends that they knew the kid in the commercial.
Then my family went to watch my older brother play high school basketball, and I had a crowd of people surrounding me wherever I went. It was fun, but at the same time really scary and creepy.
Shortly after that, I would be there for the groundbreaking ceremony. Myself and my co-star standing there with shovels as dignitaries and local politicians on hand to help in our needs to stabilize our balance on the uneven terrain.
The mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas stood behind me and helped as I kept digging as best I could with a shovel. I can still hear in my head his commands of “PUSH!” and “GRUNT HARDER!”, as he whispered to me that the grunting would help me dig deeper into the ground. The media was there and I ended up on the front page of the newspaper.
Who was I to argue with the mayor? I was always told to respect those who were my elders and those who were in positions of power. So when he said to grunt, I grunted!!!
It would happen again at the ribbon cutting ceremony. Front page news with photograph included.
The swimming pool was built some time later and I was the first person in it. They placed me in a wheelchair and I had scores of parents, politicians, private donators, and members of the local media, as well as the governor of Arkansas at the time, Bill Clinton, in attendance.
A few speeches were made, and there I was cutting this ribbon along side a volunteer who had been a camp counselor ever since I can remember when I would go to the camp during the summer.
The ramp was built in the shallow end of the swimming pool. But as you went further and further down the ramp, the surface of the pool water would rise. First your feet, then up to your knees, then to your waist. But by the time it got past your waist, your body freely and instinctively just floated away from the wheelchair and then VOILA!!– You were swimming.
Being a child, it was a creepy feeling. But then again, the way it worked was a complete and total success. It was the first of its kind I understand today. Probably the first wheelchair accessible swimming pool ever built.
That was probably thirteen out of my fifteen minutes of fame spent. Not bad for an eight year old boy, huh??
I’m tempted to call the television station that recorded the commercials to see if they still have it in their archives. I would love to get a copy of it. The station still exists as it was back then. But I’ve not tried it as of yet.
If they do have it and they send it to me, then perhaps I’ll upload it to YouTube or something.
But since that time, I’ve been in video footage that had been on the news at one point or another. Only one time that I can remember did I actually have an interview with the journalist who was covering a story, but I also remember they edited about 80% of what I had said. I guess for time limitations for the story. I don’t know.
They totally edited out the part where I turned and shouted, “HI MOM!!!” on camera. Sorry bastards..!
However, seeing myself on television last night was kinda cool. Nothing to write home about. But still … kinda cool. I was just at the right place at the right time.

“Television has proved that people will look at anything rather than each other.”~ Ann Landers
I probably have my television set turned off more than I have it on. It used to be white noise but then again, that got dull and boring. There’s nothing ever on any more.
I do have my favorite shows that I like to watch each week, but now with it being summer and all they are doing is showing repeats, the television stays off most of the time, unless I am using my DVD player as a stereo to listen to my music or watching movies from my very meager DVD collection.
All of that aside, there’s still nothing on television that captures my full attention day after day, night after night.
Television has really hit bottom. Especially now since anything that is new, is all “reality shows”. It is terrible.
We watch these ordinary people who dare to sign a contact saying that they give up their privacy rights to be filmed and then broadcast to millions of people around the world. And we do it, because it makes us feel better about our own lives when we see these people acting like complete and total morons before our very eyes. There’s never any plot, there’s no story, there’s no direction. Just mindless, feculent filth that goes on and on.
Gone are the days of sitcoms it seems. Some networks will attempt to make new shows but in the end they get cancelled. It seems as if we are more interested in the fact that strange people who we don’t know, are becoming more and more of a fixture in our homes. All because of two things that are still hand in hand. Which actually is an extension of my previous blog post.
#1- Television networks do NOT want to pay the absorbment & greedy amount of money to actors in order to make a decent television program.
#2- Actors/actresses do NOT want to do any work for less than millions and millions and millions of dollars for EACH episode.
So then televison networks tried their hand on these so-called “reality shows” where they specifically state in their contracts… “We ain’t paying you a single dime!”. And people are dumb enough to sign them, just because they wanna be on television.
When I was growing up, my parents loathed the television set. As maturing children, we were only allowed to watch a certain amount of ‘the idiot box’ on any given night. Those were the rules of the house. Naturally, that was something that I thought was bogus. So when I was out on my own for the first time, I watched as much of it as I could. Totally wasting life away, because the amount of television that I was consuming was far too much.
As an adult now, I can pick and choose whatever I want to watch, whenever I want to watch it. I just choose NOT to because there’s nothing there that interests me. So to my own father I say, “Yeah. You were right.”
I really could care less about some woman from New Jersey who has more tits than brains. And I could not care any more about any socialite who wants to sit at home and whine that life isn’t fair, all the while having sex with someone and recording it and selling it.
I think that television networks AND the list of actors/actresses need to pull their greedy heads out from their secure-locked butts and come up for air. Find that middle ground and make good quality entertainment. Then television wouldn’t have this stigmata over it. It is in fact, plenty ridiculous.
I find it totally laughable at what is considered to be popular any more. Some of these people come out of nowhere and they show themselves on televison and then become so extremely popular that they don’t know what to do with themselves. But then, the next “reality show” gets created and they’ve been bumped out of the spotlight because the next person has acted even more ridiculous and stupid on the air than they had.
I speak for myself when I say that every time I go NEAR my television set, I cringe. Because as soon as I turn it on, I know that within minutes I will turn it back off again. The only reason why I have one in the first place (other than the reasons listed above) is because I bought it for $100 to help a woman who we all had thought was trying to get back on her feet and live a life of the straightened path because she had previously had been a stripper. It was a television combo with DVD & VCR. And of course, there was no remote control with it and the DVD & VCR parts to it, don’t even work.
And now I find that she fell back into her ways, got married, had a baby, and then divorced. Now she’s back to where she started. And that is probably the REAL reason why I hate my own television set.
Honestly though, there’s nothing on!
Time to start looking for some hobbies.